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Day 321 ? eAustralia joins ATLANTIS?

Tuput died – 50,000 ESP missing!, An Analysis: eAustralia joins ATLANTIS?, Shoby program, eGermany independence discourse, eRomania Ministry of Media Program, eJapan Forum Established.


Tuput died – 50,000 ESP Missing!
Madrid – The bug that killed the president did not only affect the president’s account. Rumor said that 50,000 ESP has been missing from the country account during the bug. During the president’s last login, the record showed that the account contained 117,000 ESP. Everything seemed normal after he issued 100,000 ESP. On Sunday, between 7-7.30 PM, it turned out that the remaining cash in the account was only 58,000 ESP.

Tuput and some ecitizens immediately contacted Mimin. It was lucky for eSpain that they didn’t have to wait too long for the cash to be returned to the country’s account.

On another issue in eSpain political realm, Nean Keihan- Tohoku – the number one person in cyd party, the second largest party in the matador country, declared his resignation from the position as the leader of the party. He proposed two quite strong candidates to replace him. Since his leadership in July, the party membership showed a significant increase. From only 123 party members in July, the party currently has 381 members.  (, )

An Analysis: eAustralia joins ATLANTIS?
ImageJakarta – previous edition of DDB reviewed the hottest issue between eIndonesia and eAustralia. This edition, the editor will provide a light review on the relationship between eAustralia with other countries. From various trusted sources, it is likely that eAustralia will employ the forces of ATLANTIS to support their struggle for independence.

It should be noted that eUK has declared openly their support for eAustralia struggle for their independence from eIndonesia. It is indicated by eUK’s official military move of consolidating and managing their paratroopers during the previous eAustralia war. Not to mention their policy in providing an asylum for eAustralian government in eUK.

From eAustralia, Zaney – the current leader of eAustralia – stated his disappointment of not having his PM responded by some eIndonesian party leaders. Of all party leaders, only IDS party responded to his PM. He seemed to employ this incident to attract sympathy from international community by posting it in the forum.

eIndonesian government has not released their official statement responding to this incident. The government stated that they will wait until the official release of V1. A limited government meeting is planned to be held this evening in which this issue will be discussed as one of the meeting agenda.

Back to eAustralia, the question remains now is will eIndonesians live with an ATLANTIS ally? If eAustralia receives support from ATLANTIS, will eIndonesia be able to confront eAustralia single-handedly or will it ask for enforcement from PEACE?

Shoby Program
Constanta – Shoby, Constanta third mayor, who was also ex-president of eRomania released some programs to improve its residents’ quality of living. It is not surprising that he was re-elected for the third time as the mayor of Constanta, due to his many efforts in improving the city’s quality. One of the current programs offer 95% wellness guarantee for its residents, while another program is intended for residents who work in Q2 and above companies. If these workers are unable to purchase higher Q food, they can contact him. For those who intend to relocate to Constanta, he will provide financial support to buy moving tickets.  (

Egermany Independence Discourse
Stockholm – Referring to World RM table released by Mimin, eSwedia only posses woods and few iron. For Q2 grain, it was found out that several locations in eGermany has the potentials of this commodity. This leads to a speculation among citizens if eGermany will be granted independence.

For those who favor eGermany independence, they argue that grain can be easily obtained from other ATLANTIS countries as eGermany’s territory is considerably smaller than other ATLANTIS countries. On the other side, eGerman citizens mentioned that there is no loss in granting independence to one or two areas in eGermany because basically eGermany has three areas with Q2 grain.

eGermany, eDenmark and ePoland struggle to gain their independence is not widely discussed in the international community, contrary to the issue of eAustralia’s independence which immediately received support from ATLANTIS. eGermany is the victim of the cold war constellation between eIndonesia and NA (Northern Alliance). During the war, eIndonesia was surrounded by NA MPP in eJapan and eSouth Africa. To fight back, eIndonesia established an MPP with eGermany and eRussia. Unfortunately, before such MPP was established, eGermany and eRussia was invaded by NA.

Will the rival countries of ATLANTIS support the struggle of the countries suffering from NA’s invasion?

eRomania Ministry of Media Program
Bucharest – eRomania Ministry of Media released several policies to improve eRomania’s quality of living. One of the programs is awarding 1 Gold every week to an article well-written. The source of funding for the award is from private donation and it is expected that this program will continue to the next two months.

The aim of this program is to empower the media so that the citizens will show more interests in establishing positive media. Such media is believed to assist citizens in getting positive information in social, economic, political and other issues (

eJapan Forum Established

Tokyo – eJapan has established their own forum, located at
There is a strong indication that the establishment of this forum may mean the return of eJapanese from their stagnancy. eJapan has long experienced the problem of under population. Currently the country has 380 citizens, or doubled from the number two months ago. The public in eJapan stated that this time of the year is the most peaceful era of eJapan, although it should be noted that this peacefulness was slightly disturbed by the incident of sudden death of 20 citizens only in one day; an incident which is not foreign in every country.

The atmosphere in eJapan certainly looks relaxed. An indication of corruption by Jeju city mayor did not affect the country and if such corruption did occur, the amount was relatively insignificant (1.42 Gold). Other citizens are busy preparing to run for party leadership.

With the release of V1, eJapan does not show any fear of independence movement of eKorea, or of invasion from other countries. Is this the condition that erep citizen wish for? (from various sources in eJapan media).

Quiz Corner – Do You Know?
The winner of the previous quiz is gojle. Two Birds Program is issued by Korbin King to eradicate unemployment and to establish hospitals in eUSA.

Korbin King is a famous figure in eUSA which recently created a buzz in eUSA public when he and platonic proclaimed the independence of Hawaii. Korbin was just revived several days ago and DDB welcomed his come back by sending him some traditional gift. It is not clear yet if his wish to create an independence country will be granted in V1.

The next quiz, unfortunately, will be held again when the funding is adequately available to disperse :)

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