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Day 259 - Situation in Turkey is Worsening & The President of Spain is facing Impeachment

Situation in Turkey is worsening, the President of Spain is facing impeachment, Ireland Take Over Drama, Will Romania join hand with the Nordic Alliance? Huge Respond against Bank Erepublik Indonesia (BEI), the Dutch is fantasizing on a war out of bore, Czech Republic is advancing.


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Situation in Turkey is Worsening
Istanbul - Media war between goon and native Turks has reached it peak yesterday. An article from a Turk threaten to report to the government to block erepublik to be played in Turkey so no Turks can play this game. Several citizens saw this as a childish action by that person by throwing empty an threat. On the other hand making fun of one country and their honored leader seemed to be a common things to do by these goons.
How will admin react over this?
This problem has spread to Middle East. Public in Pakistan was rising a topic about Attaturk and asked respondents to comment about him under Free Speech. It's clearly seen that Pakistan is hoping that Turkey is erased from erepublik's map.
The President of Spain is facing an Impeachment
ImageMadrid - A shocking news came from the matador country when Mverslayer is facing an impeachment from the parliament. All opposition is working together and signing a petition to put the president down now. This was done because some of the president's policy were not discussed with the congress, and that action had shaken Latin America.
Mverslayer defend himself by making a statement that the majority of the people elected as their president, and that is democracy , and that's why his action is rightly done and for the good of people of Spain.
On the other hand several Mayor were also making a petition in order to execrate  the action the president had took, and they ask the citizens to remain calm and order.  (,
Taking Over Drama in Ireland
Rome -  A reporter from France, Farnesina, has made a summary about what had happened in Ireland. According to his report, Victor's plan to take over Ireland was already known several days ago by ImaNewbie, Ireland ex-president on 30th July 2008. ImaNewbie made an article about this in, Victor, who came to Ireland on 21st July 2008, first respond was to dismiss all accusation by ImaNewbie. But on 1st August Victor leaped forward and made an article called "No More Hiding" ( and ask all his followers to vote for him and order his "special force-6" not to join his party. This story end on 2nd August when he declare his victory in his article. (, in that article he admitted that he lied to Ireland politician, and convinced Patton to cooperate with him, and made his position unnoticeable at the end of the election.
For more detail please visit :
Will Romania Join Hand with the Nordic Alliance?
Bucharest - Just recently the twice appointed Romanian President, Alex Craciun, issue several programs which will be done on his presidency now. Some of those programs are: Ministry of Education will be lead by Mihai Alexandru Aty and Blaster2008, the will work to manage employment, the salary for newbies is 5 Ron/day until they reach skill 2.
Romania National Bank will be lead by RoLitoral, who is assigned to keep a balance on the monetary exchange and will keep the currency rate on 0.02 Gold/Ron.
National Guard is entrusted to valyfl, Romanian Air Force (Fortele Aeriene Romane - FAR) will be lead by Shadow Figure and Pirantul. FAR will be funded for next mission with 300 to 500 gold.
For economic relation, in the next 5 days the government will review the global economy and that review will act as guide to make trade agreements with foreign country.
As for Foreign Minister, Romania will conjoin with the Nordic Alliance and it will be handled by Goddess Athena. (
Huge Respond Against Bank Erepublik Indonesia (BEI)
Jakarta - More than 1000 views and 170 comments was the respond of the articles from BEI when BEI just launched their new programs. Pro and cons was being discussed because several citizens viewed that BEI is turning away from the liberal concept it must held and become more of socialist. From that articles it can be seen that the debate become more intense and became individuals insults and not debating the topic anymore.
Political situation in Indonesia is always heating up, and every now and then it become insults over individual's reason. But when wars were raged the difference will fade away by itself.
Some view this as an entertainment, and some take this personally , and some even stop playing the game.
Like a Greek Proverb (modified), "THIS IS INDONESIAAAAA *bledaaag (kicking the enemies ass to the well. (
The Dutch is Fantasizing a War out of Bore
Amsterdam - This country with 278 citizens seems to realize how stagnant their country is. They believe they are in a situation that neither bad nor good. Facing with that trouble, there seems to be a plan to gain more land, but several people showed their pessimism because it will cause a clash between MA and NA since Netherland is a part of MA. But there are also people who believe that MA is much more stronger than NA, and an attack to UK is not possible because it's suicidal.
Whatever happen, the Dutch can only put it on pensive, as their country lies between eUK and eSweden, and MA as far as it goes is only a defensive alliance.
So which one is healthier? Filling our days with hot-boiled-arguments like in Indonesia? Or continue to let your mind wondering like in Netherland?
Czech Republic is Advancing
Prague - After a bloody war with Hungary several months ago, Czech Republic has been struggling. A new party had been founded in hope to make change to this country. This country has succeeded in bonding with Sweden. As for communication, the government has establish an irc channel for communication purpose.
This country with its 494 citizens seemed never fall into a polemic, and their economy has grown as many as 10% from the last government. It seems that cheap house and moving tickets have good prospect in this country.
Translated by: darkyojimbo
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