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Day 447 - ATLANTIS (Romania red.) Better than PEACE

War will soon occur, eworld Trade Center - Uprading Q Gift companies means Loss! ATLANTIS (Romania red.) Better than PEACE, Economic Programmes of eRomania President
translated by Wander Howard
  Editor's Note,
The conflict between ATLANTIS and Peace will remain hot, as usual. ATLANTIS (eRomania red.) seemed to be on the upper hand, with their victory in keeping their control of Norwegia's presidency.

With this circumstances, the battle of Hungaria for both PEACE and ATLANTIS will become a trial to determine which alliance is the best. For several PEACE countries' member, especially Indonesia, the Hungaria Territory is hostile for they required moving  tickets in order to participate on the conflict area.

How  will the Hungary Battle end? Can PEACE destroy the wall till under 0 points from the (currently) 8.6k points of wall thickness? Or will ATLANTIS raise it until above 14k which is the safe limit? What if the weapon system of both PEACE and ATLANTIS bombarded by DDOS?
Stay tuned for further update!

News Director,


Jakarta – It was reported yesterday that admins released the news which stated that War Module would be launched soon. On day 449, at least 3 wars would continue.
The first war is the renunciation of NT region by Indonesia. This war will start on 00:15 ERep time and will last for 14 hours.
The second war is the Battle of Algarve between  Spain and Portugal. It will occur on the same time and will last for at least 7 hours.
The Third war is the Battle of Southern Great Plain, where Romania seek to vanquish Hungaria on 02.15 Erep time. The war in this territory is very critical due to the time limit which has expired and the decision of the war depends on who can conquer or secure first, from the current wall thickness of 8600 points.

On the last war in Hungaria, where bugs wreaked havoc, PEACE side successfully decreased the wall with great effort. This is not easy especially when we have to repeatably refresh the war page in order to fight.

From Romanian side itself, our head news reports a significant deployment for the last seven days, it is seen from so many request from the Romanian players, seeking Q5 weapon on black market.

On the previous week, when the War Module is planned to be released, in Romania hundreds of people were online in order to win the batte, but the release didn't happen and the war was suspended again. While from the Hungarian side, the preparation for the pyrrhic war had been started from the moment admin released this news. How will this war end this time?

eWorld Trade Center - Upgrade Q Gift Company Means LOSS!
Central Croatia – eWTC, a rising star newspaper from Croatia which is star-famous for its economic analysis had made an analysis based on its interview with imekojesepamti, in which we can conclude that Q1 Gift is more profitable compared to upgrading it to the higher Qs. This news also encouraged the GMs to build more Q1 companies rather than upgrading it.

The response from the readers also supported this statement. They also think that Q1 gift is indeed more profitable than higher Qs gift. Readers can view the unabridged and complete content of this news here:

ATLANTIS (Romania red.) Is Better Than PEACE
ImageBucharest – A newspaper from Romania called  The Apprentice, had released an article which stated that the Presidential Elections in Norway had shown the true strength of ATLANTIS, particularly Romania. About 150-200 citizens of Romania instantly moved to Norway in order to secure the Presidential victory, whilst from inside the Romania, the number of voters in for Romanian election is 1200! On the other side, the joint operation of PEACE to free Norway merely manage to import 100 citizens' vote for Norway.

With this fact, Russia is practically standing alone, and will never be able to gain true support from PEACE. Therefore, the news advised Russia to start negotiating with Norway (rather than cooperating with PEACE Red.). Thus the newspaper claim.

The response from the public itself ended up with propaganda war between PEACE and ATLANTIS. According to several PEACE members, it is normal that PEACE couldn't focus their joint effort because they were divided in many countries and also currently involved in protecting other countries from TO threat. How will the Russian operation progressed in Norway?

eRomania and eUSA Presidential Programmes
Bucharest – We return once again to admin's country, the president of eRomania - dsalageanu – released several policies for Romania. Those policies include : Monetary Policy – due to suspended war, dsalageanu believes that Monetary is the most vulnerable part. Therefore, he instructed for Romania's military reform. Military will be divided into 2 Platoon: Alfa and Bravo.

Alfa consist of experienced veterans and will pool every resource to help directing and promoting Bravo Platoon. Every unit of Bravo Platoon is expected to consist of 20 soldiers with 4.5 minimum strength. He also instructed to create an application to control economic movement, companies' data such as: workers, value of export, etc. and tools to help the military commander. The other part he mentions is the reformation in the congress which pertains to the state's financial arrangement and the modification for president's message to the people.

The current eRomania, which was once eIndonesia's ally on beta era, is the most powerful country in ATLANTIS. Up until now eRomania still won every battle where the country becomes the major player (Russia Red.).

From eUSA itself, uncle sam had started working, and he had appointed several people on his cabinet with their designated job descriptions. On the military side, there is a special department which handled the military supply problem. uncle sam campaigns to privatize the weapon company for military use in order to make military independent. It is said that he will work closely with the military in order to make the policy happens.

eUSa is also famous for their welcoming-newbie programme. From the last time DDB writess, the department to welcome, recruit, and seek newbie and new players always never miss from eUSA government. It is still true up to now, there is at least 2 posts whose core works is to handle newbies. There are 3 programmes, which will be implemented soon, that is the creation of the second bank:  the Fort Knox, to avoid National Bank's hackery which happened a while ago. Also the creation of Businessmen's association, and the programme to increase export.

From the past till now, eUSA had always had programs that looked sweet and grand, but in practice, every time they had to wade through a war (which ended in eUSA's defeat), their economy will suffer a humongous crisis.

Universirsity in eRep?
Western Transdanubia – Quicksilver, president-elect of Hungaria gave birth to an unique program which will be useful to provide education for newbies about: guide for newbie, how to manage company, Monetary management, Warfare and strategy, Politics and Diplomacy. Class will open in mibbit or IRC and it will be given a particular time slots for the professors to teach.

The idea of a University in erepublik itself is not a foreign concept. A month ago, the news chief had been proposed to become a professor in USA's university by emerick. This feature would certainly makes newbies feel more at home and stayed in erep

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