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Romanian government doesn’t support Ireland President, an urge from Ireland citizen, Turkey situations : Turkish Admin put some action, Spanish military refuse to have war against Mexican, Movement from Norway.


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The world still concern about what happened in Ireland and Mexico, because of that reason , those two event are having a great portion in this edition.
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Romanian government doesn’t support Ireland president.
ImageBucharest – Take over action which is conducted by one country to other country makes the world put some attention for this matter.
Ireland for examples. As we know victor was ruling Ireland, who is Romanian citizen, but does Romanian government support him? And what is the opinion of Romanian president about this?
We have manage to interview Romanian President Alex Craciun. Here’s the interview :

In what way you want to do this plan ? (tricky question)

It’s not my plan, the only thing I can do is to advice Romanian citizen (victor, red) about how to make Ireland have some progress this month.

Is there any consideration to join NA?

Romania has become part of NA since June.

Do you support victors action?

If I am other player (not president ,red) this action was a funny thing. Remember this is only a game, we do this for fun, and it’s fun when we win it, when u loose than it’s not fun anymore.
But as Romanian president I do not support this action, and what I can do, as I have told before, is to give some advice for him how to make Ireland economic to better condition. so when he becomes a president for a month people wont regret it.

Is there any message that u want to say to our reader about this issue?

I hope readers doesn’t support Ireland take over, You cannot mend something evil with another evil action. This only for a month, who knows within a month Ireland will get stronger.

And that is our interviews with him, you self to decide whether Romanian take some advantage from this action or not.

An Urge from Ireland citizen
Dublin- Ireland citizen urging the world about the situation in Ireland. With the current even when victor came and give a public lie, try to gain trust, and after he gained trust he show some pride by lying to public cunningly, plus the foreign minister comment that what politician do also cunning. The people of Ireland urge other country who haven’t decided where to take position against this matter, to join world community to cursed this event. Some of foreign reporters try to interview Victor and his opposition, u can see the interview by Italian reporter in : and in here : by Sweden reporter in here.

Turkey situation : Admin makes some action
Istanbul – as we know from previous article, Phaedrus Lidox have some plan to retrieve Greek territories and Israeli which was took over by the Turks. How he plan the action ? ( and what language that he used when he gives special instruction?
Luckily DDB gained some extra annotation from him, this is the quote :
for the matter of deliberating Greek and Israel Land, we do this by using direct contact with Admin. I’ve talked to Cristi Badea for the possibility of full deliberation, and I Hope his/her team will accomplish this at end of the week.
U also asked about our special language, we called it eArmenian, and it was ancient code of Kratos, we keep it in our best

That was his comment to us. From the public of turkey it self, treat comes from turkey citizen to ban eRepublic games IP. Which this wont be happened since Admin already take some action. Admin responded by saying that he’ll ban anyone who do racist, and this including to put some bad image against Ataturk the Turkish hero.
It doesn’t took a long time, when The goon Turkish citizen who become racist are already ban for a time being.

At this Moment ABK, Goon Party who already have 775 members which is mean 66.95% Population of Turkey. This number wasn’t added with 7.25% Israeli citizen which is already occupied before.
Some proposals and movements was conducted to reform each aspect, including opening import from foreign country.
Is turkey will become a beautiful country or destroyed? We can only wait.

Spanish Military refused war against Mexico
Madrid-This complete the failure of Mexican President and Spanish to unified both country. Today Spanish military refused to cooperate with the president plan if theirs is a war with Mexico. This action completed the Spanish president failure to have support from Spanish public.
Just before President was having an impeachment from parliament for one side action which he took, seems like presidents from both country will have some difficulty to hold on their position in the next general election.

Moves from Norwegian
Oslo – Norwegian has manages to occupied Russian, and seems like it will use Russian territory for space rocket launch site and nuclear missile test. But this is still unknown whether this action was the congress already knows about this or not. And how are the Russian citizen responses about this.

From some discussion is known that this country is starting to do space exploration
At same time Norwegian Immigration Department urge to All GM Q1. to make free directory which contains list companies that will recruit unskilled work force, and hopefully it will increase the work force.

The Ministry of Information also does the some action, the urge the citizen to use existing forum for communication, debating and other needs.

One other issue which start to warm up is Binary Party, the party who have parliament majority was known change it’s idealism to communist idealism, but the situation is not fully clear whether only an assumption or fact.

Translated by: exia
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