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Day 448-Tension Peaked, The Hungarian War soon Explodes!

translated by: wander howard

 Election Uproar in Spain, Interview with BBJ- Supported by PEACE and ATLANTIS? Tension Peaked Hungarian War Soon Exploded, New Alliance - European Social Alliance, Political Dispute in Sweden.

Tribunal's Note,
The War which is getting closer in Hungary will seem to be the total lashing out of world citizens, who had with great effort restrained themselves from bug raids, boredom, and the cessation of trivia from Erep. It is worth noting that with the disappearance of trivia, it would mean that the process of increasing and decreasing the Wall points would become faster. With this condition, it is inevitable that ONLY quantity, resources, and deployment timing which will determine this war. Will Hungary be able to regain her territory?
Enjoy and good luck,

Chief of News,

Election Uproar in Spain
Madrid – From Matador's Land it is reported that an incident occurred where 540 votes given to Anonimux had been annulled! This cause the Presidential Seat to be relegated to the runner-up, alvoske. The penalty given is not half-hearted either, which is permanent-ban status for the unfortunate president whose position he could only enjoy very briefly.

Interview With BBJ � Supported by PEACE and ATLANTIS?
German Speaking Area – Cold. That is what the Chief of News felt when he just landed on the snowy Switzerland's land. Many graffiti were seen everywhere and the remnants of past war where French and Italian troops had run amok in this country could still be seen. Chief of News came to this country in order to investigate the real information behind the state's intriguw after previously interviewing Dio. Fortunately, it was very easy to gain access to BBJ, because this figure is very eye-catching with his hoarse campaigning voice from the loudspeaker. This account follows our conversation with BBJ:
Why did you fight Dio?
Actually, in the beginning, Dio wasn't here, the Theocrats were. They took power in our congress (completely by surprise, their candidates literally appeared a couple minutes before the elections) and ruined our economy with huge taxes and minimum wages. Dio just arrived later (since the Theocrats are kinda like a denomination of Dioism), and so did the /v/akistani voters.
You shout for civil war, how you conduct that civil war?
Well, unfortunately the Admins haven't made any kind of real "civil war" module yet, so we have to use unconventional means. We sabotage the monetary market (they are not going to use us as a base while we are here), we bomb the media, we protest, etc etc. Basically, we do whatever we can to slow the Theocrats down.
I can see that South Africa support your movement, what is their reason? and is there any other country who support you?
Once upon a time, South Africa was taken over by these Theocrats. They eventually drove them out, but still don't like the Theocrats for stealing their country and robbing their treasury. As such, they are using Switzerland as a way to get revenge, and to stop the Theocrats from making a profit here.I do, actually, have support from several other countries. I am not sure whether I should mention them, but if it helps, 2 are from PEACE and 3 are from ATLANTIS.Sorry, out of space, second part of this message is coming in just a sec.
Many ppl seen you as a "jumper", from one country to another, what is your real plan with Switzerland?
Well, I have been a jumper for the sake of Switzerland in general, though I suppose I should make a list here.-I started in Canada (because I was recruited to come there, plus I am RL Canadian), won the mayor elections in Victoria, then realized Canada wasn't going anywhere and left.
-I went to Iran, made friends with several Iranians there, in particular, Koroush and Nsmnavid, also trolling /v/akistanis because Erepublik was so boring at the time and the /v/ers were acting like know-it-alls.-Canada was invaded, so I went back, bringing some Iranians along. In my opinion, the USCAN war was the best war in Erepublik history, with an actual counter attack, and all sorts of cool unconventional tactics.
-After that, myself, Antonio Fonti, and several others went to Switzerland, because Canada was in bad shape. Originally, it was for the 1000 gold, but then we realized Switzerland would be a nice place to settle in. We stayed, but France and Italy invaded, and despite help from Ireland and Norway, we lost the war.
-After Switzerland, we went to Bulgaria to make a "new Switzerland" of sorts. But the Bulgarians hated us, so after the first term in power, most of us left. I was away for about a month, at which point Bulgaria joined PEACE (despite their saying they wanted to remain neutral). So, I left.
-I went to France. I attempted to get to work on freeing Switzerland, but for a while we were quite small. I then attempted a revolt later on (once our movement was quite large), and, despite doing quite a bit of hard fighting, we lost when about half our support never arrived. Then Spain invaded on our behalf, so I left (temporarily).-I was in Spain for a while because the Spaniards asked I go there. I stayed for quite a while, with my pay being very good and I had a war to train in. Then, I left once more.
-I then went to France. Big Brother and the others who were against the original revolt had just received word that the French voted down the proposal for Swiss freedom 18-2. As such, we co-ordinated three revolts to claim our three most important provinces.
-After staying in Switzerland for a while, I realized I needed a "vacation" of sorts. So, I went to China and India to gain some experience in fighting there. I went to various other places as well previous and during this time, but that was just so that I could go to places whilst avoiding the rule about moving during war.I then returned to Switzerland, did my best to help it out, then watched as Theocrats arrived and sabotaged our efforts.I plan on defeating the Theocrats and restoring our nation to what it was, then we shall see how things go.
What plan do you think that dio has with this country?
I really don't know about Dio. But I do know that the Theocrats plan on making Switzerland a "Theocratic Nation".

