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Day 1187 - Saudi Arabia - The Weird Miminlandia, eGreek Showdown

erepublik news - arab saudiSaudi Arabia - The Weird Miminlandia, eGreek Showdown, eBulgaria President Uniting every diversity, ePhilippine Starting to Make a Way for eIndonesia, eSlovenia Government Clean Up, An Opinion On The eIndonesia Government's Plan.

Editor Notes,
At first we want to take a break on this Sunday, but since the world is moving so fast, to satisfy  our readers, we are in today for you, so that you can keep informed about the world developments.
At the end of our article, there is an analysis from our newbie. Please remember that this is just an analysis and not a form of truth.
For some people curious about the news of Saudi Arabia, we try to serve it in this edition. There are also some developments in the Balkans and the conflict in eGreek.
That’s all from us, relax, prepare your meals, and enjoy.


Saudi Arabia - The Weird Miminlandia
Riyadh - A lot of people already knew that Saudi Arabia is under PTO by eRomanian people. And many people is wondering why the president, Congress and the treasury does not exist. To answer these questions, representatives of Mimin – mihail.cazacu - who served as prime minister of Saudi Arabia issued a release.
According to him, admin and some people deliberate eRomanian take over team for this country to be submitted to the original Arabic. President, Congress and the Treasury dispensed with the hope of preventing this country from the PTO by other nations. He hopes that eKSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) will not be like eAustria or ePakistan that was taken over by other nations. Also stated in the release, if there is genuine saudi arabia citizens who wants to join and enter the country's Congress, please contact Mimin via skype to speak in Arabic directly with an Arabic speaking Admin. When there’s enough of RL Arabian and they’re ready to build the country, the treasury, Congress and others will be transferred to the these RL Arab.

Public responded cynically on the release issued by the mihail.cazacu, they argue that if indeed Admin and eRomania citizens who come there were on duty to prevent that country from PTO by others, why did they let the citizens of eRomania to take over KSA. Mimin responded by stating that many eRomania is also communicating with RL arabic, and they’re really sincere on helping the country.

An old erepublik player, dishmcds expressed his astonishment. How might Mimin establish a country without any clear basis about the amount of RL players who will play there although Mimin establish a country based on the number of IP that comes from a country. And why is this was not done for other countries?

eGreek Showdown
Athens - eGreek, who had been in the shadow of colonialism from the Goon and eTurkey for so long, now has changed. This country continues to grow and show itself as one of the strongest country in the world. With the number of active citizens in the country they play a very important war in foreign policy so that no country is willing to mess with them. Recently, the country's unexpected help for NWO attack to eBrazil that is part of PANAM, when at the same time eGreek is also part of the EDEN. Of course ePolandia that is also part of the EDEN expressed his gratitude to the eGreek who have helped them.

On another front, they also managed to survive in RW performed by eTurkey. But strangely when eTurkey RW happened, some parties such as eUSA PANAM actually defended eGreek. PANAM also stay still when the peace negotiation request filed by eGreek to one of its members namely eTurkey. On the other hand, eGreek firmly declared its support to eCroatia in EDEN and states if even in RL they are close to eSerb - eCroatia enemy - but in this game they’re principle stands that they would respect anyone who respects them.
Countries are always changing every time, many nations at the eWorld are on top one day and suddenly slumped the next day, and some other are raised from the crumbs of destruction.

From within the eGreek country itself, PTO threat which has been the discourse of eTurkey citizens seems to be happening. Stankovic Alexa - former eTurkey President for 3x - declared himself as eGreek presidential candidates for the month of March. He stated that the movement he proclaimed is "Greece Movement for Democracy". The president asked the people who have been scattered throughout the eWorld to begin consolidate their forces and gather in the IRC channel that has been specified. Will their plans turn into reality?

Once eIndonesia had also experienced the same era in which time it has beat the eWorld giant that is eRomania in a long and intense battle with many casualties. Even the admin help defend eRomania. eIndonesia finally won the fight so many eRomanian people are captured in eIndonesia.They finally tried to TO eIndonesia from within and almost destroyed the country. All can be thwarted thanks to the unity of the eIndonesia people that time. Will eGreek survive from this plan?

President eBulgaria Trying to Unify Divisions
Sofia - eBulgaria government stating that their plans to hire some eIndia region has resumed and progress. For that the residents are encouraged to follow the government advice to release one of the borrowed eIran region for a stepping stone toward eIndia region.
As previously preached by eDDB, eBulgaria experienced rupture where most citizens didn’t want to release eIran region that has been conquered. Whereas previously agreed that the region is only act as a loan to pave eBulgaria way towards eIndia
Residents welcome this announcement because they think the rupture happened before because there is no clear direction from the government. On the other hand, there are some citizens who came to eBulgaria to find the medal.

ePhilippine Start Gives Way To eIndonesia
Mindanao - Government ePhilippine after previous scored the NE proposal with eIndonesia and receive requests from eIndonesia to borrow their region, today command its citizens to pave eIndonesia plan through the country. In the release they stated that ePhilippine have to accept this request given even if they refused, eIndonesia is still going through them with force. It’s also  said in the release that eIndonesia actual goal is North America.
At the early day of ePhilippine, they’re assisted by several citizens eIndonesia. Unfortunately on the way not many people plays there so the country does not develop even after many years.

eSlovenia Government clean up
Ljubljana - eSlovenia President - howly – gave direction to the country officials and citizens to respond to the changes in the world. As read in the direction, eUcraine is expected to be the center of the next war. This can also be seen in the eBulgaria president policy which will also start marching to eUcraine. For nearly a year, eSlovenia experienced a prolonged battle with his nemesis, eCroatia.
In his direction, the mentors is also asked to always warn the new citizens not to bring personal problems in RL or stress to the game. The game atmosphere are asked to be kept mutually tolerant, respecting each other feeling and harmony. In this country, every new citizen was given 2 pieces Q3 food and also given several Q1 food for the war.
And most importantly, clearly seen that eSlovenia foreign policy will join the NWO but also at the same time try to establish relations with former enemies in EDEN.

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