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Day 1189 – The End of 8 Month’s Waiting and eGreece Sold eTurkey

erepublik news - greek turkeyNews flash on one of influential BG of eMacedonia—MTO, eRussia Turns Closer to PANAM?, eBrazil CP Resigned, eGreece Sold Out eTurkey, PANAM Cooperates with EDEN?, After 8 Month’s Waiting, Admin Granted it! eUSA Constitution Protested; eMexico in a Pinch!

Editorial Note,
Blood gurgling and thrilling, that’s today’s news flash. The world kept on changing and the theater of war kept on heading to the North. On today’s edition, we could see another changes in the constellation of power between alliances which made several nations confused on which direction they should take. Those who are late to choose, get swallowed and crushed in their unreadiness for change. Look at the fate of eMexico and eTurkey. Will they manage to pass this bloody transition?
On the other news, there is an interesting show from eSpain, where Admin very coincidentally managed to grant something which help eSpain in her war against eBrazil.
That’s all for now from us, get your snack and popcorn ready, please enjoy.


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Translated by: Wonder Forward

News flash on One of the Influential BG of eMacedonia—MTO
Skopje - Macedonian Templar Order or MTO(read ILO)  is one of the BG in Macedonia which is very active and organized. Although their average strength is quite low, which is about 1.250, but there are 40 active members of MTO, not including the new recruits which have not been oriented to become the core of the BG.  This BG was built just three months ago, and had the vision to secure eMacedonia from enemy attacks both from inside or outside.
The founding of the BG originates from the eBulgaria and eGreek provocation. On the first weeks, they had only 17 members with 2 companies as their support line. But as time passed, they managed to become self-sufficient and financed all their operations and troopers using their own companies.

There are many Battle Groups which arose and sank in this eWorld. There was once the IHA which was the combined military legions of eHungary and eIndonesia. But there is also one military organizations which was very respected in their time, the Theocrats, which had universal principle and recognized no borders in their operation.

Back to eMacedonia, now, eMacedonia is in strategic position along with eTurkey to target eGreece as their common enemies. Cold war, propaganda, kept on being launched from both sides, and the last news were humiliating note from eGreek president that eMacedonians are slaves and lived on the territory which is part of Greece.

eRussia Turns Closer to PANAM?
Moscow – A surprising move occurred from the Red Bear Land, when recently they made MPP with eArgentina. And in short time, MPP with eUSA is on the voting list by congress. It is yet known clearly whether eRussia is disappointed because eSerbia refused their MPP proposal. A few days before, eRussia had pulled out eRomania from natural enemy state and voted eUkraine as their Natural Enemy. On the other side, eRomania also changed their Natural Enemy from eRussia to eMoldova.
The relationship between eUSA and eRussia had been a series of rollercoaster. In Beta era, eUSA ever sent their economic team to help eRussia when they suffered famine due to boycott from businessowners who was supporting one side. But times passed and when eRussia got babyboom, together with PHX they launched joint attack on eUSA. The last manuvre had not indicated clearly where eRussia would turn.

eBrazil Presidente Resigned!
Brasilia – Breaking news came from eBrazil just now which was under the invasion by NQO. Ayato—eBrazil president—declared resignation from the CP seat due to urgent pressure from RL. Ayato stated that he had just been hired in a company, while at the same time he also had to go on college. Thus, he had only four hours left on the job.
The eBrazillian citizen responded with great understanding and prayed for the ePresident’s success in RL. President resignation is not the first time happening in the world. eIndonesia had also suffered the same event when DonAgung resigned from CP seat due to unforeseeable circumstances. Indeed, becoming president is a serious job, takes so much time and energy, which is a heavy responsibility.

eGreece sold out eTurkey
Athena – A congressman from eTurkey named Smee released an article on the sales of eTurkey region. This is due to the eGreece grudge to eTurkey which had been inconsistent in making treaties, and repeatedly called off the agreed treaties; so the eGreece decided to sell eTurkey region. This is a few proposals from the article:
- Offer to eRomania is for “Central Anatolia and The Black Sea Coast of Turkey for 3000 gold for two regions, and 1800 gold for only one region and for additional 500 gold eGreece will give one region with “fruit” resource owned by eTurkey."
- Offer to eBulgaria "2 eTurkey regions for 800 gold."
- Offer to eIran "1800 gold for Eastern Anatolia and added bonus of Southern Anatolia if eIran signed MPP with eGreece."
- Offer to eEGypt dan eIsrael "Mediterranian Coast of Turkey can be joint-bought to ensure eTurkey would never attack you again "

