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Day 254 - Interview with President of Greece and Pakistan

Interview With President of Greece and Pakistan, More Deeper in Greece’s War and New Poll – What do you like most in erep?


New Poll – What do you like most in Erep?
Jakarta – We made new poll available now with the topic what do you like most in Erep?
As we are all knew that many old players quit from playing, while other take RL problem for a reason in war, but has anyone know what ppl likes most in eRep?
So please join our Poll!!

Greece Vs Turkey: A Fight Because RL

Jakarta – When DDB out from its hole, we faced by another great war between member of FIST. What is the reason of that war? What will happen in the future? To know it more details DDB trying to recover it more deeper. Some information provided by the greatest international watcher from Indonesia – Isnuwardana – who is not a new name for us.

Greece is a country where the majority of its citizen are netters who always hang out in a forum called SomethingAwful(SA). SA has tight connection with 4chan community as well. Based on wiki:, 4chan got inspired by SA too.
It was said that SA interested with Erepublik game and finally they came to Greece in order to win the election over there. The status quo understand that they cant win against SA, finally they issued a lot of GRD (Greece’s currency) and destroy the economic of Greece. SA finally win the election in Greece.

The story keep continues, on its way SA cant control the citizen of Greece properly, and in the forum was reported that they involved in word fight with Turk’s player. RL issues being taken to the scene such as Armenia, Kurdistan, Israel, etc. It made Turkey got angry and as the result, the president propose war proposal to parliament. However the parliament not approve it because Greece still having MPP with USA and eRomania.

To solve it, Turk offer 500gold to both countries in order to discontinue their MPP. USA take that offer meanwhile Romania reject it. Most of Pakistanis actually 4chan members who has connection with SA, finally Pakistan trying to make a peace between Greece and Turk by accepting Greece to FIST. But unfortunately Turk has upset already.

Then drama continues, the war proposal approved by most of parliament’s member then the war between the countries erupted, on the other hand, Turk got war with Bulgaria as well. In order to make them focus on war with Greece, they successfully made a peace agreement with Bulgaria. How about FIST?

As we are all know that FIST consist of eIndonesia, eTurkey, ePakistan, eIran, eJapan and additional last member is Greece. ( FIST has been devided by this war, in one side Turk together with eIndonesia and on the other side Greece and Pakistan. Its not known clearly how is the future of FIST later.

From latest situation on the scene and based on what they said in SA’s forum, DDB knew that they finally will give up on Greece and trying to win the election in Turk. Its not known yet whether their mission will succeed or not. For your information, from the era of Battal Gazzi (previous president of Turk some months ago), almost 100% media in Turk using Turk’s language. English media rarely come up in their public. If there is an article released in English, it means the creator is not Turk at all. When Israel successfully being invaded by Turk, many articles in English released although still not much. By the incoming of SA players to the Turk, we can see many article in English now released. We shall see what will happen in Turk at the future. Will SA succeeded in order to win the election in Turk?

The Interview With President of Greece and ePakistan

ImageJakarta – DDB has a chance to interview both presidents to know more details on what is going on in FIST. Bellow are the interview between them.

i just wonder is that true that Turk’s president offer a peace treaty? (read previous article in this website) and what kind of help given by Pakistan and Romania to your country?

Rathen Holton:
He"s not sent a peace proposal because he has decided he wants to try to wipe us out.
Romania and Pakistan sent a huge amount of help in the way of soldiers and gifts and we can"t thank them enough.

Do Pakistan and Romania support you legally?
some people said that your country will be decided by ppl of somethingawful forum, What is your opinion on this?
What do you offer from Pakistan and Romania?

Rathen Holton:

Greece is run by somethingawful members, and so will turkey be after the next election. We are supported legally by Pakistan and Romania - Romania hates the Turks, and we are in Pakistan’s FIST alliance.

hm.. more curious for me...
AFAIK Turks and Pakistan are part of FIST too, so now FIST is over?

Rathen Holton:
The turks ruined their membership in FIST by continuing to attack us when Pakistan and FIST leadership told them not to. I"m not sure what"s going on - ask Senor.

We then ask to Senor to have his opinion on this.

I just curious on what happen with FIST, greece, Turks, Pakistan and Indonesia are part of FIST, now is fight with each other in greece's war, is FIST has over?
Do you mind to tell your opinion on this?

Senor Schlong:

FIST is still alive, and is looking to become stronger than ever once this conflict has blown over.
We"ll make official statements soon, this was just a disagreement on the short term.

one last question bro, who is the leader of FIST now? and is there any penalty for those members who fight with each other? thank you so much

Senor Schlong:

Generally FIST was decided to work together as a "round table" of the leaders and their select few right hand men. Sometimes one country might make more of an intiative on certain issues and another on some other, but generally its very democratic and spread.

Penalties? Well, thats all in everyones decision if they want to call for one. Generally i dont believe anyone really wants to invoke it that much though, but rather just work through problems and strengthen ties.

That is our conversation with some members of FIST, we tried to confirm about this to Turk’s President, but it seem our PM is not opened by him. Is FIST still solid?

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