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Day 322 - Viva eFrance! eFrance Rejected ATLANTIS!

Dark Clouds over eRomania, ePakistan Keeps Growing, Viva eFrance! eFrance Rejected ATLANTIS! eSweden Consolidated Troops, TC Capital Company Banned


Editor Note

Finally this edition is finished. It’s long and really time consuming, but the result is very satisfying!  I hope all of you are just as satisfied as me.

On this edition, we need to give thumbs up on the firm stance of the government of eFrance, a small country which is surrounded by ATLANTIS powers by bravely refusing the offer from them. Let’s hope other PEACE members can make the most of this moment of trust and keep maintaining consolidation with fellow PEACE members.

We also need to watch the movement from eSweden which keep sharpening their military capabilities, as they are very concerned on their military consolidation and maximal utilization. What about eIndonesia? Have we done routine training for mass consolidation regularly?

Also in this edition there is a story of the first divorce in eRepublik, our entrepreneur who has become a happy guy and others. It’s all complete! For more details, prepare your coffee and enjoy.




Dark Clouds over eRomania

Bucharest – eRomania has once again faced the problem of spamming. However, the aforesaid spamming is still associated to eRepublik, thus not making it a violation of the admin’s rules. The problem is due to the advertisements of many companies, sometimes causing important news to be moved away from the slot.  eRomania experiences an increase in the quantity of news, yet a decrease in its quality as well. That is what Malika Ela said in her article today.

It is also said that she has divorced her husband by paying 1 gold in property settlement.

Due to the editorial staff’s curiosity on the issue, we have requested some time for a little interview with this young widow.

Would you like to share with us the cause of this divorce?

Malika Ela (ML):
The cause of this divorce is due to him not honoring the promise in the contract, which has been posted on the Register of Marriage Newspaper. He did not give me wellness in the war as I have done. Furthermore, he did not care whether my character (account) has any problem or not. Even so, we are still maintaining contact through YM and sometimes speak with each other.

Is there any third party involved? Are you planning to have the next marriage?

This is the first divorce in eRepublik. I plan to emarry again soon. I have found another person who wants me *pitpiw! ed.* I have also received a few proposals from people... But what I noticed most is the proposal from an important citizen in eSpain. Another character of an important person in eRomania.

What are the criteria to be your husband? 


In my first marriage, I am looking for an important politician. But on my next marriage, I am looking for one who can have good relationship with me. I can assure you that my next marriage will be shocking, will surprise everyone who knows my character. I will contact you if you really wish to be informed.

That is our short conversation with her.

Meanwhile, a disaster has struck an eRomanian tycoon named OchiReci, more than 6 SOs he possessed are permanently banned due to the admin believing him to have committed an act of crime which violated the eRepublik rules. This began when he opened a Q1 weapon company in eThailand, from this country he befriended someone he trusted 100%. One time, this friend of his said that he would buy a company priced 200 gold and needed to use the SOs owned by OchiReci. Due to his complete trust and business in RL, he gave some of his SOs’ passwords to his friend. Unexpectedly, when he wanted to change the SOs’ passwords on the following day, all of the SOs which password he had given to his friend has already been banned. He has openly explained and apologized regarding this matter to the admin and eRomanian public. How many hundred gold is the loss he has suffered on this incident?


ePakistan Keeps Growing

Islamabad – ePakistan on the last few months have shown a significant population growth, after experiencing stagnation in June, this time there has been an increase of 100 citizens every month, even in this month there are about 150 people who joined the country. This has caused many newbie to misunderstand what Pakistan really looks like.

ePakistan is a county which has a unique ideology compared to the other countries, and it has openly defied the western countries which have joined ATLANTIS, especially eSweden by always calling them “pig-disgusting”. Even so, there is some funny occurrence which happened with them, during the war of eUSA vs. eCanada, ePakistan clearly helped eUSA to fight eSweden which at that time is helping eCanada. Even though in the eUSA media at that time they kept mocking eUSA as pig-disgusting, the eUSA public still accepted this “joke” happily and accepted their aid.

In RL, Dio himself who is the spiritual leader of ePakistan and has been acknowledged as their god is also a Swedish. ePakistan follows the socialist system, and because of it they encourages the public to only buy goods from approved ePakistan companies so that the money will return to the people. Not all companies passed the verification as they know that ATLANTIS is keep trying to enter the ePakistani market and ruin it, therefore requiring every company to obtain legalization from the government before being able to fully operate.