Tension Peaked Hungarian War Will Soon Explode
ImageJakarta – Tension starts to pervade the air since admin released the news of war module launching in several hours ahead. Romania had prepared from days ago, while several Hungarian envoys had sent messaged urging for help. Indonesian Government had also committed several preparation instructions. Hungary will become the most spectacular war, with long preparations already done for this event. One thing that intrigued the Chief of News though, with trivia gone, will Erep Server manage to sustain thousands of people's battles simultaneously?

In Romania, it is clearly and obviously seen the general rally in order to win this battle. The commanders are seen pepping up Romanian citizens. On the board, it was seen that ATLANTIS is on the upper hand with higher troops' number and the advantage of not needing ticket to jump to the battlefield area. But in time aspect, Indonesia and Iran had the advantage due to the warfare started at noon. Will the ATLANTIS battled while staying up all night?
From Hungary, it was seen a major significant increase of citizens. There were 1422 new citizens on this country at the time the news was written. Romanian side still feel they were on the upper hand because they thought that the total number of Hungarians are insignificant compared to Romanian.
The other ATLANTIS member like eUSA seems to be cool in responding to this war in Hungary, while Spain is still dominated by the Presidential crisis just happening in their country.

New Alliance - European Social Alliance
Budapest – From Europe it is reported that a discussion occur between Germany, Czech, Serbia, dan Switzerland to form the third Alliance called European Social Alliance (ESA). This alliance is formed mostly from neutral countries. It is still not known how and what is the background and the foreign politic's color of this alliance.
From Germany itself this news is virtually unseen, it will be seen if Germany had started boosting the news to recruit more players.
From Middle East it is reported that a talk concurred between Turkey and Israel Government, where Israel demanded to be given at least one region of Turkey state. It is reported that the last official president of Israel - Cyberstormalpha – had returned to active.

Political Dispute in Sweden
Oslo – While the other ATLANTIS members are preparing for Hungarian War, from inside the country, hot political dispute launched between the president and the opposition party FRONT. FRONT who had gained 28% of Congress seat, and the second biggest party in Sweden, considered toothpaste – Sweden's president elect – as a Dictator. Icehacker, one of opposition figure, called for transparency and some explanations of the president's policy which had been weaned and deviated from its original stances.
Outside the heat of Politics in Sweden, this nation is considered among the most successful nation in wading through the deadly epidemy which had stormed Erepublik. At the time other countries lost hundreds and even thousands of his/her citizens, Sweden merely lose below a hundred of its citizens.

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