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Day 300 - 1st National Gathering of Erepublik Indonesia in Jakarta

1st National Gathering of Erepublik Indonesia in Jakarta and WAR – The Most Wanted Feature


Editor’s Note,
We truly apologize for our absence for a long time. Nevertheless, we are still able to attend the 1st National Gathering held in Jakarta. As an appreciation, DDB would cover only this event in this edition.

That’s all from us and enjoy!



1st National Gathering of Erepublik Indonesia in Jakarta1st National Gathering at Jakarta

Jakarta – Last evening, around 03:00 Erepublik time, the National Gathering of Erepublik Indonesia was held for the first time, taking place in Jakarta. The event was attended by representatives from major parties in Erepublik Indonesia. Even though the event went for a relatively short time and were not planned before, the number of participants surprisingly exceeded the target of 25 people (35 participants in total).

Bandung – more than 100 km far from Jakarta – also sent its delegates to Jakarta. It was regretful that unexpectedly the former Minister of Media – nugelobudug – just became a victim of a theft on his way to the event, causing him unable to attend it.

Nevertheless, the event still was still joyful and warm. eIndonesian political figures who were usually furiously throwing arguments each other to express their political views looked enjoying the event’s warmth very much far from tense.

It was informed as well that Erepublik Indonesia would be covered by several Indonesian national televisions. One of them was said to be MetroTV in coming months.

2nd Position - 1st National Gathering in Indonesia DDB also got information that Erepublik administrators would pay a visit to Indonesia. Due to our hectic schedule in RL, we’re still unaware how the future of this plan would be. Through this event, it’s expected that postponed plans could be followed up.

There are also high expectations that the 2nd Gathering could be held, in a greater scale and more organized. The eIndonesian Vice President – Don Agung –, who initiated and organized this event, deserved a high appreciation for his efforts. Moreover, it was reported that

On the other hand, citizens who were unable to attend this event expressed their regret and hoped that they could be there for the next gathering. Citizens from other cities throughout Indonesia also desired that similar gathering event could be held in their places. However, just like we are all aware, Jakarta is the most densely populated city in Indonesia, so that this kind of event could be held quite soon. What about the other nations?

WAR – The Most Wanted Feature
Jakarta – From a survey conducted by DDB over 135 respondents visiting, it was figured out that most of Erepublik citizens are more excited to wait for war modules more than other stuffs. From that number, 40.7% expected wars, 31.9% desired political fun, 18.5% for business stuffs, 5.2% for other things, and 3.7% for forums.

From this survey, it may be concluded that the lacking of features in Erepublik BETA made war become the main amusement for the citizens. It is hoped that the coming V1 would cover these weaknesses.

translated by: pradana
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