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October 29, 2008 - Cold War Heated Up

translated by Garion
eSweden Lack of Cash, Cold War Heated Up, War eRomania vs eHungary Stagnant, Australia Shares Story, The beautiful Malika Ela, Do You Know – Quiz Anwer


Editor’s Note
Timed bomb, it is what editor can describe the situation in Europe between Romania, Hungary, Spain, and Portugal. Although some PEACE countries getting real pressures through media, some PEACE countries still hoped that this alliance formed only for a defense. However, indirectly the alliance was threatened by ATLANTIS.
The future is unknown before a new government established in every country.
As general election coming and MPP nearly ends, both alliances still wait and see any movement of their opponent. Will the PEACE survive?
It is to be informed to all readers, that editor will release a press release today due his participation to run for presidency.
That would be all. Enjoy while reading.

eSweden Lack of Cash

Svealand – eSweden is in short supply of fund, as reported by an article released by a Swedish, loewy. It was said that eSweden face a dilemma whether spends its money to construct hospital or to form liberal party for ePoland. To carry out the plan, Sweden fund is very limited.
At the moment, eSweden had signed contract to liberate ePoland. It was said ePoland would get its first region where eSweden wall had fall with only a few thousands of bricks left. On the economy side, eSweden had put an embargo to its natural enemy, Pakistan. It looked like Sweden had concealed their money and saved it in some SO.

Cold War Heated Up
Lisabon – a moment ago, the most rich raw material country and a member of PEACE, eBrazil concerned by lacking of people activity due to weary and tension. eBrazil was assumed as the front to face directly ATLANTIS power in eAmerica continent. At the other side, an eIndonesian reported that it was possible to run a provocation over ATLANTIS to stimulate people interest. eBrazil supported the plan although its position was in danger. On contrary, ePortugal rejected the plan and said this action would bring them in an open conflict.
ePortugal had been threatened by eSpain for a couple of months. However, eFrance suggested PEACE to hold their backs because it was believed that there would be a great war next month between PEACE and ATLANTIS.
At this time, eIndonesia is the biggest country in PEACE, and eBrazil is the fort facing directly ATLANTIS. 4 countries of ATLANTIS are top 4 in the world. As in position, eIndonesia is in 5. eBrazil and eIndonesia needed to increase their population to stop ATLANTIS corrupting stability of PEACE countries, as reported by eBrazilian representative, bunaly.

War eRomania vs eHungary Stagnant
Bucharest – shadowed by annoying bugs, admin confirmed that war had been engaged in the border of two countries. The problem was two sides hold and did not start the war. eHungry had MPP with several PEACE countries. In fact, eRomania might attack after MPP expired on November 15.
From other information, PEACE spies reported that the most dangerous country from ATLANTIS was eRomania instead of eSpain as eSweden might have been behind on very eRomania moves.

Australia Shares Story
Jakarta – DDB is an eIndonesian international news agency who delivers objectivity. A couple of days ago, we were visited by de facto eAustralian leader – Zaney.
From his conversation, he hated the injustice he’d been through. He said his eAustralia was an experiment of admin by putting wealthy raw materials on Perth, where eIndonesia has limited ones.
Furthermore, he also admitted that there was a mistake from the last discussion with eIndonesia, but he did not blame his fellow delegation and understood all actions taken, considering their will of independence. He also admitted that there might be a chance that we had been used by the ATLANTIS.
On the closing, he said that OZ will accept the offer of independence for all regions except Perth. He also said that he wanted the liberation will be at the same time. There was no government confirmation yet on this eAustralia dramatically episode.

The beautiful Malika Ela
ImageJakarta – “Hi DDB, I am the most voted person on my country”, so she said to editor on one moment.

In eRomania, she was the 2nd elected congress member after Alex Craciun with total voters of 42. She said she would quit her lifestyle of married–divorce with famous figures after disappearance of special feature from the profile page.

Editor admitted that she was blessed by her beautiful face and body with longed silky hair. Her height combined by her intelligent was naturally dangerous for all men. Including me... i think i fall in love with her lol

Some players said that she is so cold, but i dont think all they said are correct. She willingly to drop a note to Editor and give her ym id. She also cheerfull as a bright sunny day. Malika Ela, she could be the princess of Erepublik!



Do You Know – Quiz Anwer
Jakarta – Two presidents fought at the end of a war was a climax between two countries, who were they?
They were Nave Saikilah of USA and Faltnor of Canada, ended by tragically death of Faltnor.
This battle was known as Manitoba battlefield, a last region of Canada which became a threat to USA by Canadian counter attack.
It was Canada in a good position and many allied countries with them including Sweden. Faltnor confirmed a tems of peace with a few golds from USA. In desperation, with a couple of USA citizens and a single group of Pakistani, Nave took a dramatically step to end the war.
With his own money, he went to battlefield and fought a final battle to hold Canadian army by himself! In this battle he actually came face to face with Faltnor and his 45 other squad members equal to 450 wellness. He slaughtered them all.
Running out of wellness, he succeeded to win the bluff and forced Canada to go on negotiation. Then, the dramatically exhausting war was ended.

Do you know, Canadian had only 4 regions left to nearly a defeat? With a great courage and full support from all sides, Canada succeeded to turn the outcome.

Canada and USA predicted to become a threat in America continent. It was unbelievable that both countries turned to forget old wounds and united in ATLANTIS.

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