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Day 323 ? eTurkey President: We have problems with these countries

ePakistan Propaganda in eSwedia, Interview with eTurkey President, Hot, Politics in eItaly, OchiRechi: “Think Twice Before You Put Your Trust on Someone”.


Editor’s Note

It took the editor half day to compile the news to be delectable for you to read. Special articles are available here for your enjoyment. Because the editor was involved in a bit of a polemic in another forum, this edition was delayed in publication. I hope this doesn’t upset you and turn you into anarchism lol.

BTW, we are grateful to our patrons who have generously donated some cash for DDB operational costs. You know who you are!

Also, a bit of information for those who want to translate our edition into English, please do email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express your interest. Don’t do any translation before we appoint you! The fee for translating this edition is 8 IDR because most interviews covered in this edition were in English already.

We feel a bit concerned about some issues in PEACE such as its stagnancy, problems in the Middle East (eIran, eTurkey and ePakistan), and the quietness in forum. One of the many worries that we would like to question is in the solidness of this alliance.

That’s it for this edition. Enjoy!

Chief Editor

ePakistan Propaganda in eSwedia

Stockholm – ePakistan has a reputation of being a solid, cohesive country with their own unique ideology. In eRep, they have been showing a strong spirit since this game was released 10 months ago.

Although direct confrontation between ePakistan and eSwedia is not possible, their confrontation through media continues. One of the latest act in this confrontation is regarding Isy, a citizen of ePakistan which seems to be deliberately infiltrated into eSwedia territory. He wrote an article which may be categorized as a propaganda, expressing to the readers that he missed the tender, clean, warm sand of ePakistan, rather than the dirty yellow ice of eSwedia, which he referred to it as if a dog pissed on it. He further asserted that he understood the reason why eSwedish were a bit of “megalomaniac”, because he said that being constantly in an environment of  dog pissed ice could turn someone insane. He didn’t forget to mention his longing for his homeland of eSwedia. eSwedia public responded this article in a humorous tone, saying that ePakistan propaganda is the best in the world. (


 Interview with eTurkey President

ImageAnkara – upon learning that eIran proposed an MPP with eTurkey, DDB sent its reporter to get the latest information on this issue. Unfortunately, since our office is located in PEACE area, we found it difficult to gain access to the presidents of eSwedia, eIran and eTurkey. We’re lucky to have had interviews in the past with BattalGAzi, the president of eTurkey, so he was willing to grant us an interview.

Here is our interview with him:


What is the reason behind this?

yes. we made a MPP with sweden because they are one of the biggest and powerful country in erepublik

do u plan to join with ATLANTIS?

By the way, we didnt decide yet, about joinin PEACE or ATLANTIS. we will talk with our congressmen and Turkish citizens and say our decision.i am sure, our people will choose the best one for them.and as i president of Turkey, i have to do anything that my people want.

What do you think with eIndonesia?

we had never face to face with Indonesia and didnt get any problem. We dont want it, too. we want indonesia to be our friend forever and you know, we have MPP and trade agreement with indonesia.

What is your comment about PEACE?


we have got some problems with Mexico,Greece and know, Greece sweared to our great leader Ataturk and we fought against them. Also pakistan helped to Greece against us.and goons ruined our country.they are living in mexico and greece we have got some problems with these countries.

We hope that the interview could shed a light on eTurkey’s foreign political position in the future and their opinion on PEACE.


Hot, Politics in eItaly

Rome – As previously published, eItaly have been experiencing turmoils in their home politics. The editor managed to get a translated copy of a publication released by Dark_Sky, eItaly minister for propaganda.

Below is the translated copy of the publication:

DeI leaves the Fronte Popolare
It is not possible to keep sustaining such a coalition, it is not possible to go against our values only because we are part of it. Even if polemics and controversies undermined the Government of President Gracchius and our Party, our cohesion, our principles and our honesty saved its integrity.
DeI is fed up with this situation; every member rose his voice inside the Party and we came to an unanimous decision: DeI leaves the Fronte Popolare (the Center-Left coalition).

