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Day 793 - Interview With President of ePolandia

Anti Admins sentiment is growing, Phoenix flared up in ePoland, International Communist broke eRussia market, Weapon giveaway in eRomania, Boredom Struck eEstonia, Interview with the ePresident of ePoland

translated by: BlueT

Redaction notes,
After trying to approach ePresident of ePoland with lots of PMs, approaching him through EDEN figures that we know, sending gifts, approaching him from his ambassador, and lots of other ways for days... at last we managed to get the chance to talk with him. Out of our expectation, he was very friendly in welcoming us although he was very slow in giving the answers of the interview. We understand that he was very busy, considering of the amount of the citizen that he has to manage, and the occurance of 13 RW when we interviewed him. But all the exhaustion is paid off when we managed to interview him. We've done it all for u, the loyal reader and subscriber of DDB.
Maybe that's all we wanna say, considering that it's already noon and the interview was done at 12 PM, so DDB was a little late in publishing this news this morning.
OK, prepare your snacks and enjoy.


Anti Admins sentiment is growing
Istanbul – After yesterday we saw the encounter between admins and eTurkey players, it turns out that a negative sentiment is still growing against the admins. Recently, a news with international rating popped up, where an eTurkey player named Suleyman Boyver created an article which contains a satire against admins. In his article he said that now in admins menu, there are several special buttons which can be done to Ban Phoenix Top Player, Ban Phoenix Citizen, Ban Phoenix Country, Ignore Appeals dan Delete Open Letters. This satire was created when the admins continuously deleting open letters and ignored all appeals that was done by eTurkey citizens before. Public estimated that TS will not stand for long in eRepublik, but apparantly after a few hours, that article has not been deleted by the admins, and also TS was not banned. That article also stated that the button to ban EDEN is incidentally always have a bug (lol). In the opposite of the respond from PHX public, EDEN citizens assumed that what was done by TS is only child's whining (

Phoenix flared up in ePoland
Jakarta – It was 14:00 Western time of Indonesia when tanks from eIndonesia is seen moving around redaction's office. They were given ration of 4 tickets and 10 Q5 weapon by the government. Then they fly to eSingapore and shortly, 13 RW take place in ePoland. It seems that what was done by the eIndonesian tanks was a part of the simultaneous operation of Phoenix in Europe. In the first attack yesterday, Phoenix' army have managed to drill the wall through underground. And what's more amazing is the attack in Saarland where PHX soldiers have managed to drill the 70k wall in just a few minutes time.

But the attack that was planned carefully by PHX before the day is changing had some problem, where the server is suddenly down for about 15 minutes. Some of PHX soldiers lost their heal buttons, so when the day is changed, their wellness was under 50%. So they cannot do the second attack. PHX public in the official channel of PHX responded cynically to the condition that happened, because the bugs happened when PHX is doing their plan. These RWs that was done simultaneously have been planned back before the operation in eSlovenia succeeded. The total fund that was used in this operation is around more than 1400 G.

When this news is being made, in every area that have Rws, we can see that ePoland managed to increase their defense back to the original level. The battle in Saarland is the most interesting to watch. ePoland public seemed to have known about the attacks that will be done by PHX. This can be seen by looking at the analysis from a newspaper there, which stated its suspicion by the presence of recruitment for labors from eGermany company that was located in ePoland.

In ePoland public, shortly after these RW is moving out, a propaganda article from eGermany with ePolish language is posting messages like an official order from the government, which contained instructions to click the red button for all existing Rws. The article said that those region was useless, and it also didn't forget to use “hail EDEN” in the article. Immediately, the government created articles containing the real instructions which was more than 7000 articles!

On the other side of the world, we can see eSweden is still launching attacks that was just supposed to suck up eUK resources . In Balochistan RW, which was a part of eSerbia, eSerbia can defend it well. Likewise eUSA who can defend Chhattisgarh area which was one of their colony.

International Communist broke eRussia market
Moscow – Yesterday the International Communist released 3000 cheap foods in the eRussian market at 5:00 eRepublik time. The move was supported by SFP(Communist from eUSA), CPSU dan RWF(eRussia), PKeI(eIndonesia), Red Brigade(International) and SPP(eFinlandia). Followed by the representation from PCP (eUK). Those cheap Q1 food in eRussian market have dominated the market for almost 8 hours.

