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Day 320 - eAustralia Independence - Bloodily or Peacefully? And eItaly: Traitorous eCanada!

eAustralia Independence - Bloodily or Peacefully? And eItaly: Traitorous eCanada! Diamond Property, a Q4 Housing Company, sold to the Goons, Knight Tournament, eWorld RAW Map, eChina Independence "Claim", President of Spain - tuput - dying.

Editor's Note
Yup, we try to publish again as we promised. Althought DDB is still out of town with limited internet connectivity, we'll try to make this new edition for you.
Since DDB has been inactive for so long, we apologize in advance if any of our news were outdated. For translator team, please prepare for more assignments.
Without further ado, please enjoy.
eAustralia Independence - Bloodily or Peacefully?
Jakarta - As V1 drawing near, the issue of eAustralia Independence has become a hot topic in eIndonesia, the citizens of eAustralia showed that they will do anything in order to regain their independence from eIndonesia. Will it be a peaceful way or will be a bloody one? When the Indonesia-Australia War occurred, it could be said that the war was not as intensive as other wars, we might even said that it was a war between Indonesian Army and UK's Paratroopers in Queensland. At that time, there was also a great war between eUSA and eCanada. And so the world attention was not at Indonesia-Australia War.
As time goes on and it become to hard to declare a war against another country, in the future wars there'll be a lot of countries which will use this feature for recreational purpose, military purpose and maybe to gain some cash. And then it won't become a war between two nations anymore but instead it will become war against representatives from all countries. The simplest example was the war between Indonesia-South Africa.
With the facts stated above it's very clear that willingly or not, eAustralia will fight for her Independence. And eIndonesia will face two options, do this violently and momentarily forget about invading America? Or  do it peacefully and make eAustralia a part of eIndonesia strength and help eIndonesia in order to conquer the West. Once again, history will be made, will be a bloody one? Or will it be in a respectable complex negotiation?
Diamond Property, a Q4 Housing Company, sold to the Goons?
Jakarta - A suprising news come from Indonesia when one of the reputable Q4 Housing Company was bought by the Turks. Diamond Property which has six (6) export licenses, has long become a rival of STAR Home which is owned by blink-az. It's not clear whether the new owner will be able to manage this company or not; or will they make this company goes bankrupt? Is this a plan by the Goons to mess with eIndonesia's market?
From Editor's view, which happened to be an employee of Capital Property ( the new name of the company, it will be very hard for this company to continue, as it can be seen from the company's cash flow. But only time will tell what will be of this company
Knight Tournament
Bucharest - infinity13, a citizen of Romania, will held an event called the Knight Tournament. In this tournament the prize is erepublik currency. The event got a very good respond from the public. This Tournament will held three (3) competitions, which are: Archery, Duel, and Looks. Infinity13 claimed that he has finished developing the game and it's now 90% in maintaining.
This idea was first heard from Francis Hunyadi, who had happened to be one of DDB reporter. Because of his courage in exposing the truth, he got a real threat in RL. And this make him stop playing erepublik. The same thing happened in eIndonesia as well not long ago, but different from Francis, the player from eIndonesia willing to resume playing again but refuse to be as active as before.
Back to the game, there was a suggestion that the tournament should be called The Tournament of Francis Hunyadi. (
eWorld RAW Map
Islamabad - Sandtux, a citizen of Pakistan, in his media, The Pakistani, has released a map illustrating Raw Material in the eWorld, the map can be viewed here: In that map we can view the composition of Raw Material. With this new feature it's hoped that it'll make erepublik become more interesting and might become a real motive to attack another country.
eChina Independence Claim?
Islamabad -  Dio criticized back without delay toward several opinion from eChina which is under ePakistan rule. It was stated from his article that the citizens who sound their demand are not real Chinese. Dio said that if they wanted their independence then they should have a leader who has a skill that suitable to his criteria, which is to reveal that he is not a real Chinese. It seems that this is only a mockery instead of an offer.
The comment of Dio was replied quickly by a citizen of eUSA who is a part of CLF (China Liberation Front). He asked the America to fight the ideology "Dioism" which is spread by the ePakistan in order to create "Empire of Eden". This suggestion were replied with jokes only. Other citizens commented that if eUSA wanted to help other country regaining its country then they might as well help a country with many citizens. (, )
President of eSpain - tuput - Dying
Madrid - There was a major uproad in eSpai when their current president - tuput - on 04:48 has revived. It was another bug from erepublik, but of course this became a refreshing public jokes. It was also stated that the president is currently getting necessary medical attention, and the mysterious shooter is a part of "BO".

eItaly: Traitorous eCanada!
ImageRome - Traitorous eCanada! This is the respond of eItaly public of eCanada Foreign Affair Statement. In the eCanada Statement it was clearly seen that eCanada is fixing their position in ATLANTIS. At the end of last month, eCanada had stated that they would join ATLANTIS, the steps eCanada made by severing MPPs with non-ATLANTIS countries are the proof that they're trying to legitimate their existence in this alliance.
Some of the eCanada Foreign Affair Programs are: Increasing connection and to keep or to renegotiate about Trade Agreement with eUSA.
It is very clear that with this policy, eCanada is trying to forget their black page in history with eUSA and is looking forward.
Other policy is to increasing the relation with eIreland and eFrance. One thing that need to be noted that they will advocate eFrance to join ATLANTIS.
In the statement of eCanada Foreign Minister it was stated that they want to keep their image as "International Peace Keeper", but the facts revealed that they have chosen their side. What is the respond of PEACE of this? Will they let eFrance join ATLANTIS? (
From eItaly public there are political uproar. Front Popular which is a coalition of several parties there is facing a dilemma. DDB is trying to find out what exactly happening there, lets hope that they are willing to share.
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