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October 23, 2008 - eAustralia Offered 2nd Round Conference

translated by: GARION
eSlovakia Part of ATLANTIS?, eAustralia Offers 2nd Round Conference, eWorld Preparing and Changing, Pakistani Space Program Hacked, eSweden Finds Internal Solution, Quiz Corner – Do You Know


Editor’s Note,
First of all, Editor apologizes for being away because of RL business, disappointment of V1, and also an accident in RL. Therefore, this is the first time DDB releases news. It is also to inform all readers that DDB editor will again be away in a few days (could be 3 days).
Editor also appreciates all citizens who wanted editor goes for presidential election. Supports also came from some ‘elders’ and a couple of cross-parties, however editor regrettably turned down the offer. For your information, editor is very busy in RL, and it is unfortunately will affect regularity of DDB if elected president (although no guarantee of elected). With less one media under current condition, eRepublik will be too much of a bore.
Enough said from DDB editor for 1st edition of official news of the DDB.
A suggestion to ministry of media, readable footer for V1 is useful for EI citizens.
A little information for EI citizen, please take a look at the library, there is a new way for a sneak peak.
That would be all, enjoy while reading,

eSlovakia Part of ATLANTIS?

Bucharest – from eRomania, it is reported that second biggest party – Romania Unita – supports freedom for 2 regions of Slovakia. The reasons are future geo-strategy for an ally at the border, economic expansion for additional market, defense system implementation, and Q5 hospital. There is also a military opportunity for battle practices and to generate points.
This is responded well by public, and eRomanian president mihai stated that Slovakia issue will be dealt as soon as possible as promised since former president Alex Craciun administration. It is also reported that Slovakia is a part of ATLANTIS. Discussions were held in high level council, and parties expected to raise this issue as part of their campaign.

eAustralia Offers 2nd Round Conference

ImageJakarta – from eIndonesia it is reported that Zaney, eAustralia de facto president, said he had different opinion for OZ issue raised by one of the eIndonesia citizen. He informed old issues that started the previous war. However, he made mistake to say it was former president Isnuwardana concerned when the case turned out harassment. It should be president Yanezu. For this, he apologized without lessen the essence of his article.

As everyone knows, OZ and EI found a dead lock on the peace talk. At that talk, OZ wanted all regions to be liberated, but EI insisted to give regions one after another except Perth. The talk ended up when OZ delegation walked out.
OZ side commented that it was not a WO, but Zaney said he had another business IRL which was a dinner to attend to. But other members claimed they had other business too. They also said it was true what they accused that EI was greed because EI only intended to set free only 2 poorest regions.

EI side claimed that OZ brought up ATLANTIS issue into the talk and threatened behind it. On the other side, EI had given everything it could instead of being greed to OZ. In addition, if they would like to sign out in the middle of the conference, they should ask for or communicate it to other members of conference, as that was an official and high level conference.
In the next development, in his article, Zaney said actually OZ agreed to approach for peace before war. If EI would give 5/6 of occupied regions and Perth remained part of EI, they agreed to hold or another talk.

However, EI side responded skeptical after first conference failure. Before conference took place, majority of EI citizen supported OZ independence in certain conditions. This is due to EI had a bigger purpose to carry on a pending vision of the South. After the first conference and some cases appeared, OZ independence supports weaken and war euphoria now taken the place. OZ needs a very hard work to convince majority citizens which now spot OZ as arrogant with ATLANTIS behind them.


eWorld Preparing and Changing
Jakarta – it is not only EI, governments from all around the world are still seeking economic stability. With all existed conditions, businessmen and government try to get the best formulation for economy establishment. It is often viewed that employment turn over in RM companies is stimulated by indistinct business plan and national economy with new system. In a couple of weeks, media still dominated by players departure, V1 reviews – from the worst to the best, and citizens’ recommendation to government to keep adjusting over market condition.


Pakistani Space Program Hacked
Islamabad – PSP was just recently hacked. ePakistan assumed the attack coming from Irish or Iranian. Luckily, admin representation – Belea2008 – responded and would ban the hacker and all funds would be returned. It was said that not only PSP was hacked; it was also Dio’s himself.


eSweden Finds Internal Solution
Svealand – from the other part of the world, eFinland succeeded taking over a region from eNorway. Meanwhile ePoland still fight for freedom from eSweden. Less expected, small ePoland was able to destroy half of eSweden defense wall.
From a secret report, it is stated that eGermany was having a hard negotiation with flammbar, eSweden president.
eRussia was kept on approach by PEACE in order to join the alliance.
There is a little question from eGermany citizen, what could eGermany gain from being a passive member of PEACE?
However, PEACE is still unable to display its significant movement on growing world changes. Thick dust inside EI representative office in PEACE building showed that the post has been left for a long time.

Quiz Corner – Do You Know
Get prizes IDR 5 and 2 pieces of Q2 weapon for three winners.
Two presidents came face to face in a battlefield and ended up with a great defeat to one of them. Who were they? And from what countries they are coming from? The fight in this region also push both countries to enter peace agreement and and the war.

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