With those experiment, they showed us the image that if the food was sold as much as 10k in eRussian market, with a very low price, then this will destroy the unhealthy/sick company that can damage the economy. With those probabilities, we can see that price war can be good, of course with the support from the workers. For the details from their experiment, u can see it here :

Weapon giveaway in eRomania
Muntenia – When Sofia was Rwed, eRomania goverment through the Minister of Labor effectively defended it by donating 3 Q1 weapon for almost 3000 pieces to more than 1000 of their citizen. The rules was simple, citizen was asked to give comments in the article that they made. We haven't known how they can differ the intruding enemies with the real citizens. It seems that the losses have been calculated. With this move, we can see that media was very active, where more than 1000 people commented in one article. And we can make sure that citizens who didn't used to chat in the IRC can get the same chance.

Boredom Struck eEstonia
Louna-Eesti – Redaction have the opportunity to take a walk to eEstonia, a nation in balkany, ranked 29 in the eWorld. With only around 1000 citizens, this nation is looked hibernating. Although articles was seen once every a few hours, but they looked like they don't care to give any comment. Redaction successfully posted first posts in the comment section for at least 5 articles, with some comments to build up their spirit so the current citizens can participate to make the nation lifely.
This boredom came up to the surface when a citizen named MyBad grunting, because he want that nation to get into war. “C'mon, at least get one region!”, he said. But unfortunately, the nation that he recommend is their neighbour nation that was their own ally (lol). The others commented lightly without any interest. But at least it was the only newspaper which have the most respond from the public. (

Interview with the ePresident of ePoland
Little Poland – Cold and sleepy, that was what redaction feel when we were trying to visit a place where the president of ePoland – Cerber – waited to meet at the midnight. After a long struggle, at last we have managed to talk with him, although unfortunately the conversation is not as interesting as we have hoped. In the interview, he answered our question a little slow, and sadly redaction's internet is not quite supportive. Here's some quotation from our interview with him. But at least we managed to interview him, so it can cure DDB and of course our readers' curiousity Here's our interview with him :

C(Cerber): sorry for not answering pms, i stopped reading them when our population reached 25k ;)

DDB: hahahaa no problem bro, i can understand how crazy you are now :). how do you feel became the president of the most powerfull country in erep now?

C: Sometimes it's a bit like playing a multiplayer with cheats. ;) Such a population gives a huge amount of possibilities and I feel responsible to use them well.

DDB: What is the biggest problem you found managing more then 60K ppls?

C: Our active players count is around 20k at the moment, but that's true - when I started being a president there were 5 times less people in ePL. Now everything is almost the same, just BIGGER, but hey, I like ePolish press owning international top. ;)

DDB: so, how about the rest 40k? what happen to them?

C: they're dead pretty much. round 50% of new accounts is not even being activated d then another 25% doesn't reach 6lv.

DDB: i see.. so, how do you handle it then?

C: We are trying to keep as many as possible and our rate of people reaching 5lv (according to DoW - +3000g) is around 35% so quite good.

DDB: what is DoW?

C: Declaration of War ;)

DDB: *they even have a special agressive department... wow*

DDB: so, with this big resource, do you plan to keep spread your wing? :)

C: At the moment it is just a potential - in the recent battle in South West of England, we lost by over 3kk dmg but had over 1000 more fighters. So with time we will get stronger and yes, we will be able to spread our wings ;)

DDB: do you plan to spread to asia? or only europe ? :)

C: Depending on ours alliance's interest, however we haven't planned anything outside Europe yet. ;)

DDB: i can see that you have 13 RW now from PHX, do you have a trouble on handle it?

C: Not at all, but paying such amount of gold to keep our babies interested is what I really appreciate ;)

DDB: btw, do you actually already knew about this RW plan? maybe from your spy?

C: Haha, yeah we have been prepared for that, however it was hard to deal any damage before daychange when eR went down for 15min

DDB: do you have confident to keep all regions?

C: You're never confident at war, but we are able to do this, yes. ;)

DDB: 2 last questions :), what is your opinion about eIndonesia?

C: Unfortunately for eIndonesians, it seems that your country now joined the gallery of past glory and fame together with all those countries that could rule the world, however stopped developing. But in time ePoland will be there as well ;)

DDB: Any message for the ppl of eIndonesia?

C: I heard many positive things about eIndonesians too bad we can't get to know each other better due to hostile alliances, but everyone is welcome to join our chan and talk with us for a while. ;)

That's the end of our conversation with him, we can see that night more than 360 people is online in the ePoland channel and keeps inreasing...

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