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Day 790 - eIrish-eUK Tensions Rise and Gauteng Secured from RW, eSouth African Government Criticized

ImageSome Instability In ePoland's Politics, Gauteng Secured from RW, eSouth African Government Criticized, eIrish-eUK Tensions Rise, Analysis: Making of PTO Network Found, eTurkey Is In Trouble, eChile Starts Organizing Its Military, eUkraine's MM Program
Editor's notes
I'm currently very busy in RL, but for my loyal readers, I'm willing to wake up early to bring the latest news to you all :). So don't be surprised that this edition was released early in the morning. In this edition, I have covered about the condition of the eUK. They are preparing for the worst. In the past, the eUK has left their long-time former allies in ATLANTIS to join PEACE GC. They also participated in the invasion of their former allies and occupied some of their regions for themselves! It is no wonder that their former allies will want some payback by eliminating the eUK.
Will the eUK hold on to their independence?

That is all, and I hope you enjoy my article!


Some Instability In ePoland's Politics

Little Poland - ePoland's government have received criticism from the opposition when their president, Cerber, posted large amounts of PLN to be traded with Gold in the Monetary Exchange. The protesters claim that the government has killed ePoland's economic growth by giving no chance for the citizens to run their economy right. Their president has currently made no comments regarding this issue, though his supporters have tried to defend him. His supporters claim that the president's action will make no great impact on the economy and that the protester's proof is outdated.
Cerber - The president of ePoland seems to be someone that is not too open with the public, as shown in the Polish media. DDB tried to interview Cerber, but he does not wish to say a word to the enemy (us). It seems that managing ePoland's vast population requires a very stern leadership.

Gauteng Secured from RW, eSouth African Government Criticized

Limpopo - Ben Zavelsky says that the eSouth African government seems to have no clear goal in directing the country. The government insists that they will keep standing for neutrality and will not side with any of the super-alliances. But when EDEN RW'd eBrazilian-controlled Gauteng, their stance suddenly changed and they instructed their people to fight for the resistance.
Gauteng is an eSouth African original territory that is controlled by Brazil. eSA has an MPP with eBrazil following an agreement between them earlier this month. As a result of the eSA-backed RW, the Brazilians criticize their government and take this as a sign that eSA wants confrontation with eBrazil. The people of eSA are still divided regarding whether to stay neutral or to join EDEN. The pro-EDENs keep saying that joining EDEN will only help eSA by reducing Brazil's damage in other wars. This operation also seems to have been done half-heartedly.
eAustralia is the main engine behind the RW because they are hoping to restore relations with eSA by freeing their occupied regions. eSA and eAustralia were not very good friends in the past. An example is when eSA was unwilling to help eAustralia fight off eIndonesia. Same thing happened when the opposite happened.
It is currently still unknown whether eBrazil will try to punish eSA soon or not.

eIrish-eUK Tensions Rise
Dublin - Tensions between eUK and eIreland heightens when UK's MoFA, GlaDOS, condemned eIreland's unpopular policies of owning Northern Ireland by the beginning of next month and the refusal of eIreland to help the eUK against its foreign aggressors. GlaDOS deleted his article so that he can focus on building good relations between the eUK and eIreland.

Longbaugh - This citizen of eIreland is one that insists on building a more open relationship with the eUK, since they share an island and has the same interests. He has received opposition from people such as JeepAmerica, a well-known eAmerican troll. This is because Longbaugh was once an eAmerican politician and has moved to other countries after seeing his country become an aggressor.

Tensions continue to rise in conjunction with ePoland's invasion of Britain. It seems that eIreland is also afraid of the EDEN powers coming closer and closer to them. But currently, ePoland is still blocking and draining damage from the eUK. We do not know when the real attack is coming.

The eUK is in grave danger. Many of its regions border the hostile nations of ePoland, eSweden, eSpain, eCanada, eUSA, and eNorway. Their main worry is the possibility of a sudden attack on all their border regions. UK's MoD instructs all citizens to move to London to make it as a final fortress, a strategy that saved the eUS. It is clearly seen that the eUK is getting ready for the worst.

Analysis: Making of PTO Network Found
Amsterdam - An eDutch by the name of Daniel Parker claims that he has found a giant PTO organization that is responsible for many PTO's around the world. According to him, the people most likely responsible for this are the Theocrats and the Shaolin. He says that each group is made up of 8-10 multis and each of them is connected to a larger group. It is thought that they have over 100 multis. The features of a common multi are: little to no friends, no job, and only fought a couple of times just to reach level 7(the minimum level to vote).
This analysis was not well-received by the public. Many people in eSingapore refused to accept his claim and called his words bullshit. They claim that the Theocrats were actually helping eSingapore against PTO's, but Daniel insists to have proof and has reported to the Admins.

eTurkey Is In Trouble

Ankara - The eWorld is still shocked following the ban of the no.1 tank of Erepublik, BattalGazi of eTurkey, with the accusation of multiple accounting. Earlier today, Turkey was hit with another disaster: the largest ISP in Turkey is blocked from Erepublik. This prevents many Turkish citizens from accessing Erepublik and significantly lowers eTurkey's strength. All Phoenix members should vote the Open Letter that is started by a eTurkish citizen here: [url][/url]
The Open Letter claims that 6 players is surely unable to access Erepublik, but there are many others that have not reported their inability to play.

eChile Starts Organizing Its Military

Zona Central - eChile's MoD has started to organize eChile's military so that they will look more solid and professional. Their first step was choosing an official military avatar.  . You can see their avatar here: [url][/url].
They also opened up the registration for new soldiers via forums and have made a program to accelerate Captains, Colonels, Generals, and FMs. This is done by providing them with 3-5 Q1 weapons for 0.25G/day.

eUkraine's MM Program
Galicia - It turns out that this program is not only used by exclusive nations. eUkraine has started its own MM program to boost cash. Currently, there are 50 registered newspapers for their people to subscribe and get a Media Mogul Medal. The 5 gold that they get once they reach 1000 subscribers will be donated to the country treasury. The newspapers involved also must not publish useless articles because they are directed by the government.

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