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Day 253 - Take Out Money From Treasury Is Okay?

Quick Brief Some Greatest Wars, Greece Almost Became a History, Woman Candidate of President from eRomania, President Stole Turk’s Money? Take Out Money From Treasury Is Okay? And a news from Brazil.


Editor’s Note
How do you do everyone? I do apologize for having offline for long time due to the problem in my RL. Today I will trying to start making news again, just please don’t expect me to be the same like the old time.
There are lots of events that passed by Editor, the lost of some old players and many new things in erep where Editor don’t know it, therefore please forgive us if the story we provide is out dated.

That’s it for now, enjoy…


Quick Brief Some Greatest Wars

Jakarta – One of the some greatest wars in erep that’s war between eIndonesia(EI) vs eSouth Africa (SA) has been over with total 2803 fights in 7 days. War ever being in hold because the erep system keep crashing when thousand players from EI join the war in the same time. Erep’s server keep crash and crashed and end up with the the lost of EI. Based on this condition admin pause the war.

The other wars which is reckless is war between USA vs Canada. 15 days of war and end up with peace treaty between two countries. It’s a fact that USA lost the war, but current president of USA – Nave – make a shocking action that made Canada agree to cease fire and talk on negotiation. Nave used all gold he has to wiped out all Canadian’s soldiers alone, this action made Canada in great suffer. In this war USA’s economy finally fall in trouble and the finally end after long drama.

Please search this website to know more details about this war.

Back to war of EI and SA, war is over now and EI get what they wanted now in order to move forward to another continent and leave other regions of SA in their control.
From Africa reported some peoples try to recover and rebuild back SA. Current population of SA now 110 citizen, its not far away from the total population that exist before the war took place. Currently from the scene a citizen offer money for any article that submitted by others. And from public we can see optimism that shown by them for better future of SA. Unfortunately one of the oldest player from SA – Bazti – said his good bye and reported will be back to his home in Sweden. Will SA be a better place?

Greece Almost Became A History
Lamia – War has spread to the land of Gods as well where this country has been invaded by Turk. One city left currently and 4 others still in struggle. From the fact on the field we can see a frustration starting to grow in the heart of some citizens. Some of them expect this war to over soon because they think that there is no way Greece can win this war against Turk. But one citizen from Turk – Nevugila – ex Istanbul’s mayor said that Turk’s president has offer peace treaty to the president of Greece, but its not confirmed yet if this true or not. Greece now has 195 citizens left.
On the other hand Greece’s president – Rathen – stated that Greece will be hold. Its all because the help of eRomania and ePakistan on the field.

He said that when he stated that he step down from President Party of  GRR because the busy in RL (became a teacher), with that condition he is no longer became the candidate of future president. Some people support this decision and others rather skeptical. They said that what president did now is only following secret rule that is available in GRR party and other said that what he did only to run away from war. But whatever public opinion is,  president firm with his decision.

Currently war has took more then 3000 fights and on the battle field we can see Turk’s army standby over there waiting in line to the death.

Woman Candidate of President from eRomania
Bucharest – “Romania currently the state of mature, all sectors running very good, but unfortunately not organized in one direction”, that is the summary from what has been said by dura_lex – a citizen of eRomania. A woman president candidate from eRomania – Elena.Coman – from eRBP party could be elected as new president of eRomania. We can see that she has many supporters now. But she must compete against the party of UGD where current president became a member of it. Elena is a politician who understand what need to be done by eRomania next, but we are all understand that in democracy gain the heart of supporters is more important then how good your skill is. Will the party of eRBP which has 3.45% of current congress man can win against UGD who has more then 32% of congress man in parliament? Only time can tell.

Proposal: More Professional Officers for Government
Brasilia – A proposal has been stated by Bunaly to the government of Brazil in order to improve the government. Bunaly is the president party of Demokrates Party which is now having 85 members. Brazil currenly has more then 1000 citizen now.
Some of his idea are there is a need to have minimum requirement for some positions. Ministry of Defend need to have at least 6 str for military stat, minimum 2 victories in the battle field, deep knowledge in game, neutral and can online 2 hours/day.
Integration Ministry need to have fluent English, very communicative, know in International Conjuncture and online at least 2 hours/day.
The head of South American Integration should fluent in Spanish, deep knowledge in trade agreement, and so on.
His proposal supported by many majority, but its not clear whether this proposal can be easily adapted in reality or not.

Take Out Money From Treasury Without Approval is Okay?
ImageJakarta – DDB has made a survey that held from June 5th to July 28th 2008, 117 players responded  with a topic:
“Do you agree to take out all the money from treasury when you think that the gov. is not good enough?”
The result is shocking, 39.3% responded agreed that it needs to be done, 41,9% not agree, 12,8% 50:50, and the rest 6% don’t care.
If those who say agree combined with those doubt, we can make a conclusion that at least 52% players agree with some action that made by some citizens to take out the money from treasury in order to save it.
Many cases has been happened in Erep related to this issue. In Argentina – joimzhando – take all fund from treasury because he is afraid current gov of Argentina will use the money unprofessionally (,en/), in eMoldova (,en/) or in Spain where 13.000 gold has been taken (,en/)
How about you? Do you agree with this action?

Selcuk Stole Turk’s Money?
Ottawa – A Canadian reporter reported that Turk’s president that has been elected twice has stole money from the country. DDB trying to confirm about this to the president of Turk. Is it true? Or does it part of espionage operation? (

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