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eRepublik V1, celui arriverait. Alors que?

by: quiller


ImageThe 'Fight for Freedom' (F3) function has been a great worry for the majority of native eIndonesians when the idea was first proposed. With it, it is only inevitable that eAustralia and her denizens would vie for national sovereignty.


This is evident from past and recent reports by eCitizen journalists on the financial and political movements executed by eAustralian leaders, both locally-based and in-exile. Obviously, this has led to an increased suspicion by eIndonesians, leaders and moderate citizens alike.

Now, months after the initial proposal, there is still continued discussion on the F3 funtion on its apparent emergence in V1, and in many of these discussions, there have been sporadic concerns voiced out by both nationalist and separatist proponents.

For example, on one side, native eIndonesians call for the immediate stamping down of secessionalist movement propagated by eAustralians.

On the other side, such a movement or hints of it has become quite apparent since the establishment of the Australia United Party, an eAustralia for eAustralians.

So, with the impending launch of V1, preparations have been made by both sides.

With the aid of the eponymous 'Indograk', the eIndonesians are able to deal with future separatist movement via political and societal assimilation into the eAustralian states.

Simply, this can be done by the mass exodus of eJakartans into eAustralian territories. As a result, this would help relieve the political and social tensions between conquerors and the conquered.

As for the eAustralians, I would rationalise that the most logical thing for them to do besides financial and political resistance will be to call for external aid. Of course, eRomania, its eyes set on devouring the PEACE alliance and eIndonesia, would be a suitable candidate.

This article does not serve as a caution to eIndonesians and eAussie alike. Instead, it is to make my fellow eIndonesians, native or not, to be more aware of the possible internal situation that may arise from the upcoming version of eRepublik.

Both sides have made their moves and only time will tell. Sadly but surely; both will only come into conflict in the long run. However, there are always alternatives and more peaceful ones. Personally, I believe that both sides should make a compromise.

eAussie should be granted some form of national sovereignty from eIndonesia. eIndonesia has nothing much to lose, merely land, workers which could be compensated by the influx of future eIndonesians.

Consequently, it could gain a new alliance, albeit a fragile one. This would place us in a more favourable position against the greater threat from outside.

True, if persuaded, eAussie might serve as a jumping board for invaders into eIndonesia, but we should only grant eAussie their sovereignty based on the guarantee that they do not serve as a vassal to others. For an alliance, complete trust is required but we must also be cautious.

To my fellow eIndonesians, live and let live!
To my eAussie friends, I am for a Free Aussie; respect us as we respect you.

Allé eIndonesie! Allons ses amis! Allé eRepublik.

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