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Day 261 ? Apology from Spain?s President ? Internal Pressure Increasing ? Admins on Alert

Italian Boycott on Victor’s Products, Apology from Spain’s President – Internal Pressure Increasing – Admins on Alert, Venezuela Establishing Training Centers, Argentinean Government Criticized by Citizens, French Breakthrough, Indonesia Looking Forward to The Space, UK Population Skyrocketing and Fierce Competition in Weapons Market.


Editor’s Note
Today there are lots of interesting issues around the world, and hopefully these would inspire all citizens and governments throughout the world to improve. Nevertheless, the problems in Scandinavia and Latin Americas have not been solved yet.
These are the prologue from DDB. Readers should not worry since our news is absolutely free from manipulations and biases. What about Indonesian space program? That is also not a make-up and is a fact. We hope other nations would research on this and compete with us, Indonesian entering the era of space wars.
We would like also to thank our donators and supporters of DDB, and also our enthusiastic translator team. The opportunities to be translator is still open, by sending proposal through PM, and let’s compete with others for a pay of 8 – 10 IDR.
Note: Due to RL business, DBB would probably be on vacation for 3 days ahead. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Italian Boycott on Victor’s Products
Rome – Native Irish’s advises are finally heard by the world. Today, Italy shows its support by boycotting all products from Victor’s companies. Continental Ursus Breweries is Victor’s Q3 food company which has an export license to Italy. It’s also informed that 2 SO’s: United Weapons and All In are Victor-and-his-staff’s as well, so any cooperation with these SO might be reevaluated (

Apology from Spain’s President – Internal Pressure Increasing – Admins on Alert
ImageMadrid – Still around the issue of merging Mexico to Spain, after both previously got impeachment from the parliaments, Spanish citizens request MVerslayer to resign although the president has apologized. Yesterday the president released the appointed ministers, reviewed the previous government, and explained the situations in Mexico. He publicly admitted his mistakes and promised not to repeat such action.

From Mexico, President Alfonso prefers to ignore complaints from the world and internals that disagree to his plan merging Mexico with Spain. He has proposed the war for the second time, and received rejection for the second time as well. The oppositions keep reminding their members at the congress to keep rejecting the war proposal.

What happened in Latin Americas has truly become Admin’s concern. With the occurrence of repeating war proposals, Admin stated in his release that he would keep an eye on this situation. To anticipate the possibility that the war would break, Admin has moved to Brazil, Mexico’s neighbor. This location is chosen since it would involve directly in the war.
(,,,, and many other sources)


Venezuela Establishing Training Centers
Caracas – Today, Venezuelan government just established a government’s SO to manage Q1 businesses. The government created weapons, hospital, and food companies. People wishing to get trained may contact the government.
It’s reported that a media consortium from Spain has just opened a branch in Venezuela. The Media named CNN Venezuela also emphasizes on cooperation with Spanish-speaking citizens to solve the conflict in the region. This media also cooperates with other media located in Mexico, Hungary, and Portugal.
The conflict between Mexico and Spain is also heard by Venezuela, and the government entirely disagreed with the plan of merging the two (Many sources).
Argentinean Government Criticized by Citizens
Buenos Aires – Davydenko, an Argentinian, criticized the Minister of Economy, galle13 for his economic policies. One of those is burning money during inflation. It’s also questioned that the people’s wages are so low that they would get their own company after working with no absence for two years. The pro-governments argued that we could get gold from invitations, and not all people are actually wishing to be entrepreneur. galle13 expected to talk around this issue in the Argentinean forum, but the criticizers could not accept government’s responses. They argued that the government should consider the critics as inputs, not offenses. This kind of problem happens in every nation (


French Breakthrough
Paris – The government has just established an SO to intervene foreign monetary exchange. This SO would be given tickets to move around the world to buy gold. The starting capital from the state was 20 gold. Currently, the SO has accounts in Gold, FRF, VEB, IRR, SEK, IDR, GBP, NOK, ESP, PKR, ITL, CAD. This SO is managed by Ivan Dusaiks. Internally, the government also requested the owner of SOs to report their SOs with the number of its employees for government’s reference to grant subsidies.
In technologies, France has just released software that would assist invitations to French to play Erepublik. The application is available at: All citizens are expected to publish this link expecting that there would be a baby boom in France.


Indonesia Looking Forward to The Space
Jakarta – Responding to vast technological development, some citizens have initiatives to start building facilities in several planets in Universe 39 (U39) on ogame. Currently, there is a planet named Cendrawasih. Several minerals like Metal, Crystal, and Deut have been mined to support upgrades to next technological level. It’s expected that within the following weeks other planets might be colonized.
Currently, there has been an alliance of Erepublik Indonesia in U39. If there are other nations developing their technologies there, there would be a big chance to start space wars.


UK Population Skyrocketing and Fierce Competition in Weapons Market
London – Uneven population distribution is a problem not only in Indonesia, but also in the UK. Currently, there’s a population boom happening in the UK, but due to unawareness of newcomers, they pick the location where they currently reside–London. Consequently, the population of London significantly grows compared to other regions. Therefore, the government requests the citizens to move to other locations with several rewards.
In the UK’s market, there exists a fierce competition between two Q2 weapon suppliers, The Gun Trade Association and APE Ammunition. Due to the low demand, the price then drops. Regarding to this situation, the workers union of APE Ammunition agrees to lower the salary level by 33%. It’s observable that there’s very little number of multi-accounts among the employees.

Translated by: pradana
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