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This is only a respond on what has been happened in eIndonesia. We trying to recover now, and hope there will be no situation like this in your country.


To all my beloved eIndonesian folks, allow me to apologize for my last emotional comment, stating that I would resign playing Erepublik.

In this opportunity, I would like to let you know that I would still be playing Erepublik, which means that all parties that might feel cornered would come back playing Erepublik together, even though only for working & training. It’s unnecessary to mention the individuals, I’m pretty sure you all know.

There’s one point that we could learn from this: Return our freedom of opinions, thoughts, and activities. I realize that it would be hard for some individuals to turn back into our good old days, but it’s definitely not impossible.

Erepublik Indonesia is merely a game. We’re all truly aware that some of you might have close tie with some state officials and celebrities, but we kindly ask you to keep that in your real life and not to bring it here. Whatever you get in RL would stay there, and let ourselves have some fun over here.

Rudsaint, I still remember how you insulted aya, my wife with some harsh words, but still I won’t turn it into an RL confrontation. Darkyojimbo might sometimes get labeled as flatella doctor, but that won’t prevent him to meet and greet PKeI comrades out there in RL. So, please, this is a game and let it be just a game.

Let us start tomorrow with a new beginning. If we have something to talk and solve regarding this, let us do it backstage. The public don’t need to know the details. The only thing the public need to know is: Will you, members of PKeI, PREI, IDS, PRM, AGIP, and other parties to throw away fear from this game? If you will, let us take a step forward, and make this day a part of our history. Frankly say, I’m totally proud to have companions like you.



Note: I’ll keep my promise to write DDB again, maybe a week after the beginning of the next month.

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