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Day 792 - Admin is having a war with eTurkey! - Interview with presiden eGreece - Myrfalas

ImageAdmin is having a war with eTurkey!, Part 2 interview with president of eUkraina, Interview with presiden eGreece - Myrfalas, Phoenix and EDEN fighting in eBelgium, The Declaration of War from a citizen of ePeru against Admins

translated by: BlueT

Redaction note,
Due to redaction business in real life, today's news is released early in the morning. Today's news emphasized the feud between admins and eTurkey players. Will this be a beginning of the destruction of eTurkey? If we look at the condition of eTurkey now, it should be difficult for them to withstand any attacks without the help from PHX. Last night, we have managed to interview the precident of eGreece, which was a part of EDEN. And another good news is that redaction have managed to pierce through ePoland birocracy, and have been invited to face the president of ePoland. What is ePoland's view of eIndonesia? We hope that soon DDB can serve it for you.
Prepare your snacks, and enjoy.


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Admin is having a war with eTurkey!
Istanbul – Uproar! That's what happened with eTurkey now. The uproar happened when one after another figures from eTurkey was banned by the admins. Before, we know that Battalgazi was banned, then followed by hukukcu and lots of other figures. This time the president of eTurkey – Ertugrul Han – was banned too. Not only that, eTurkey's National Bank has also been banned. This condition makes the situation in eTurkey nation became a chaos. They threatened the admins that if this condition still continues, eTurkey players will stop playing this game.

Before, admins have banned the largest ISP in Turkey, which was alleged to be responsible for the DDOS attack to eRepublik. This move from the admins seems to add more oil to the fire of the current feud between them. Today the forum is flooded with hundreds of spam. And the banning wave that happened now is the last attack from admins to eTurkey. eTurkey's players won't stay still, they immediately posted open letters to ask admins to show the proof of the banning cause of their people. Admins won't stand still either, every time there's an open letter regarding unbanning of the eTurkey's player or anything connected to it, they would immediately erase those threads! 

The eTurkey's players casted their protest again so the admins can stop erasing all open letters regarding eTurkey problem. They hoped that freedom of speech can still be held. eTurkey public now is very disappointed considering the oddity in the case of the banning of their players. As an example, Battalgazi who has already got 2.5 FP before, as the number one person in the world, it's quite normal if he got weapon donation from another citizen. For what reason a number one player in the world have to make multies? Poker, another player who is banned because of illegal Paypal transaction, have not using Paypal even once in his whole life. Hukukcu who massively promoted eRepublik in FB is also banned. ErtugrulHan, he received 5FP when he cannot access eRepublik because his IP was banned. And lots of other Turkey players that have been banned for unclear reasons.

The paralysis of the eTurkey government is getting worse when the Minister of Population/Citizen resigned from the government and stated that he quitted playing eRepublik. His statement was followed by some citizens. Some other citizens persuaded others to move and spread across other nations, while some others stated that they will only WTF.  We haven't know how eTurkey will develop in the future.

The stubbornness of the admins is not the first time happened. Back then when v1 was about to be released in eRepublik, Group 100 where redaction was also chosen to be a part of, have been asked to test the v1. The testers have laid some protest to the admins not to release the v1 because lots of things is not match with the players opinion. But the admins won't listen and still launched the v1, so then the most fearful nation that day, ePakistan, was destroyed because their playes have left the game.

This time it happened again to eTurkey, when the admins hard headedly still insisted to stay with their decision not to follow the public's pressure. Is this a beginning of the destruction of eTurkey?
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Part 2 interview with president of eUkraina
eUkraine views of eIndonesia
Jakarta – yesterday we have heard the explaination from Alexis M. Pasichny regarding the condition of Entente Alliance, and redaction is curious how he think about eIndonesia. Here is our last interview quotation with him :

DDB: What is your prediction at the future of the eWorld?

AMP: I’m not in the business of predicting future, however I hope that in would cease to be bipolar. A lot also depends on new modules.

DDB: How is your opinion related to eIndonesia?

AMP: We deeply respect your country, however we did not had a lot of contact between us. So, couldn’t really say anything personal, and our policies are covered in my previous answers.

DDB: Do you have any message for our news reader from eIndonesia?

AMP: You are a great world power. That is quite an achievement, and you can be rightfully proud of it. But remember that with great power comes great responsibility, and always act like a leader, not like an oppressor.

