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Day 444 - Lord of Sand and Snow - Interview with Dio

 A glimpse of Hope in eRep, Lord of Sand and Snow - Interview with Dio

Editor's Note

It has been very long time that I didnt update this website, but I will try to write again after admin finally said that they will remove trivia. Hope the game more fun again just like the old time. However due to my business in RL, I cant promise to keep write here, but I will do my best. Enjoy!

A glimpse of Hope in eRep
Jakarta - After suffering from global inactivity due to bug exploitations that had been running for months, a decline in eRep's performance, new bugs arising, and the recent suspension of the war module, many eRep players had seen their motivation going down the drain.

Admins had done their best to close hundreds of account suspected of silently exploiting the bugs. They claimed having closed 400 accounts, but we can observe that the actual numbers might be a lot higher that they formally announced. Indonesia had climbed to the 3rd position after thousands of users from other eCountries vanished into thin air.

Another development followed. Under immense pressure from the general public, the Admins had decided to remove the trivia system from eRep.
Old eRep players had been resisting the implementation of the trivia system from its early inception in V1 testing phase. Testers had delivered their protests back then and recommended that a thorough testing be done before releasing the feature but to no avail.
And behold, Trivia did bring with it its issues. Pakistanis decided to quit eRep; Cicero the founding father of eFrance and a world class eConglomerate followed their step; and so did other senior eRep players.

Upon hearing the removal of the trivia from eRep, several senior eCitizens had awoken from their deep slumbers, and one of them was the most influential citizen of Erep, Dio.
Will this decision by the Admins be able to save eRep? Let's just keep our fingers closed and watch the flow of dramas in the New World

Lord of Sand and Snow
ImageIslamabad - Dio Brando, who had become the God of ePakistan and had set the foundations of Dioism, had made a surprising comeback to eRepublic. His move had made us spinning with curiosity, and we had immediately done an interview with several active citizens of ePakistan as well as WITH DIO HIMSELF. But it seemed that not everyone was aware of his moves.
When we asked Trichoplax - an active ePakistani in the PEACE forum - we heard that Dio's return will only be temporary, just for the duration of his eSwitzerland presidency.
We could not help but wonder whether anyone had access to Dio's account and abused it, but "No," Tricho firmly stated, "That's certainly him, not anyone else."
Tricho informed us that the reason for his action was a request from Dio's friend Theocrat.
On other parts of the eWorld, several other senior eCitizens, upon being aware of Dio's return, had suddenly commenced their activity in the media, namely William Walker and several others. Could there be something behind Dio's return to eRep?
In Switzerland, Dio competed with BBJ, an opportunist who started several RWs a while back and started and idea of making a new alliance outside the existing two. It seemed that Dio was too strong for BBJ, and Dio won without much fuss being made.

From Pakistan, Agentchieftain who had been among the few survivors of ePakistan released a plan that could be the real reason behind Dio's actions: a plan to unite two kingdoms, the kingdoms of Sand and Snow! A flag had even been designed for the country of Pakistan and Switzerland.
Refer to this link for more details:

But to make things clearer, we decided to make a short interview with Dio.
Bro! I didn't know you're back online! Now I'm awfully curious, what in Heaven's name are you doing in Switzerland? I thought you're supposed to be back in Pakistan? You made me really confused, but anyway, welcome back, Bro.
We have Agentchieftain handling everything in Pakistan, but we need a Dioist to run eSwitzerland, so here I am. Anything new in eRep when I'm not around?
*briefly explained the current status of eRep*, BTW, will you really return to eRep? And what are your plans in eSwitzerland? I just heard from Tricho that you are not going to be very active, and that you would possibly return to being inactive after your presidency?
No, I think I will be active from now, at least as long as I'm still president. I have several plans for Switzerland, you'll know about this in no time. Some /v/irgins might return, but it's up to them to decide.
What plan? You could at least give me a clue about it, couldn't you? I'm awfully curious!
I would like to share it with you, but I'm sorry to say I can't. I need to be careful for the next few days, but you'll know about it soon enough.
ok then. Great to see you back online, hope other dinosaurs can back online as well :) good luck bro!

Recent developments from Switzerland: After Dio proposed to buy a Q5 hospital for a region in Switzerland, some eCitizens declared that the country was in civil war and started a resistance movement. We are currently oblivious as to what kind of resistance there is. Will Dio's plans bear fruits?
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