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A Glimpse of Hope for Love

ImageDevastated, I am wandering weakly in the new world. I notice there are many hearts, clamoring their protest of having their home being confiscated by the harsh policy of the admin, plunging us into another unfamiliar home.

Then, we face two options: following our desire, with anger raging our heart, emotionally abandoning this sickening world, not caring of all the warmth we experienced, or ….

Sacrificing ourselves for something more beautiful, meaningful, and pleasurable than the presence of gigantic icons or silly illogical trivia questions.

After remaining silent about my raging desire to flee from this world in the process of trying to understand my inner self, I confront my inner perilous fight between my resentment to the admin and my affection for you all my beloved friends. It was a long and tedious fight with some fatalities *my apology to sandygee, blink, neny, geo, george, etc who had become my shooting targets during the battle*

And, love always wins over fury. I remain here with you all, trying to persevere, for the sake of our beautiful friendship among the fellow citizens of our beloved country eRepublik Indonesia and you from all over the world.

My heart remains disappointed. My heart is still in pain. Nevertheless, we have to keep the belief. I know your presence is more meaningful than the rage of the Dasamuka(Indonesian's Terror). Therefore, let me express my gratitude to all of you, for all the warmth and loving friendship that you extend to me and to all friends in eRepublik Indonesia and from all over the world.

So, COME ON! Let’s strive and raise together! Lift your head and chase away the gloominess in our beloved country. We may be in pain, but never let the pain takes away your hope!


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