That's the end of our conversation with him. DDB thanks him for the time that he has spared for us. From there, we will fly to a nation which is now a member of EDEN, eGreece. What have we got in eGreece?

Interview with presiden eGreece - Myrfalas
Central Greece – Yesterday we have just witness the gentlementness of eGreece when they did not use the advantage of what happened in eTurkey for their own interests. Redaction is interested to know more about the policy of that nation concerning eIndonesia. It turns out that the president of eGreece was friendly in welcoming guests but also has firm attitude. Here is our interview with the president of
eGreece – Myrfalas.

DDB: With current condition, what is the future of both alliances at the future?

M: As i see it at this particular moment, EDEN has both the initiative of actions and the "higher ground" though of course the nature of this game is to bring balance through continues wars i will not be surprised if Phoenix proves the choice of its name.

DDB: Do you want to completely remove eTurkey from the map? or you have any other goal?

M: Our first goal is to secure Central Greece. The attack in eTurkey was done for many reasons and one of them was to win the war by elimination, which of course proved to be a very difficult task. A war isn't won though only by that and never forget that the war is global.

DDB: EDEN seem to be aggressive now, do you agree with this condition?

M: Of course i agree :)

DDB: Back to eTurkey, how long you will hold this cease fire?

M: We will hold the cease fire as long as the ISP issue isn't solved to whatever end. The average eTurkish player mustn't be punished for someone's stupidity.

DDB: How do you describe your foreigner policy?

M: Our motto is : "Strength through unity". Therefore our foreign policy is strengthen our relationship with our EDEN brothers and win this war as an alliance not as a nation.

DDB: What do you think about eIndonesia and what is your prediction?

M: At this point eIndonesia is a former superpower in decline and of course a very powerful enemy. My prediction is that eIndonesia will rise again in the future and when time comes will start attacking again. As i said before, the game is balancing always.

DDB: Any message for our news reader in eIndonesia?

M: My messege to eIndonesian citizens is: Play fair and never forget that it's just a game.

That was our conversation with the president of eGreece. A nation, member of EDEN, who has dignity.

Phoenix and EDEN fighting in eBelgium

Brussels – eBelgium previously stated to merge with eNetherlands from the result of a referendum between their own citizens and have lived together in peace for some time with them. As the situation in the eEurope region heated, eBelgium was liberated from eNetherlands through the RW that was done by a citizen of eRomania named Unualibro. He stated that what he have done was pure joke, because he is rich. This RW is not funded by EDEN, he stated. He refuse to admit that what he did is a part of EDEN's plan, although his media mogul award is an MMM project from EDEN. He clearly stated that he was offended if he got a discrimination from the public of eBelgium because of his background.

eBelgium themselves is sceptical regarding the sincerity of Unualibro, public thinks that the liberation of eBelgium is tightly connected with EDEN's operation to gangbang eUK. Now eBelgium have 2 parties who is ready to fight for the congress, which is The National Democratic Front party who is pro to EDEN, and Belgian For Belgians who is pro to PHX. But in the other side, there is a third party who intervere, and is a part of independents, they are eKroasia.

From the other EDEN nation, eSpain, we saw the mass mobilization to launch the “Save eBelgium from PTO” operation. In their release, eSpain government stated that eSpain have to keep eBelgium's sovereignity and citizen who have tickets to vote for National Democratic Front party. From the current condition, it seems that there will be a tough fight to get a seat in eBelgium congress. Who will gain full control in that country?

The Declaration of War from a citizen of ePeru against Admins
Great Andes – Furious, maybe that's what Airnumb, a citizen of ePeru, feel to admins when his account was banned with the accusation of multies. His level is only 18, and his rank is Colonel, but he seems to be very resentful. He showed his fury by creating Declaration of National Resistance Against Admin. He created the declaration in open letter, but it seemed that his thread was erased successfully by admins. In that declaration he stated that he did do multies, if one account is banned, then he will create 2 accounts, and if those two accounts is banned, then he will create 4 new accounts, and so. He also stated that he is wondering why the admins didn't build a system that is effective in preventing multies, because as he know, lots of people is using multies nowadays, and some nations use it too. He was sure that if admins have an automated system, then half of the players will be gone from eRepublik. The banning that was done by admins is often one-handed and unfair.
That's some of his written feelings that he wanted to share with the admins. We can see that the list of admins hater is growing longer and longer...

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