At the moment, ePakistan is facing opposition from CLF (eChina) which they presumed to be ex-eCanadian and ex-eBelgian with support from eSweden. There is also the UN which has voiced their opposition to the ePakistani government. UN is presumed to be several citizens of eIran.


Viva eFrance! eFrance Rejected ATLANTIS!

ImageParis – Today eFrance made an official release to the public regarding their stance to the offer from ATLANTIS. As released by the last edition of DDB, one of the eCanadian programs is to invite eFrance to enter the map of ATLANTIS. With the reason of trust and friendship which has been nurtured all this time with other PEACE members which are ePakistan and eItaly, it is hard for eFrance to betray this relation of trust after the PEACE countries have helped eFrance since the beginning of the building of eRepublik. Therefore, eFrance politely refused the offer from ATLANTIS by not creating dishonorable conduct in order to keep good relationship with eCanada.

PEACE is ensured after V1 to be an economic superpower due to the abundant RM resources, as stated by the eFrench government. Because of that, president of eFrance - Ph03n1x - offered back to eCanada to join PEACE instead.

eFrance is a small country, but with the father of development Cicero, has once became an active economic player in the world. But it turns out that eFrance has not only become a champion in business, but also a true friend with undoubted loyalty.


eSweden Consolidated Troops

Stockholm – The eSwedish Ministry of Defense has urged its citizens not to skip training and keep consolidating. At the moment, its military has been neck-to-neck with eRomania in the top ten position. However, for the government it has not posed a problem, the most important thing is the ability to use fully the strength currently possessed.

At the moment there are 2 important divisions in eSweden, which are Armoured Troops, for those with skill of 3.0 and above and the ability to mobilize, and the Paratroopers with the members having 5.00 strength, the ability to mobilize and at least experienced 25 fights!

If even large countries like eSweden is trying to stay vigilant and continue to consolidate its military activities, what about other countries?


TC Capital Company Banned

Jakarta – There have just been a polemic on the acquisition of the company of Diamond Property by foreign Turkish company – TC Capital. Today, it is reported that this company is banned by the admin. There is one citizen who accepted this news happily, blink-az. It is normal that he did so as he has become the sole player in the field of the Q4 housing. Hence, the editorial staff has requested some time within his tight schedule. This is the extract of the interview.

How do you feel?

Of course I’m very happy, my workers are headhunted by TC Capital with the salary of 18 IDR! It’s insane!


With no domestic competition, what is your plans for the future?

Lowering the standard housing salary, to normalize the house price.

By playing as the sole player, is there any plan to increase the price?


Would there be any event you hold to ‘celebrate’ this victory?


Hahaha, you’re kidding, my sales has not been well, maybe later, let’s see in 2-3 days time.

It seems your company’s future will be bright, any plans to emarry?

Who should I marry? sisil is still not coming back. Btw, I think wilz is the one who gains the most, he got 550 G, while making a Q4 company only needs 210 G and now the company is banned. (With some export license fee) At most not more than 10 = 250 G, still got 100 G profit.

I see, so the stupid one is the Turkish?


Either the Turkish is stupid, or he has a deal with wilz hihihi *joke mode: on*

Is there any wish from you to invite wilz back to the field of Q4 housing? Isn’t there fun in competition?

I’m tired of meeting wilz again hihihi


Have to keep updating price and headhunting and it seems in V1 headhunting is not possible.
To celebrate this victory, I will lower the price for Q4 house.

OK, any messages for the readers?

At the moment there is only one more Turkish company in Q4 housing, let’s pray for them to be banned as well hahaha.

Oh yeah, one more question. If sisil wants to accept your proposal with the dowry of Star Property, are you willing?

Please don’t, these companies are my reason to keep playing eRepublik.

That is our conversation with the housing tycoon blink-az. So, keep watching the housing market now! And be happy, those who are chasing sisil since you have one less competitor LOL


Do you know: One Country Every Month in V1
Bucharest – Back from the country of Romania, in an article in:, Alexis Bonte is interviewed again and there she said that there will be an adding of one country every month. Is that true? Let’s see how things play out. (source: Astromaniac)

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