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Day 791 - Salute for eGreece! and Interview with eUkraina President

ImageSalute for eGreece!, Chatting with eUkraine President – News flash about Entente Alliance, eUK tried to understand eIreland position, Montenegro is building their Foundation, The Great BB Program from eSerbia

translated by: BlueT

Redaction notes,
I'm soooo tired, from early morning til noon DDB prepared news for you all. In the middle of redaction's real life business, accidentally DDB managed to have a little talk with the kind eUkarine president :). Today's news was collected from big moments, such as the defeat of eFrance, eIreland and eUK politics situation, and a little news from the Balkany area. We hope that whatever happened out there can be a motivation so this nation can be better.
Prepare your snacks and enjoy.


Salute for eGreece!
Athena – A little while ago, eGreece stated that they will temporarily stop the war with eTurkey. This is connected to the case of the blockade of the biggest ISP in Turkey (TTNET) yesterday. Glados as the foreign minister of eUK and some big names in Phoenix acknowledged their salutation for eGreece for not exploiting what happens in Turkey for their own behalf. CybeRNerO, finance minister of eGreece, discussed with the other ministers regarding what happened with eTurkey. And finally with eTurkey foreign minister – Burakkocamis -, they have agreed to stop the war until the eTurkey ISP problem have been solved. And when this problem is solved, then eTurkey will have the initiative to attack.
On the other side, the admins announced that they have just received an DDOS attack from Turkish network which caused eRepublik's service drastically down. This is why that Turkish ISP is being blocked by eRepublik.
Eturkey have just got a problem when their well known hero, Battalgazi, banned by the admins with a charge for organizing multiple accounts. We haven't sure whether those attacks by Turkish culprit is connected with the DDOS case that happened before.

Efrance facing defeat
Paris – In the middle of Spain's occupation area -Franche-comte-, redaction witnessed how the eFrance warriors still tried to be strong  inspite of their tragic defeat, where 9 active MPP facing defeat from Spain's attack. An eUkrainian stated his regret, why eUkraine which is a small nation can give more damage compared to the super power of eIndonesia, or compared to eBrazil and eIran. He stated his surprisement, why those nations chosed to defend their uninportant area from Resistance Wars, such as Western Cape, Lianos, and Sidh. He stated that Phoenix actually don't want to defend eFrance.

Of course Phonenix members opposed that statement , especially eSerbia and eRussia citizen. Erussia stated that even when there was resistance war Jilin, which is a high region area, they still gave second largest damage after eSerbia. Pan Xenonchik – an eUkrainian who release that news is giving datas from eRepublik which is not accurate for some countries.
The emotional statement from that eUkraine citizen got some negative response from most of Phoenix members especially eServia and eRussia. Eserbia stated that they want to defend Sidh because they have a Q-5 hospital there. And some Phoenix members unsubbed from that article. The TS admitted that there are some mistakes in his article, and stated that he will re-edit his article, but unfortunately some members have already disappointed. TS's newspaper is a part of Media Mogul Medal project, and some members unsubbed  immediately as a way of protest.
eFrance now is only one region left, and we think it's only time when eFrance will be destroyed like eGermany.

Chatting with eUkraine President – News flash about Entente Alliance
Galicia – When redaction witnessed the hot debate about eFrance's defeat yesterday, we heard a citizen of eUkraine's comment which looked smart and objective. He stated one of the reason other nations won't join entente alliance is because there is “big brother”'s shadow there, so eFrance now is looked hard to get those help.
Redaction is curious, and tried to say hi to that citizen which was Alexis M. Pasichny. And we just accidentally know that he is the president of eUkraine! (hahaha). Redaction is doing this interview while attending a meeting in the real life, so this accidental interview happened. Here is some quotation from our interview.

DDB : Hello, Im Indonesian Journalist from
For long time I didnt write and i just start it again :). I saw your comment in france's newspaper talk about Etente alliance, would you please to let me know more details about it?

