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Where did these eRepublik people come from?

by: bong

The Priest: "From the soil added with God blessing."
The Doctor: "Sexual intercourse!"
The Fairy Godmother: "Stork brings them!"
The Admin: "Invitations!"
The Cloners: "Actually, it's the second me! Oh wait, now make it the third me. Oh shit, now its the fourth. No, wait, now its the... mmm, what's the last number i mentioned?"


ImageBut i say, external Forums threads brings them into this eWorld. So, lets talk about the Forums that (perhaps) has brought us here :D.

# Sweden
It said that most Swedish comes from the Flashback. Even, they have a party named Flashback Sweden, who successfully brought former president Flammbar back to his throne.

# Spain
Media Vida. And again, also a party named similiar, Partido Media Vida. Speaking of Spain, i glad that those congressman both in Spain and Mexico are still rejecting the war (read: merger) proposal. And as informed to me by a party leader in Mexico, the struggle will continues.

# Turkey and Greece
This two countries are now occupied by Goons coming from different sub at Something Awful. Some says that the goons arrivals mean doom to eRepublik (refer to zaney thread in forum ). Well, they do make political take overs, but it still legit. Then some of them start to making jokes on Attaruk, causing admin to use his banhammer. Mmmm, your opinion is needed on this, readers :D

# Pakistan aka /v/akistan
Becoming the biggest nation on eRepublik early days, managed to collect more than 5000 Golds only within 1 months (Nov to Dec, while eIndonesia country account is still -20,000 IDR), then forced the admins to implement the war modul as they promised to. Wew, thats awsome. These people come from 4chan probably from the /v/ board.

GameFAQs. They even has a party named GameFAQs. But still the Democratic party leads the nation. Some said that 4chan hates GameFAQs (refer to this thread) , but we also see that Pakistan troops help the American troops during the USA-Canada war. I guess the quote is true: there's no eternal enemy in politics

# Indonesia
Ah, my glory nation eIndonesia! I believe the first citizens of Indonesia came from e-Samarinda forum, but the birth boom happened after the news reached Kaskus I believe many also came from other forum, since invitation has been written on lots of forum: IndoGamers Kompas even Ikastara :D

Some of those forum info is avaliable on Wiki. Go check yourself...

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