This is a very thoughtful decision, developed during the end of the last Government and communicated after the October elections only because we were hoping in a real change in the situation.
Some of our motivations: - After the election of President Gracchius, 4 members from DeI went in the Government: Catone (Vice President), Wolontario (President’s Staff), Dark Sky (Minister of Propaganda), Dksh (Minister of Regions).
None of them received any information by the President or by other members of the Government and if some Democratic members made a decision, that decision was wrong; the Ministry of Propaganda was completely useless, and the Ministry of Regions too (many citizens ignored their existence).

The Vice President Catone was completely in the dark about events involving the President: when the Cerberus fake scandal happened, even if Gracchius knew about it and replied to the media, he said to his Vice President he didn’t know anything. Why the President didn’t say anything to his Vice about his absences in the Congress sessions? He could have taken his place!

The only real task for Catone was to collect all the passwords of the SO, but this task had already been accomplished by another user. In the end, many citizens believed that DeI ministers were unable or useless.

- Hospital in Bari: after a long discussion among the Major of Bari Schillaco de Gregoris (DeI member), the previous President Gracchius, the present President Pericle and principal eItalian politics, Schillaco was obligated to give the hospital up, despite previous promises.
- After the election of the new President Pericle, although he had promised three places for DeI members in his government, only Catone was asked to take part in: obviously he refused. We believed that inside Democratici eItaliani there are many skilled people, who couldn’t show their abilities because of the Fronte Popolare. I think not only to our main members, but also to these who are working inside the Party: Cris Tod, Roberto89, Dessin, Nemek, Schillaco, Gil Galad and many others.

DeI is available to meet those politics who behaved in a correct way, because we are convinced we can work for our nation!

DeI is now alone: we have more to show than to thank. Goodbye Fronte Popolare!
The President:
The members:
Cris Tod, Dark Sky, Dessin, Dksh, Nemek, Roberto89 and Wolontario.


 OchiRechi: “Think Twice Before You Put Your Trust on Someone”.

Bucharest – in the previous edition, the editor has released an information about the ban of some SOs belonging to OchiRechi, the eRomania mogul. We’re fortunate to be given an opportunity to interview him.

Will the situation happened to you affect the economy of the country?

What happen to me affect only my economy , and in a way affect all my economical and social platform because with not so much fund I might become unable to develop and continue some of my project with high risk. Other fact is that people might see this in a bad way and the doubts can bring me new lost.

how much gold you loosing?

I don`t know exactly but is around 100 gold at lest. But I don`t think I lose them , I just think I pay the price for my mistake. Think in this way : you have an expensive object in your house, and you break it from mistake , you can cry after or be upset ... but it wont remake itself. So regrets aren"t on my agenda. What happen , happen .. a new lesson , and in future I`ll be more precaution in choosing friends.


Does your friend send his excuse or apologize?

Yes he did , he send his deep sorry and apologize about it.

Do u get stressed with this incident?

Stressed no , just amuse. Is a game after all and anger is not something we should have in it. What is done is done , and is no way to change the past , only the future. Like many Romanian reply will be more easy for me this time to remake all , because now I start again with all knowledge about those SOs purpose.

how your gov. react to you?


Romanian Gov don`t have nothing to do with this situation, some of the citizen from Gov react not in a very nice way , but react only from the citizen point of view not from official position. This situation is not a Romanian situation and is no parallel between Romania Government and me.

any message to our news reader?

Yes off-course , think twice until you trust somebody and try always to build specific SOs only with people you come to trust in time. Is an on`line game and are a lot of people around it and you never know what are they capable of. Best thing to do is to be by yourself and to work alone for your community and only get people to help you in your project if they manage in time to gain your respect.

All the best from Romania and I wish you all a pleasant game full with accomplish. Enjoy the game


 Do You Know?: Koroush

Koroush is a controversial player who was successful in mobilizing eIran mass and in focusing their strength in one spot to prepare for ePakistan invasion. During his lifetime in eRep he was dubbed as a hacker *he denied it – Ed.* and became the most outspoken figure in eIran and erep forums. This caused him to be banned. He has revived and came back under the nickname of Aryamehr. On eRepublic Day 94, while taking the seat of eIran president, he was interviewed by DDB and stated that eIndonesia was greedy. Lol.

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