AMP(Alexis M. Pasichny) : Entente is a defensive alliance founded by France, Italy and Ukraine. Its main goal is to provide a third option for countries, that doesn’t want to join either Phoenix or Eden for whatever reason. There is a growing sentiment in smaller countries that their opinion is not being taken into account in major alliances, and that the only possible role for such countries in Eden or Phoenix is to follow orders.

DDB: Who has the idea behind that alliance?

AMP : The idea was in the air for some time. But first actual actions towards the creation of a third alliance were taken by founding nations’ governments when France was attacked by Spain and haven’t received sufficient help from Phoenix “allies”. Ukraine and Italy was the only two countries truly committed to help country they had MPP with. Given the situation, Ukrainian Prime Minister Rednif Tap, under orders from then-President of Ukraine Vigil Vox, proposed French government to create a new alliance. Almost instantly Italy also joined the negotiations.

DDB : What is the vision of that alliance?

AMP : We believe that the Entente would offer a real third option for the countries of the world. Actually, a lot of not-so-unimportant countries are currently dissatisfied with their position in Eden/Phoenix. The Entente goal is to destroy the current bipolar model of the global politics.

DDB : And what is your position in Ukraine ? :) Just curious :)

AMP : I am the current President of Ukraine, I believe that is why you ask me this questions. :)

DDB : What is the big difference between Etente and Phoenix ?

AMP : Entente is one alliance, Phoenix is a completely other alliance. For one, Entente is purely defensive and not at war with Eden (only with Spain). We don’t make war to half of the eWorld. In Ukraine we have nice relationships with Poland and Romania, for example.

That's a piece of our interview with him, and how is eIndonesia in his view? Just wait for the next edition of DDB :D

eUK tried to understand eIreland position
London – Glados' immediate response when cursing eIreland position was being regretted by eUK goverment. The Prime Minister of eUK -Dishmcds- tried to neutralized the situation by saying his understanding of the position that was faced by eIreland. Eireland is a neutral nation, and that's the way a neutral nation should behave. That was a right step, because in the other side we can see that some eIreland citizen rushed to eUK in their own names to help their defence from the invation of EDEN.

The day before, eSweden started to do some propaganda to provoke the emotion of eUK citizens. One propaganda article said that a spy have managed to get in on an eSweden forum, where they described the eSweden war strategy for eUK. This spy stated that eSweden will hack eUK's tanks accounts, but there was no tanks in eUK!
These satire and joke is enough to warm up the public of London. And not long after, like planned, eSweden launched their attack to Northeast region of eUK. More than 2 millions damage was formed in this region's wall! It's seems that emotional element has taken part in this.

eUK's Prime minister continously mobilized his citizens to stack their strength in London as the last defense. Time is still running, and it looks like EDEN is trying to suck up the resource from eUK before they launched the real attack.

Montenegro is building their Foundation
Jakarta – Even this nation haven't got any country, they seemed really serious to realize their nation in eRepublik. Started from December last year, Montenegro citizens have managed to build their own national bank. Donation and money flows have been operated through this bank. They have even built their own chat room in mibbit. You can find their room here :
And the most exciting part is they have been negotiated with Montenegro national TV to be exclusively interviewed about eRepublik. And lastly, they have organized Media Mogul Medal Project for 50 of their citizens which can be used for that nation later.
This time they are still located around eSerbia, and eSerbia open-handedly accepted their arrival.

The Great BB Program from eSerbia
Sumadija – Lipec aka Sir. Bin, a citizen of eSerbia supported by eSerbia presideny -RavenSerbia- was interviewed by Serbia national television B29 as a part of eSerbian BB program. This short interview for a few minutes  will be exclusively broadcasted by that television for several times. After this moment is finished, that video will be submitted in youtube in the near future. They also will be interviewed by some real newspaper in the real life.
The eSerbian BB program was very massive and can be counted as a success, we can see more and more new citizens was born in eSerbia. Eserbia now stands at third position under eSpain and ePoland. On the other side of the world, ePoland was seen to approach 65k citizens, and eSpain continually developed and approached  35k citizens. How about eIndonesia?

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