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Day 264 ? Mexico?s Impact: Argentina-Venezuela Clash

Mexico’s Impact: Argentina-Venezuela Clash, Formation of Atlantic Alliance: Potential Rival for FIST? Glory Glory Pakistan!


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Mexico’s Impact: Argentina-Venezuela Clash

ImageJakarta – DDB just found a fact that Venezuela’s President formally addressed his apology to Argentina’s President – Pechorin, and Pechorin openly accepted it. It is also said that both countries are heading for a better future. What is actually happening?

After further investigations, DDB finally discovered the actual story from a trustful source. For both countries’ security, DDB are regretfully unable to reveal his/her identity.

The story began when Mexico was taken over by Spanish. This issue was obviously a threat to the stability of Latin American region, including Venezuela. Pechorin promptly sent a message to Venezuela’s President – mikesoft. Venezuela seemed to doubt the wholeheartedness of Argentina’s President. Mikesoft suspected that Argentina which is currently led by a Spanish-decent president would experience similar problem as Mexico did. Considering the urgency of this issue, the government of Venezuela eventually held a closed meeting to decide the government’s stand on this issue. Venezuelan congresspeople and citizens were participating in this meeting.

Surprisingly, the discussions in this meeting were disclosed to the Argentinean government. It was suspected that there were Argentinean spies in the meeting! Unavoidably, this issue raised the Argentinean and Spanish citizens’ distrust to the Argentinean government.

Therefore, several marathon meetings between mikesoft and Pechorin were held, and then trust between the two was re-established. Pechorin insisted that he would not make Argentina be like what happened in Mexico, and still expected Mexico to be an independent state. Mikesoft also wholeheartedly expressed his apology to Pechorin in front of public, and it was accepted by Pechorin wholeheartedly as well. Both nations are currently normalizing their diplomatic relationship.

Formation of Atlantic Alliance: Potential Rival for FIST?
Buenos Aires – Pechorin, Argentina’s President just announced that 73% of the parliament agreed that Argentina could join the ATLANTIC Alliance. This alliance joins all nations connected to the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, a landlocked nation like Hungary could join as well.

This alliance is a joint of PANAM, NA, and several other nations like Spain and Hungary. It is believed to be the currently largest alliance in Erepublik.
The regulations of the alliance are concluded into 7 main principles. The purpose of the alliance is to assist its members whenever there is an attack from outside the alliance. If a member wishes to attack a nation, the others may send assistance or stand neutral. When the resistance module is come to implementation, the alliance would not assist the nation experiencing rebellion if the disputed region is not the original region of the nation.

In the history of world’s warfare, it was common for the nations in the mentioned alliances to take part in wars around the world, even though they were not under an alliance flag (e.g. UK during Indonesia vs. Australia war, PANAM and NA during Indonesia vs. South Africa war, etc.).

There is a high possibility that this new alliance would be a balance for FIST. Should there be any conflict between FIST and Atlantic, this might become the greatest war in Erepublik ever.

Glory Glory Pakistan!
Islamabad – Severe food crisis is currently occurring in Pakistan. People started to get worried, and there are only three companies selling food in the market–no Q1 food. If this happened in Indonesia, it’s highly possible that there would be big protests to the authorities. However, this doesn’t apply to Pakistan. In this crisis, Dio simply said, “… If you’re starving to death, then I would be with you. We, the desert people, eat together and starve together”. Also, he stated that he would run for the next presidential election.

The responses from Pakistanis were really surprising. They truly agreed with Dio’s words and didn’t express any anxiety. Since its beginning, Pakistan has been glorifying Dio as their god of desert, and they’re also famous for their solidarity. The Pakistanis never pass the number of 1000 people, but Pakistan is really dominant in establishing regional stability with its own style: Hail Dio!

In other chance, Pakistan’s President was interviewed by Swedish reporter.  In the interview, Pakistan expressed their close tie to Indonesia, and supported Indonesian moves in South Africa. Pakistan did not participate in the war since Indonesia didn’t request assistance. (
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