There are also list of regions’ prices regardless of the offers to nations above:
Region Deer/Cattle/Saltpeter = 1800 Gold
Region Fruit = 800 Gold
All eTurkey = 5999 Gold

PANAM Cooperated with Eden?
Tokyo – eJapan Govt just gave news that their NE status with eSouth Korea which is occupied by eRomania will be stopped, and so will the war between the two countries.
This is due to the pressure from PANAM’s SG, ST Krems, due to the upcoming joint operation between EDEN and PANAM. To fulfill their duties to the alliance, eJapan will help, therefore the moving ticket, food, and weapon will be focused to assist the operation. It is also instructed that all troopers above str 1000 to report to their barracks.
Before this happen, a public debate occurred between government and the opposition regarding to the peace status which happened now with eSouth Korea. The Govt stated that if the PTO attempt which had been done repeatedly and failed is actually a successful attempt and had made foreighn operation in PTO-ed country become very expensive. The opposition side said that this statement is very contradictive with the true fact that PANAM and EDEN had good relationship.

The End of 8 Month’s waiting, Admin Granted it
Madrid – After 8 months plus 13 days, this is the needed time for eSpain to regain their lost treasury money which amounted to 3300G. This case started from the lost of the money in the treasury which had connection with organization owned by Danielito FC. The company which owned the treasury money suddenly was gone and bought by another people without knowing who was responsible in selling it. On this matter, eSpain Govt released a complain ticket but they got no answer.
This case kept on hanging dry for months and there had been a storm of finger pointing between eSpain’s citizens. When it had almost been forgotten, suddenly when they were at war with eBrazil, Admin granted their almost forgotten ticket.
Fortunately, with this fresh money, eSpain could manage to grow fiercer when they attacked eBrazil in the recent war. So, for readers who had patiently waited for the response ticket, we informed that there is a new patience threshold: wait for 8 months and 13 days! If your complaints had gone past this bar, then please complain one more time lol.

eUSA Constition protested
eUSA, one of the superpower in eRepublik of course had constitution as the system that regulated their govt. The existing constitution of course had been thought and considered prudently. However, it was found that in the process of making the constitution there was still some gap and holes which profited some of the people who sat in the govt position and some holes allowed them to practice corruption. Like what Joe DaSamoe said in [url=]artikelnya[/url].

In that article it is mentioned that Congress member who was elected every month had the power to regulate the military organizations. It is within the right of Congress to fire the Commander in Chief of eUS Army which of course could be a loophole for Congress to practice corruption and abuse and emblezzment in appointing who will be the Commander in Chief of eUS Army.

Several nations in eRepublik had compiled their constitution which could become standard to regulate civic life. eIndonesia had once attempted to make one, unfortunately the motivation was lost as many of their active players retired and became inactive players.

eMexico In a Pinch!
Mexico City – Unable to get out from the past had made eMexico in a pinch. That’s what happen to this country when two great powers circled in South America region. In the past, eMexico had become punching bag and sitting ducks by eBrazil, almost annihilated by eSpain, encroached by eUSA. But due to their inflexibility in addressing world change, eMexico’s future remained in a pinch and destitute.

Seeing the invasion from ePoland which kept launching to eSouth America, the eMexico CP with a few of congress members proposed MPP with eBrazil, the very country which they thought had betrayed them. They hoped that if eBrazil accepted the MPP, forget the past, they could help to fight against ePoland invasion.
The eMexico citizens were distraught by their Govt’s action, and some of them questioned whether eMexico had forgotten their past. Some even commented that better to be scorched to oblivion rather than having MPP with Brazil. But milk had been spoilt, the MPP was passed in eMexico but refused flatly by eBrazil. Aside from the refusal, in public, eMexico was scorned as having lack of dignity by some eBrazilians.

Responding to this, a few eMexicans suggested to propose friendship to ePoland, and gave way to ePoland so they could go to another PANAM countries. It is uncertain whether this solution had been late or not, with the ePoland having NE status with eMexico, but ePoland seemed to remain indifferent to whatever decision made by eMexico.
So, Quo Vadis eMexico?

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