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Day 266 ? Turkey: Admin?s Final Decision

Final Political Drama Mexico – Spain , Turkey – Admin’s Final Decision,  Alfonso Still in Act, A form of Campaign in Canada? Japan Try to Encourage the People,  Japan Try to Encourage the People,  France Looking At a Chance in Pakistan


Editor’s Note,
News from Latin America still dominated, interesting news comes from Turki. Also live information V1 from admin himself, as no new information from DDB. We shall take a positive value from news about our neighbor countries. Enjoy the read.


Final Political Drama Mexico – Spain
Madrid – after Mexican President Alfonso resignation, Spain President MVerslayer followed his fellow to step down from presidency following heavy pressure from inside and outside the country. In Edition 259 and 261, DDB released news where MVerslayer got motion of no confidence from the parliament, as he also got pressure from his own party, Media Vida.
In recent development, there was two sides pros and cons, even if MVerslayer had his confidence that if he come back, he would not give up fighting for MVP leadership. In his statement, he admitted that he had given a unique live taste in eRepublik.
MVerslayer was 2 times a row elected president, joint MVP in 22 April 2008 with a great career in less that 1 month. He was then become an easy target for his political rivals but called his programs he developed since May 2008 would taken in a good consideration.
Live and final resume from Latin America. (

Turkey – Admin’s Final Decision
ImageIstanbul – In edition 260 (,en/) DDB released news regarding Turks President – Phaedrus Lidox had spoken to admin to restore Greeks and Israeli lands which had been occupied by the Turks. It was also said that there will be an update from admin about this.
So, it was known by today that admin had finally decided not to make any changes to the map of power had been formed. These occupied lands would still remain Turkey’s until version V1 out.

DDB had interviewed admin about this issue, and he said that he would not tolerate such racial acts by his fellow countrymen. As known, Turkey intensely used Attaturk as jokes. Admin also informed that V1 would be released in around September 2008.

Back to Turkey, do you still remember with the special instruction made in Armenian language? Days before, Turks President declared this language was no longer used because Turks press translator, Garegin Abkarin had passed away last 7 August 2008.

There was an important issue almost untouched by public called Nimbus Oprah. Phaedus Lidox confirmed:
Nimbus Oprah is the name of a document allegedly coming from my administration, which is false. It contains plans for a strategy involving the total economic destruction of Turkey, which was to begin on Monday of this week.
Nothing more to say at the moment.

He rejected to say more about this.

Alfonso Still in Act
Mexico City – Mexico case still had an impact where he had cancelled the MPP agreement with the USA, and cancelled trade treaty with two other PANAM countries, Argentina and Brazil. According to Alfonso, they did not need any aid from USA, but hoped more from Romania. As for the trade, he had done that because the treaty cost the country loss 20 golds. As for the cons, this act should have been agreed by the parliament. (

A form of Campaign in Canada?
Ottawa – Q1 food company in Canada owned by Cottus Arci faced problems. He established a Q1 food company with intention to recruit more employment. After hunting 20 pages of CVs, he succeeded to recruit 23 employees. The problem was these employees still had very low wellness. By subsidize CAD 500 given by President Sutler for each Q1 company, the company would spend it in just eleven days as daily cost was about CAD 48.94. It was said that his party had the solution. For your reference, Cottus Arci was a former president of Canada.
Reported from Canadian market, the food market was full of importer. After the Great War, there were only 700 Canadian back from war, and it likely this country was in good peace.

Japan Try to Encourage the People
Tokyo – Japan was trying to struggle. At this time, there were 381 people, rising compared to last month. To adjust with the situation, Japan shared gifts to its people. In housing industry, there were loan services to buy Q1 house for the Japanese by LRSO Finance. To get JPY 100 loan, there were terms required such as 8% interest as much as JPY 1.2. There was also a fine including a legal action. The result was not yet known as you could just disappear to other country after buying a house.

France Looking At a Chance in Pakistan
Paris – Cicero, Frank’s development father gave an idea to the government to make a trade treaty in food and weapon industry for 30-45 days with Pakistan considering Pakistan now a best friend country for France which helps France all the time.
Pakistan state similar for its weapon industry, and would openly deliver the proposal to the parliament. This would not take a while because DDB saw these two countries had trade treaty with 25% trading tax for all products. This was a good proactive movement for Pakistani government to see a chance and to get profit in the same time to make their friendship stronger. (

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