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Day 255 - Sweden: Top Politician Commits Treason, Is Excluded From Congress

All Report From Sweden: Top Politician Commits Treason, Is Excluded From Congress, Summary of the Swedish-German War, Bank of Sweden Reprimands Citizens


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Today edition is special, we have new reporter from Sweden and he did great job by this edition. Hope you like it just the way we like it.

FYI, its possible that we wont release new article tomorrow for 2 days, but cross your fingers, who know we can make it :)

Without further ado, enjoy the report.



Report from Sweden by Danny

Summary of the Swedish-German war

ImageOn July 18th this war began, after Sweden’s president Flammbar issued a formal war proposal. This came as a surprise to most of the Swedish population, but most people saw it as good news. After a failed first wave of war, Sweden quickly took control over most of Germany. Under the leadership of Swedish minister of defense, Misho, the forces were aimed primarily at the region Saarland, which possessed the only Q4 hospital of Germany. The fights over this region made this war the largest war in Erepublik history. It has now however been surpassed by the war between Turkey and Greece.

With the help of both officially sent soldiers, most notably the Italian military, and freedom fighters from around the world, Germany gave Sweden a run for their money and managed to keep hold of Saarland for several days, until finally, Saarland was conquered by Swedish troops, ending the war.

The war’s final battle, however, was not without controversy. Fighters on the German side claim they secured the region and that a bug rendered it Swedish. On the other hand Swedish soldiers claim they conquered the region fairly. The reporter of this article witnessed these events first hand and can verify that the last minutes of war suffered from one or more bugs. Saarland was for a while both German and Swedish and no one but the administrators knows exactly how Saarland, and one other remaining region ultimately ended up in Swedish hands.

Following the war, Misho, Swedish minister of defense, wrote an article which suggests that the decision to go to war was a rushed decision by the Swedish congress. He also states that the reason for war was that the German president Popolo was running the country into the ground economically. Misho also promises that the German (and Polish, since Poland had been conquered by Germany before the war) regions will in time be returned to the native Germans (and Poles).

The Swedish-German war ended July 28th, ten days after the declaration of war.


Top politician commits treason, is excluded from congress

July 30th, Flammbar, president of Sweden, exposes what might be the biggest political scandal in Sweden’s history. Otto Antid, a very well known politician and congressman in Militantsocialistiska Arbetarepartiet, MSAP (Militant Socialistic Workers Party), Sweden’s second largest party, had contacted the German president Popolo during the war and offered to, requesting German funding, execute a plan aimed at sabotaging the Swedish economy and supply of weapons.

Popolo promptly took a screenshot of the PM from Otto Antid and sent it to Flammbar, who immediately saw to it that Otto no longer had access to the Round Table, the forum where the Swedish congress discusses the nation’s politics.

When confronted about the accusations, Otto Antid claimed that he was the head of the intelligence office in Sweden, which the president denies, stating this quote:

“Otto said that he was head of our intelligenceoffice which he neither is nor ever has been. We had a previous head of this service but I gave him the sack due to poor performance and inactivity. I am therefore puzzled by why Otto claims to be the head of this office, something he clearly is not.”

In the comments following the president’s article about the scandal, Otto Antid himself posted the somewhat cryptic comment “Great article! Voted + subscribed.”

MSAP, Otto’s previous party, quickly issued a statement saying that they knew nothing about this and that Otto would be excluded from the party effective immediately. The party leader, The Herminator, also apologized to the Swedish people and assured that a vote for MSAP is not a vote for a traitor.

Flammbar, the president of Sweden as well as party leader of the dominant party Flashback Sweden, has been accused of using this issue to make MSAP lose voters in the 1st of August elections, as the news were revealed a mere two days before the election, even though he received word of this a week before. Citizen Aivres raised this interesting issue, accusing Flammbar of using techniques similar to those of authoritarian regimes (IE: such as real life Soviet Union and China).



Bank of Sweden reprimands citizens

Karl Holm, head of the Bank of Sweden (Swedish: Svenska Riksbanken) and minister of finance, published an article in the bank’s newspaper criticizing the traders on the Swedish currency market of decreasing the value of the Swedish currency SEK. When Karl Holm returned after a week’s vacation the price of 1 gold was down to 14 SEK, which was more than 50% lower than 30 SEK, which it had cost a week earlier.
The minister of finance was noticeably annoyed, writing:

“Doesn’t it matter if we make ourselves vulnerable to outside businessmen who can take camel loads of gold out of the country; gold that instead of being used by our companies and our soldiers is consumed by monsters such as Nevugila who happily slaughters Swedes all day if the opportunity is given”.

The Bank of Sweden went on to re-establish the price per gold to 30 SEK and encouraged everyone to make sure that they only buy gold from other Swedes.

Source:  (Swedish text only)

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