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Day 1185 - Eden Trying to Exist, Serbia Being Indifferent

erepublik news - eSerbia IgnoranceEden Trying to Exist, Serbia Being Indifferent, World Statistics from Bogdan_L, eGreece Reminds eUSA, Split-up in eBulgaria, Captcha vs. Script?, eIndonesia News Updates

Editor's Note,

Some alliances got problem inside their organization, in this edition we will give you some news related to PANAM, EDEN and a dilemmatic situation for eTurkey. Will eTurkey stay in this Alliance? or Leave it?


Translated by: billybat & Attaqui

Eden Trying to Exist, Serbia Being Indifferent

Transilvania - In the eBosnia liberation war against eSerbia yesterday, EDEN alliance shows its power by successfully liberated eBosnia regions. While some alliances are come out in eRepublik, EDEN stays formidable despite being left by some of its stronger members. "PHOENIX downfall is our long-term goal," said avec, Supreme Commander of EDEN. On EDEN press release on yesterday, EDEN keeps consistent to protect and liberate its members' regions which are being occupied by enemies.

"While other new alliances grow and try to be more organized, we are stable and also become more powerful," he said with full of confidence.

EDEN on its past time is the descendant from ATLANTIS alliance, which was destroyed by PEACE alliance. After that, PEACE also met its dissolution, which then formed PHOENIX alliance. Finally, the time comes when PHOENIX is destroyed and EDEN reach its glorious time.

From eSerbia itself, there is little response for EDEN recent claim. eSerbia government looks keep consolidating its power to fight with NWO alliance in eBrazil campaign. From his latest release, Foreign Ministry of eSerbia stays publishing propaganda to maintain eSerbian fighting spirit. They told how eSerbia started joining unsupportive PEACE until the formation of NWO. eSerbian public support this new alliance, although one debate raises when the topic changes to candidates of new NWO members, which are eGreece and eIndonesia.

For some eSerbian, their governments should get eIndonesia support in NWO membership. But some others are disagreed with this because they think eIndonesia cannot give supports to eSerbia when needed. This is probably because of past incident that occured a few months ago, in which eIndonesia rejected eSerbia to pass its region to control eAustralia.

But eSerbian do not know that eIndonesia has very good relationship with eBrazil through BIA. It is unknown what will happened there if they look eIndonesia support to eBrazil. This debate about eIndonesia is not as tense as eGreece polemic. There is a sign of breakup when this topic about eGreece as an upcoming NWO member arose. This may happened because of RL sentiment to eGreece from eMacedonia. The debates about this topic are very tense there.

From eIndonesia itself, it still does not show its certain stance about choices of alliance. It is said that eIndonesia is still a member of PHOENIX, although this alliance reaches its 'vegetative condition'. From the goverment order, eIndonesia shows its support to its friend eBrazil against NWO's agression.

Return to eSerbia, currently this country is a NWO member, along with former EDEN members, ePoland and eSpain. NWO shows that this alliance is a serious business, where this alliance faces two enemies, EDEN and PANAM.

World Statistics from Bogdan_L

Bucharest - Bogdan_L, an eRomanian that is famous with his statistic articles release his latest statistics that are quite interesting to see. In these statistics, it can be seen that eIndonesian tankers who are gained high position in top fighters are now disappeared. Only a few eIndonesians that are mentioned in Top 100, like NicoSianipar, ardyjazz, and bung_andri. What is most interesting in these statistics are list of country powers in recent wars. The first most powerful country is eSpain. From Top 6 countries, 4 of them are NWO members, while 2 others are PANAM members. eIndonesia itself currently gained 7th position with around 6.2 million damages, while its rival eUSA gained 12nd position with only 5 million damages. It can be seen that with 814 eIndonesia fighters, they can give more damage than 1186 eUSA fighters.

Further details can be read here:

eGreece Reminds eUSA

Aegean Islands - One of eGreek, thando, reminded eUSA about its choice to ally with its new friend, eTurkey. As we can see, eTurkey is a part of PANAM members along with eUSA. From his article, he explained that eTurkey are infamous about its bad track record for unrespecting admin rules, especially on multi-accounts using. He mentioned some of eTurkey former presidents that is now banned. Despite that, he thought that eUSA will be one of eTurkey's best friends.

On the other hand, eTurkey is also questioning PANAM stance with eTurkey, considering that eTurkish are seemed to fight without any support. Some of eGreeks said that this is quite reasonable if PANAM does not support eTurkey because eTurkey has violated its recent peace agreement with eGreece. For some of them, eTurkey is called as a 'traitor'. From eUSA itself, this controversy seems does not give any effect, because eUSA itself is still focusing to fight in eBrazil front.

However, from current condition, eTurkey gains eMacedonian full supports. This is quite unexpected, considering RL sentiment from eMacedonian against eGreek.

Split-up in eBulgaria

Vidin - Civil war in one resistance war is not only happened in eIndonesia. This also occured in eBulgaria, when eBulgaria government will return eIran regions which they borrowed before. From past time events, eBulgaria once had agreement with eIndia to lend some of eIndia regions. To come to eIndia, eBulgaria must passed eIran. On practical, this agreement gained eIran supports and gave permission to borrow some of its regions. However, eBulgaria cannot reached eIndia regions, and in addition, eBulgaria must also faced many wars. Finally, eBulgaria government started returning eIran regions to their original owner. But, when RW is occured, there are many eBulgarians that defends these regions. Its governments tried to explain about past and current condition about this issue. Majority of eBulgarian finally understand this condition, although some of them are still quite skeptical about this issue. This can be seen in these RW wars, when some of eBulgarian tankers are defending these regions.

Captcha vs. Script?

Jakarta - Ninja script, which is now spreading in eRepublik, has disturbed eRepublik citizens. This script is capable to fight 8 times and also eat 8 foods in only 10 seconds. Citizens that are using this script will obviously become tough opponents and are called as cheaters.

Admins' efforts to handle this problem started by giving permanent ban to its users, but this effort looks useless, and for one citizen that got banned, there are many others that also using this script.

Therefore, active captcha system is implemented in war page. If one abnormal fight speed is detected, captcha will come to stop your fight activities, resulting in disturbance in script using. This also happened when you are eating food too fast, captcha will also come up and disturbs your wellness recovery.

eIndonesia News Updates

Jakarta - eIndonesia president released update news 3 days after eIndonesia vice president's resignation. This update is summarized into 4 main points. These points are
1. Internal condition
2. Coordination First, Action Later
3. Forum Activities
4. eIndonesia Military Condition

These are some main information on each point.
Point 1:
This part is released regarding PTO that is happened in PReI. eIndonesia CP shows his concerns about this event and urges PReI members to keep patient and act more coordinated in the future times

Point 2:
eIndonesia's lose against eNew Zealand is recognized because of lacks of coordination on eIndonesia citizens. This causes disruption to former planning regarding about agreement with eNZ due to land swap cancellation. However, eIndonesia CP ask eIndonesia citizens to focus on supporting eBrazil and eArgentina that are currently facing difficulties in war against ePeru and NWO.

Point 3:
eIndonesia CP invites all of eIndonesia citizens to create acoount in forum and making this forum as main information source for all eIndonesia citizens.

Point 4:
It is mentioned that there is a meeting with all of eIndonesia BG to act and coordinate together. It is also mentioned that there is  a special commando channel that will be used as logistic distributions for each BG. However, the main purpose of this activity is still unknown.

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