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Day 1184 - PANAM Blunder and ePeru Defeat eBrazil

PANAM Blunder, eIndonesia Love ePoland, Addiction of eRepublik, Jannisaries' Ultimatum, Real Maho, Are you?, ePeru Defeat eBrazil

Editor's Note,

It has been very long time I didnt make any release, i made this newspaper from 2008 and here I am, still here at 2011... Now I am trying to make it again. Hope this will entertain you. If any of you wanna be part of us, please dont hesitate to drop a line. We will give you 0.2G for any politic, military, economy or even opinion that you sent to us and published in this site. So, why don you try to make one? :)

Just it for now, enjoy!,
PS: sorry, im not active English speaker, apologize for the mistake.

PANAM Blunder
eRepublik News - PANAM BlunderBrasilia - Only a moment after PANAM is created, they have met its first challenge. One of the seniors from eBrazil named Merga, which joined BG Halosis, gave a harsh critic to PANAM. This was because of the recent incident, which is in a war between eTurkey vs. eGreece, there are many people from PANAM that fought with eGreek rather than eTurkish, even though eTurkey is a member of PANAM alliance. Halosis declared that they will still stand up with their alliance eTurkey, and demanded PANAM to declare its stance ASAP.
On the other hand, another eBrazilian, Mazarino, showed his disagreement with this statement. This is because from what he thought, eTurkey has violated its peace agreement with eGreece.

Two days before this controversy arose, peace agreement has been signed between eTurkey and eGreece, in which one of the agreements is eCyprus' regions will be occupied by eGreek. Although this agreement is signed along with PANAM and EDEN as observers, in reality, this agreement is condemned by most of eTurkish. This is why PANAM's members are split when RW is occured in Northern Cyprus, one of the eTurkey's original region that is now occupied by eGreek.
Is this one sign of PANAM's dissolution?

eIndonesia Loves ePoland
Jakarta - Ostin, a famous 'martabaker' and a great troller from eIndonesia returned to action to raise up tension in eAsia. In his latest article, he told his full support to ePoland, which declared eUSA as Neutral Enemy, recently. Although this action is announced by ePoland's president as a 'technical error', Ostin kept declaring that eIndonesia will still move to Hawaii. From current situation, it seems that this proposal will be rejected by congress members.
Nowadays, eIndonesia is preparing to go to Hawaii, hoping that this action will again raise eIndonesian interest to play by fighting against stronger enemies. However, currently eIndonesia faces a dilemma due to mediocre economy condition and devastated monetary exchange. In addition, some of the GMs are alleged with tax evasion and using multis as employees, rather than active players. While neighbouring countries has tried to form new alliance from long time ago, eIndonesia is still handling its internal problems. It is still unknown whether eIndonesia will return back as a powerful country.

Addiction of eRepublik
Macedonia - Many people in eRepublik have created anacdote articles about addiction of eRepublik's players, and even more, those articles are still fun to read. This time, one of eMacedonian player told it funnily and amusingly. For more details, you can read it here:'
How about you? Are you looked like that?

Jannisaries' Ultimatum
Istanbul - A group of people which declared as a part of eTurkish, named themselves as Jannisaries gave an ultimatum to eGreeks to go away from all the eTurkey's regions which are now occupied by them. Jannisaries gave a warning that if this ultimatum is not done by eGreeks, they will do boycotting. How it is done? They will give up their account, and make new account in Athens. "If they want lots of citizens, let them have it," they declared as written on press release on yesterday. This raises controversies among eTurkish people, but it can be seen that majority of them are not agree with this idea and see this as a shameful idea. One of the eBulgarian mocked this ultimatum, "...if you are a true patriot, you should fight for your country instead playing this soap opera. When you fought for your country, your tankers, like BattalGazi, fought for eMacedonia instead," he satirized.

Currently, eTurkey has lost all of its region, and at this moment, some of eTurkish are migrated to eIndonesia to consolidate their power.

Real Gay, Are you?
Tokyo - 2 days ago a marriage proposal shocked the eWorld, the proposal was made by a real man to another man. Nowe was the person who ask Yonsil to marry him, this news already made eJapan excited. Yonsil himself didn't give a good answer and just say "huh".
For your information, in Beta era, eIndonesia also had a real maho named usrouks. He ask other man from eIndonesia to be his bride and showed their intimate to the public in eRepindo-talk IRC channel. The reaction from the public was the same as everyone thoughts, so much people disgusted. How about lesbian? eIndonesia also had a pair of lesbian named dina chrouch and Pai. So, how about you?

eCroatia tried to reach ePoland
Central Croatia - eCroatia Ministry of Foreign Affairs released an article which said that they will always stay with ePolandia. In the article they praise ePolandia BG named POW BG, RCA and Husaria and ask for friendship and trustworthy. eCroatia citizen seems agree with what their MoFA article said.
ePolandia citizen have different reaction, they're divided into 2 sides. 1 side support eCroatia and the other didn't agree with eCroatia statement. This happened because eCroatia once fought eSpain which is a member of NWO and allied of ePolandia in Andalucia. With so many allianced today, many country can't say where they sided.
Same thing happened in Asian territory where eIndonesia which have some border with PANAM country didn't want to join PANAM or attack PANAM. This is because eUSA was eIndonesia Natural Enemy, but in the other side eIndonesia was eBrazil and eArgentina brother. One of Brazil figure once said that he's confused about eIndonesia to DDB, why eIndonesia always said they want to attack eUSA although PANAM just want to invade Europe.

ePeru Defeat eBrazil
Puerto Rico - So pathetic, that's what happened to the new war in Brazil, with their 15 MPP and as PANAM member lose to ePeru, with only 5 MPP. ePeru which seems to be NWO member mock eBrazil loses as if eBrazil didn't have any fighter. In the other side eUSA which is eBrazil allied from PANAM seems just make the loses as a joke where ePeru fighter seen just like disease that come into eBrazil.
Even if eIndonesia said to attack eUSA, eUSA public seems calm and ignore the threats from eIndonesia.

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