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An Opinion of eIndonesian Gov's Plan

erepublik newsby: attaqui

all warfare is based on deception

when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far.
when we are far, we must make the enemy believe we are near.

when it's real, make you enemy believe it's fake !
when it's fake, make your enemy believe it's real !

this is cunning in The Art of war.

Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

As we already knew the government has released an article stating that with our MoFA talks with ePhilipine’s side then ePhilipine will declare as an NE. Once the proposal is approved then we will strike directly at Visayaz, one of ePhilipine’s region because ePhilipine has border directly with our region of Mindanao. The purpose of the attack on ePhilipine is that we directly border with Pasifica, one of the eColumbia’s region. What? eColumbia?

Surely many must be wonderring why  eColumbia? A Country that is cool calm in peace and not being engaged in any war with any country and country that does not have any MPP. Is  not our main enemy eUSA, the originator of a new alliance called PANAM? Is it possible that our country is already bored with this vacuum and would like to try a new challenge by trying to occupy eColumbia? But what's in it by occupying the Columbia? Is it resources what we after? Our country already has all the necessary resources to meet all the needs of the country.

The author tries to analyze before the plan was executed and announced. It seems the government is running a war strategy from the book Sun Tzu art of war, a war strategist at Wu dynasty, but for fear of leaking and smelled by the enemy, only certain parties who know the actual plan of government. if only because if this plan leaked or smelled then this plan will be a mess.
Based on author’s opinion Hawai is the government's main target. Yes true, Hawai, a region containing beautiful islands where you can play as much hulahop, a region which has beautiful beaches, a region located in the middle of the Pacific ocean, and also a very strategic region as well as vulnerable because it borders with many countries.

But if the goal is to attack Hawai we can just propose and declare eUSA an NE because we directly adjacent to Hawaii via Papua? The government here is running a Sun Tzu strategy of war. The strategy taken is voiced in the east, to attack in the west. Indonesia will break into the entrance to the Pacifica and after Pacifica subdued eIndonesia will attack Caribe i insular, a region that borders directly with eUSA in the Southeast region of Mexico. After the Caribe i Insular is taken then eIndonesia will attack eUSA in the Southeast of Mexico. But the interesting thing here is the war in Southeast of Mexico just as the bait for eUSA and its PANAM alliance focus their attention on this war. The war here is intended just to spend their gold and damage only. I believe that eUSA will not get help from two friends of their important alliances, namely eBrazil and eArgentina, bacause the friendship and BIA alliance stil exist until today and this even beyond PANAM. Once their attention fixed on the Southeast of Mexico and the damage they are depleted in defending it, the general attack would we have embarked into Hawai in full force and the Presiden vacation plan will be fulfilled.

Whether this is true or false analysis let eGoverment alone give the actual answer later. Or maybe eGoverment intentionally directs public opinion by publishing a reposted article about  Applications of Classical War Strategy in Erepublik so the public believes that government is making "deception" to attack the ePhilippine and then to eColumbia then to the Southeast region of Mexico but the attack is to Hawaii to realize ePresiden’s plan , namely eLiburan in Hawai? Though there are other plans that the government concealed and only known by him and some certain parties .Whatever it is let us enjoy the tensions that this plan is to offer.

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