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Interview with FARK, A Community Who Fight Against Goons, Rush in eIndonesia, Hours to Big Meeting Between eIndonesia and eAustralia, Peace Negotiation Between Romania and Hungary dead lock.


Editor’s Note
Due to my busy in RL, I delayed today edition and the grammar is not as good as usual. And I do apologize too since the news I give you quite short. Hope I have more times in RL.
For your information too, DDB would be in holiday just like always from Sunday to Monday (heavy work in RL). Just keep your fingers cross who know I able to made a new release on that time.
Just it for now, thank you for your support, have a nice reading.


Interview with FARK, A Community Who Fight Against Goons
ImageJakarta – Yesterday we have a coincident when someone from FARK’s member posting material about V1 on Indonesian Media. I follow my curiosity about who they are then V1. Lucky for me that he willing to share his opinion. Too bad he deleted the article. But I have prepared before he did that, I have print to PDF the article to be reported for you all our best news reader. Bellow is the conversation I made.

how come you guys suddenly interested to flood in Indonesian's media?
do you both cooperative?
*journalist mode: on*

i also have a proof goons leaked V1 here:

"i posted link to this in forums."
Why you choose Indonesia? :)

maybe i chose place where i come from, darwin australia?

Do u mind to share from which "clan/group/forum" etc.. you are?

@n3m0, I am with fark

fark? do you mind to let me know more details with that "fark"?

Fark: is probably the best internet site in the world, we are trying to start
playing but nobody is interested to play so i decided to play in my hometown
instead of join the guys from from invading Canada

so, fark actually trying to invade canada? whoa... never knew that....
do u think fark will ruins canada just like goons ruin Turks?

@n3m0, yeah that is the plan, we think we can ruin canada worse though.

bro, you havent answer my question yet :)
do u think fark will ruins canada just like goons ruin Turks?
and based on the fact, fark seem to fight against goons, is that true?

plan is as far as i know to go to war with usa because goons are in usa and
mexico and need to be destroy, we are going to kill all goons.
we will also ruin canada, but only after we kill all goons from game.

….. as far as we know, Canada survived long war, i dont think that would be easy for you guys to bring her down.. :)
yup.. above question..based on the fact, fark seem to fight against goons, is
that true?

Damn my pdf… I didn’t see the result, then I realize I didn’t save all the conversation correctly.. some got cut :(
When I asked above question, other fark’s member revealed and post his comment as well on the thread, but he immediately deleted his comments. He located in UK, and for journalist ethic, his username wont be published by me.

The next conversation said that they don’t care about current Alliance, all they want is to fight against goons, currently there is only small group of fark he said in Canada. He said that he planed to make another alliance which its purpose to fight against Goons.

As soon as we finished with our conversation, he deleted the article, then in next few hours he published the official release to call the world to make new alliance in order to fight goons. Since he posted that in Indonesia, Indonesian seem don’t react just they way he wanted. Because up till now although Indonesia is part of PEACE, eIndonesia never have any problem with goons or fark. There is no real benefit for eIndonesia to involved on their campaign.

In his release, he said that the confrontation between goons and fark has been happened for ages in many games online such as Cybernations Astro Empires
Urban Dead, Eve and Second Life.
“Well move your dumb country away from them. We dont want canadians, but canada is the only country we can attack the Goonited States from”
That’s what he said when people from Indonesia ask about the benefit.    

In Canada, the party who belong to Fark is Canada LOL( , from only 2 members by the time we received his release, now it has 11 members in it. In eUSA they have “no hablo ingles” ( as their representative.

In Canada by the help of Canada’s Irish Allies, Augustus Baldwin reported about fark’s plan in Canada. And soon his thread became a fight between goons, fark and Canadian itself. (
How goons reacted on this?

We haven’t have a chance to officially interviewed the goons, however based on their forum we can see that they moved to Canada as well!
This event also reported by the government of eSweden. eFRA reported that 96 goons has moved to Canada.
How is Canada in the future? Does goons succeeded to take over politically the USA? Will USA and Canada face on new wars? Only time will tell…
( , interview and from many sources)

Rush in eIndonesia
Jakarta – Today really an interesting day for eIndonesia, not because today is election day, but there are some incidents that make Indonesia seem to be in fire.
First BEI (National Bank of eIndonesia), the official bank of eIndonesia got permanently banned. This happened because long time ago, this SO ever being trained and enter some parties. Although the rule about SO is not applied yet when this incident happened, admin seem trying to apply new rule to every SO. Lucky that admin willing to give the money back to eIndonesia, all the government do is make new SO for official bank of eIndonesia.

When this incident has been clarified, another SO got warned from Admin. Its Star Holding, the biggest SO who has many business branches belong to business tycoon – blink-az. He then immediately transfer all the money from his SO to private bank – Mandiri Bank. From the transaction we can see he transferred about 10.000 IDR and 1000 gold. He now in progress to change his SO to new one.

On the same time, a group of players trying to take over the 2nd biggest party in eIndonesia - PRM. His username is “tikno”, from the record we can see many strange transaction between him with some players. All the facts lead to the conclusion that he runs for multi accounts. PRM almost loosing its party President to this lamer, but lucky official candidate for party president now in good position.
(many sources)

Hours to Big Meeting Between eIndonesia and eAustralia
Jakarta – In next 24 hours  there will be a discussion between Australian delegation and Indonesian in order to talk about Australian independency. In this event both parties will trying to expose their interest on current issue.
From the scene we can see that Zaney himself will attend the meeting, along with 2 others of his partners (one of them is MachineMadness).

How about the citizen of eIndonesia react on this issue? Catalogue has made a poll to know more about this. From the poll we can see that most of the citizen agreed to give independency to Australia, with some conditions. They only given one or two regions only and should not part of ATLANTIS.
What is the result of meeting? We will see about later.
( - SWA)


Peace Negotiation Between Romania and Hungary dead lock

Bucharest – Romania already made a peace negotiation with Hungary, unfortunately the result is dead lock.
From Romania the representative is Alex Craciun, the condition asked are:
1. Romania will not give back any territory - the condition is not negotiable
2. Hungary will yield 2 Slovak territories - the condition is not negotiable
3. Hungary will pay 5000 GOLD in 2 months - the deadline is negotiable

Hungary Negotiator: Morrie
1. Australia will return to Hungary 5 territories which you originally Hungary - the condition is not negotiable
2. Hungary will offer Romania 2 Slovakia territories which it owns in May
3. Hungary will pay a certain sum of money, but in any case GOLD 5000

From the scene we can see the arguing between both parties continues, but we can see that Hungarian ready to fight with whatever cost for their cause.

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