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Day 1186 - PANAM Officially Not Helps eTurkey, eTurkey Is Discontented

erepublik news - eTurkey SadPTO Threat in eGermany Party, Statistics of Medals Achievement, eIndonesia Goes to RL Media, eSerbia Tankers' Assassination Scandal, eUSA - Tranquility Before The Storm Comes Down, PANAM Officially Not Helps eTurkey, eTurkey Is Discontented

Editor's Note
It is so sad... That is how we feel when we look eTurkey current conditions. This country, that got their babyboom when V2 is started, must accept the fact that eGreece have also got their babyboom. And in relatively short time, this country is become colonized by eGreece. Living in conquered country is surely hard, but this is where spirit, solidarity, unity, and many other life aspects raise. The choice of this country's future will be decided. Is it decided with a sheet of peace agreement, or with struggle with full of bloods and tears? Which road that will be chosen by eTurkey?

That is our preface. Prepare your snacks, and enjoy your reading.




translated by: billybat

PTO Threat in eGermany Party

München - In eIndonesia, there are many PTO action happened from one party members to the another party. This is also happened now in eGermany, but the difference is, this threat is done not by eGerman, but by citizens from other country. In eGerman, GPP (Green Progressive Party), one of the Top 5 Parties in eGermany, received PTO threat recently. The suspects for this threat are some ePoles because of the cyrillic font they used is commonly found in eastern Europe.

To handle this, eGerman government, in this case Ministry of Internal Affairs, keep observing the current situation through IRC and guide for eGermans, especially FSC and Red Army, for helping GPP. Finally, after the government observed the condition, they decided to ask GPP members to change their party membership to the party with 6th position. With good co-operations and accurate info updates, they finally ruined this PTO threat.

Statistics of Medals Achievement

Bucharest - elbanderas82, one eRomanian, released quite interesting statistics recently. In these statistics, there are medals and golds achievements since 1 January 2011.

eIndonesia gained 8th position for country statistics. Here is the statistic for eIndonesia:
Country: Indonesia, Medals 1 Jan: 18470, Medals Today: 18307, (-163).

The country that received most medals are Serbia (Medals 1 Jan: 34258, Medals Today: 38790).

However, these statistics is still being doubted for the accuracy because dead citizens and mobile citizens from 1 January onward are also counted.

Further details can be read here:

eIndonesia Goes to RL Media

Jakarta - Recently, eIndonesia is planned the event ' 1 March General Offensive', in which eIndonesia is planned to come into national TV programs and some RL magazines. However, it is still unknown whether this plan can be done or not.

Long before this plan, eIndonesia had also planned to come into TV programs several times, but these plans were always failed. This happened because of lost coordination between eIndonesia citizens and TV channel and also because of some intrigues in eIndonesia, which made some unwillingness from eIndonesian to participate in these plans.

This events is closely related to an eCountry babyboom, because if this event is succesfully done, this will raise some interest from millions of TV viewers. Some of eCountries have also done this, like eSerbia and eHungary.

eSerbia Tankers' Assassination Scandal

Vojvodina - Some surprising news come from eSerbia, in which one shout that originally came from Facebook revealed conspiracy of character assassination. This is started from a Facebook shout that, in summary, declared that he has successfully kill one of his target and now, he is thinking for another prey.

Kvakva, eSerbian, is the victim for this assassination. In his ban status, it looks that he got banned because of multi-accounts. From eSerbians, they are commonly very opposing this action. They said that if one has a power to kill someone, this game will lost its fun forever.

From the secret source, it said that this victim is not the first one. This citizen is a member of "WE", which previously, some of its members are also killed because of their harsh language and sometimes leads to pedophilia.

Character assassination is not uncommon in eRepublik. This is usually happened when there is a conflict between countries and also political feuds. In eIndonesia, character assassination once happened in beta times, in which PRM member, hudiyawan, became its victim.

eUSA - Tranquility Before The Storm Comes Down

Washington - eUSA seems already knowing some threats for the country in all directions, at least this is what we can get from press release from Croy, one famous eAmerican. In his release, he explained that some danger can be seen moving from all directions. ePoland, which now rents some eUSA regions, in 24 hours have declared NE to eMexico. This country supposedly will erase all eMexico regions. If this is happened, there will be a long and distressing war in eUSA borders. From another direction, eSerbia is also expected to move to eUSA through eUK regions. In 24 hours, eSerbia will also declare NE against eUSA, and Texas will be the possible target. Another possible event come from eIndonesia, which is rumored to ally with eUSA, will be tired doing land-swapping with its neighbours. There is a big chance for eIndonesia to also attack eUSA.

From another direction, eRussia, which now has borders with Alaska, can also join this war if the USA is gangbang-ed. In addition, the possible participation comes from eVenezuela and eColombia. In rough estimation, there will be 4 or 5 possible attacks that is done at once.

eUSA is an eCountry that has experienced many wars. eUSA is the country that surpisingly started the eWorld War in beta time by attacked eCanada, eUSA's neighbouring country. This war ended with massive battlefield, with many countries joined without using any alliance. eCanada that, at that time, had only one last region, can turned over the condition and made eUSA get its economic malaise. Also in this war, eUSA president became furious and ragingly attacked many other countries. War on past time is more interesting than nowadays, in which the player can directly faces another player, therefore in many cases, there is one player that must be defeated by more than a single player.

PANAM Officially Not Helps eTurkey, eTurkey Is Discontented

Istanbul - The expected news finally released. On their latest release, eTurkey government told that PANAM will not help eTurkey in its war against eGreece. And then, at the last moment, eGreece decided to talk to eTurkey about the peace agreement.

In the process, it turned out that this talk became very difficult. This is started with rejection of eTurkish diplomats by eGreeks, which finally eTurkey can sent its president, Suleyman Shah. In this negotiation, both sides gave their offers. Some of the offers are eTurkey agreed to pay compensation fund 2000 G and 100,000 TRY (150,000 TRY if they do not sign this agreement - sorry, we dont fully understand the language). In addition, both sides also must prepare 2000 G for an assurance. The result, 7 eTurkey regions must be returned.
However, from eGreece side, they want more, which is 3000 G for compensation fund. Also, they do not want to include Cyprus in the agreement.

While this negotiation became very difficult, eGreece finally release its trump card. eGreece told eTurkey that eTurkey is the losing country and does not have any position in this negotiation.
This negotiation results is told to eTurkey public; however, it seems that the eTurkish are split about this negotiation. Some of them are willing to accept this negotiation and consolidate the power later, but some others are prepared to fight until the last drop of blood. There are also some opinion that if eTurkey is at peace with eGreece, they hope for mutual cooperation between both countries.

eTurkey, although have seen the fact that they do not receive any support from PANAM, but somehow they are still willing to stay in PANAM. In previous incident, when eTurkish were doing RW in eGreece regions, they do not receive any support from PANAM, and in fact, they are helping eGreece instead supporting eTurkey. And in this latest incident, it seems that eTurkey receive no support from their alliances.


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