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day 258 - Tension in America: Is Spain behind the Tension in Mexico ?

Struggle of Mexicans, Brazil Starts Military Training Program – COBRAS, President of Ireland Not Gaining Support, Tension in Turkish Media, Portuguese Market Analysis


Editor’s Note:
DUMB, that was the word came out of editor’s mind discovering that some countries raised important issues. Every important issue means business for DDB. Consequently, we would need 3 hours to fly around the world gathering accurate information. All our efforts are for you only, and we truly hope you would enjoy it.

Tension Arises in America
ImageJakarta – It takes hours for DDB to explore things happening in the land of Indians . The fact is really surprising. Alfonso, President of Mexico, is the party president of ARDE, which is confirmed by Argentineans as a party of Spanish nationals. In other words, Mexico has been taken over by Spanish.
Argentina as Mexico’s ally finds itself in a dilemma. At one side, Mexico is neighbor that it should protect. But at the other side, if Mexico is annexed by Spain as predicted before, Mexico would fight Spain back. In media, Argentina has a tendency to support Mexico. At the worst case, Argentina would stand neutral and not interfere with Mexico’s internals.
It doesn’t take a long time to prove this anxiety, as Alfonso really executed his plan to merge Mexico with Spain. He proposed war to Spain. But, will the congress approve? As this article issued, 9 are up to the war, and 12 aren’t. Should ARDE be solid, therefore 50.63% of the congress would vote for the war.
DDB are still looking for confirmation form Spanish President whether he’s behind this scenario or not. What about the responses from other PANAM members?
Spain Behind Mexico’s Tension?
Madrid – From the programs planned by MVerslayer, the President of Spain, it strongly suggests that what happens in Mexico is a part of Spain’s plan. His foreign policy indicates that Spain tends to approach superpowers in PANAM and NA. And the most obvious of all, there is a plan to unite Spanish-speaking citizens under Spain’s banner.
Referring to the responses to the government’s plan, there are mentioned several plans to politically take over the Mexican government, then declare war to Spain. Some citizens consider this way unethical–declaring war to Mexico would be much nobler, but it seems that this opinion is not really favored.


Mexicans’ Struggle
Mexico City – Would the movements of Alfonso – Mexico’s President be supported by the citizens? It’s quite easy to observe that some citizens have strategy to secure Mexico. Right after Alfonso was elected, he did take steps to take over gomernment’s bodies, such as Bank of Mexico. Rey_David and giles, former Mexican government officials also secure the country’s cash. Alfonso also accused giles for trying to look for assistance from other nations to detain this annexation plan, while he also expressed that Argentina are standing neutral.

Native Mexicans really appreciates Rey_David and giles’ effort. It seems that Mexico is currently divided and the plan to merge with Spain would not go too smooth. However, Alfonso won’t let his plan to declare war to Spain got hampered. He eventually posted an agreement draft stating that Mexico agreed to run under Spain’s banner. The agreement is accessible in: Both presidents agreed this draft.Consequently, the eWorld citizens condemned that this is a part of a conspiracy. On the other hand, surprisingly Spain’s congress expressed that they have no idea about this agreement and would disagree to this.
From responses by various nations observed by DDB, it’s suggested that Mexico would not be facing the worst scenario alone. President of Ireland, a number of citizens of Brazil, Japan, USA, etc. indicated that they would be in the Mexico’s side.
How would this Mexico story end?

Brazil Starts Military Training Program – CORBAS

Puerto Rico – Brazil’s ministry of defense just started a military training program, where the soldiers would be extensively trained to boost their war experience. The recruitment started today, and the requirements are minimum strength of 4, wellness above 80%, non-congress, non-SO, and available to serve at any time. Candidates are also required to report their inventory (food, gifts, weapons, tickets), and the data would be put into an integrated system. The company where the candidate worked would get a compensation of 50% of the candidate’s daily pay.

Ireland’s President Not Gaining Support
Dublin – The President of Ireland predictably would not gain supports as expected. Some time ago, the president just proposed to drop the taxes into 1%, expecting that people from all over the world would come and shop cheap Irish products. This proposal was promptly rejected by the citizens, and the comments posted in media indicated that they are unwilling to cooperate with the president, which originally comes from Romania. Former presidents, such as Michael Collins and Final Destiny are against this proposal.
Augustus Baldwin, a Canadian citizen tried to analyze and interviewed an Irish opposition figure, Michael Collins. According to the interview, Collins accused that Victor are stealing the state’s money for his own interest. Some countries broke their MPP with Ireland and many more issues. The interview result is provided here:
However, the issue above was denied by Victor. He explained everything from his point of view. In his article, Augustus claimed that Irish citizens are suffering and asking Canadian citizens to help them struggle. From DDB’s point of view, Victor only took an opportunity to be a president, without considering the implication of being lack of support from the natives.

DDB is trying to get more information from him, but it looks that DDB’s questions are less priority.

Tension in Turkish Media
Istanbul – That is the actual condition of media in Turkey. When Phaedrus Lidox keeps instructing in “Sanskrit” language, the native Turkish also keep writing in Turkish. The actual meaning of the instructions hasn’t been discovered yet. Phaedrus Lidox issued his second instructions, and was responded by Turkish with “gobble gobble gobble”.

Portuguese Market Analysis
Lisbon – braposo, a Portuguese, has conducted detailed analysis around Portugal’s market condition. He claimed that Portuguese Q1 Food is the 10th most expensive in eRepublik, while the Q4 is the cheapest. For Gifts and Tickets which play an important role during wars, stand on the 5th and 6th respectively. Q4 Weapons are considered as cheap, even though disappeared from the market quite often. This is caused by government’s policy to keep producing weapons. Housing market is also believed to have no significant problem. Comparisons are available here:
And Indonesian government officials are strongly advised to review it.

translated by: pradana
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