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Day 265 ? Mexico?s Anti-Climax ? Alfonso Resigned

Mexico’s Anti-Climax – Alfonso Resigned, Dayne Saraswati, I Kneel Before You, Another e-Marriage, Anecdote of Dio Buying a House, The Netherlands: The Next To Be Taken Over?


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Mexico’s Anti-Climax – Alfonso Resigned
ImageMexico City – Now would be the anti-climax of the so-long takeover drama in Mexico by Alfonso, a Spanish who were elected as Mexican President to annex Mexico. Today, he announced his resignation. The Mexicans were really solid in struggling for their nation. After he repeatedly proposed wars, the Mexican congress successfully cancelled the proposals. Several native Mexicans, such as gilles and Rey_David have successfully secured the national treasury, so that Alfonso practically had insufficient fund to run his reign.

At the other side, the international pressure on his government was very intense, so was the pressure from Spanish citizens on their president. PANAM was also influenced by this incident because their focus was distracted to regional issue. They were also worried by Spain’s presence in the region. DesertFalcon was confident that this resignation would finish Mexico’s problem, and PANAM would concentrate more to prepare itself facing Indonesia on Brazil’s doorstep.

In the Latin American region itself, this case almost triggered a conflict between Venezuela and Argentina (please refer to the previous DDB edition). Fortunately, due to the bigheartedness of both leaders, this dispute didn’t lead to a bigger conflict.

At his resignation, Alfonso stated that he resigned because the Mexicans didn’t expect his presence, and also of the international pressure. However, prior to his resignation, he has established “Work and Social Prevention Office” for Mexico’s interests.

Responses from Mexicans varied: Most of them expressed satisfaction. On the other hand, it is reported that Mexico was run out of food supplies, and some of them accused Alfonso for this. Alfonso firmly denied it.

There was the end of the takeover drama in Mexico. But, would what feared by DesertFalcon become reality, that Indonesia would expand to America?
(From various source in Mexico and DesertFalcon’s article)

Dayne Saraswati, I Kneel Before You, Another e-Marriage
Jakarta – Spain already has Cristesco that has e-Married Elena and Zhuge Liang who proposed Allyenna with a  poem, USA has Emerick who has publicly proposed Vos in a chat channel (,en/). Then, Indonesia made its move where Bong, a senior citizen proposed his beloved Dayne Saraswati. In his article (, Bong told his stories on how they firstly met and how he remembered of her when hearing a song from Estranged. He then quoted a couplet from the romantic song, and publicly proposed dayne. After the audience has been waiting for so-long, and their heart has been beating so hard, dayne responded with full of romance. His proposal was accepted with no hesitation.
DDB congratulates both of you!
It was still unconfirmed when the reception would be held. Are there any regulations on this? What about RL? Have they met there? Let’s wait for more from Bong, our true friend.

Anecdote of Dio Buying a House
Stockholm – As we are all aware about, Dio, even though a Swedish in RL, is in fact natural enemy of Sweden. Today, a Q4 Housing Company – Akelius, used Dio as an icon to market their house. There Dio was wittily illustrated bargaining to buy his dream house. How would Dio respond to this? The details are accessible here:

The Netherlands: The Next To Be Taken Over?
Amsterdam – Some news today raised issues on the fall of a nation to foreigners. The most current potential victim was the Netherlands. A Turkish has won a majority votes to lead the biggest party in that nation. Therefore, there would be a big possibility that the Dutch Presidential Chair would fall into a foreigner.

It didn’t take a long time to prove native Dutch’s resistance to onrche. A notable politician from the same party has made a petition to refuse onrhe’s presence in the Netherlands. He accused that onrche has commited various frauds. The detail of the petition can be found here:

Even though 90% of audience have agreed this petition, it looks quite difficult for admin to take actions without any real evidences. It is reported that onrhce won an election in Turkey by creating 100 fake accounts, and surprisingly he didn’t get banned.

Onrhce himself looked indifferent to this case, and he promptly changed the party (Iron & Wine) into a communist one. Can the Netherlands solve this?
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