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Day 1190 - eIndonesia Officially Supports Brazil; Russia to Join PANAM

erepublik news - brazil and indonesiaeIndonesia Officially Supports eBrazil, Region Rent Treaty Between eSerbia and eUK; Salute from eGreece to eTurkey; Upheaval in eSerbia Military; eRomania, eUkraine, Allies, and Treaty; eUruguay community to blacklist several citizens; ePoland denied she will attack eUSA; eRussia to join PANAM

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eIndonesia Officially Supports eBrazil
Jakarta – Shocking news coming very eIndonesia where the news delivered by Ostin—eIndonesian true troller. eIndonesia is reported to support eBrazil and wll block eSpain path to eBrazil. Of course, eBrazil and eArgentina citizens, had close ties with eIndonesia through BIA alliance(Brazil, Indonesia and Argentina), warmly supported this decision.

On the other hand, the Anti-USA citizens became dismayed. eIndonesian decision to support eBrazil implied eIndonesia to support PANAM, eUSA alliance. Ostin himself stated that the one which eIndonesia supported is only eBrazil and eIndonesia still detested eUSA.

Several foreign analysts had another opinion. Among them, some stated that eIndonesia had obviously went against NOW, because no matter what the reason, eIndonesia was to block eSpain which was part of NWO.
eIndonesia’s president - vozack – this month had a mission to Hawaii, but in reality, he was to take the route to eColombia with the pretext of blocking eSpain from invading eBrrazil. If in the end of his term he launched his mission to attack eUSA, which is a part of PANAM, would eIndonesia faced against two alliances at once: PANAM and NWO?

Region Rent Treaty between eSerbia and eUK
London – eUK government today released news on the ongoing region rent treaty between eUK and eSerbia. The treaty was rental of East of England and Yorkshire & Humberside region. eSerbia will pay monthly MPP cost and fee of 250G. Both sides would get bonus of 8 days NE state and 9 days of training war. For the first phase, eSerbia would take East of England, and for the next region, eSerbia will attack East Midlands then the region will be returned through RW. The citizens residing in that region to report to Government to obtain Moving Ticket. eUK Govt was to hold auction for the RW medal to the public. This auction to be held in their forum. The auction would be held in merely 14 hours. The one to win the auction would be instructed to send their fun to the designated organization.

It is not yet known whether eSerbia wants to just rent the land, or is it part of greater scenario to step into eUSA. One eUSa analyzed, which had been posted in DDB a few days ago, had warned that the scenario of joint invasion by eUSA had been circulating for a while. It was just at that time, eUSA citizen responded indifferently.

Salute from eGreece To eTurkey
Athens – Just yesterday, one of eGreece congress mocked eTurkey by releasing article that eTurkey would be sold. Today, another figure from eGreece stated his/her disagreement on that article. According to Geokos in his paper, eGreece has to keep respecting her opponents and not being drown in mud-slinging using RL issues. “… it’s been a week or more we saw eTurkey’s defeat, but the attempts of humiliation is no longer justified", he said. At the end of his article, he expressed salute and respect for eTurkey who had resisted valiantly.

This statement turns out to be very well supported by many people. Everyone stated their support, both from eGreece citizens and eTurkey. Though on the field, there was still several eTurks who harbored revenge and grudge. eGreece from the past history had been eTurkey’s punching bag since a very long war. After eGreece got babyboom, in short time, it was eTurkey’s turn to become overwhelmed and finally defeated.
With this sentiment, it was still unknown and clear how will the polemic between eTurkey and eGreece will turn out.

Upheaval in eSerbian Military
Belgrade – The return of a veteran soldier brought new problems for eSerbia. A retired player who had just returned—Vidovdan 1389—expressed his critics to eSerbian Govt. According to him, who had retired for 5 months, when he started playing for just 5 days, eSerbia still dwelled in the same problem as when he left the game: economic problem. According to him, military troopers must be self-sufficient and must not burden the Govt. So did with war, he suggested the front againt eCroatian to be closed, whether with peace treaty or eSerbia’s retreat. Because the eCroatian problem had been too long and annoying. He also expressed that if the problem in Balkan finished, at least eSerbia could replaced it with Texas in the future.

His statement instantly provoked swarms of response from eSerbian citizens. Some said that it was too premature of him to judge the situation just by playing for 5 days. Some commented that eSerbia’s lost in war was due to too few soldiers obeying the order. But on the other hand, this comment was also opposed by others who pointed that there was great damage report which is shown by maxihellas. There was also problems with the soldier’s absent, several people regarded that the only soldiers who obeyed the command are the ones who was in #Army. Of course, this is opposed flatly by the other citizens who entered the war although they were not in irc.

From the ongoing polemics, there is also one who commented in relaxed mood, “This is democratic country, where do you want to go into the war, using their own money, is up to him. "

eRomania, eUkraine, Allies, and Treaty
Bucharest - eRomania, a country which had once ruled the world of eRepublik, was now in a pinch against their enemies from NWO side. The war which was still on turned a great deal more difficult as many eRomanian top figures left. On the other hand, the relationship between friendly countries often turned to be ambivalent, like a saying, one’s friend today become the enemy tomorrow.

But, eRomanian MoFA released a friendship article for eUkraina who also suffered from the attack from several nations. In the article the MoFA stated that eRomania has not changed her goal at all and would defend her traditional allies, which is eUkraine.

To show forth their good will, eRomania brought out the issue of eRomanian reinforcement in the eUkraine front. They stated that the reinforcement speaks louder than a million words. Then, eRomiania, also promised to regain everything that had been lost before. This is to ward off all kinds of enemy propaganda to eUkraine, and to smooth out the land-swap treaty of  2 eUkraine regions: iron and fish region for the MPP cost between eUkraine and eRomania. But there was still one region left to be given due to war between eHungaria vs eUkraine.

Blacklist for Several Citizens in eUruguay Community
Montevideo – Elephants died leaving tusks, Tigers died leaving their stripes, mumun (eIndonesian citizen) died leaving debt. Maybe that’s what illustrated some crime made by several eUruguay citizens. They were put into Govt blacklist after they were known to be involved in treasury money’s theft on November 2010.

At the beginning, the Govt was in doubt whether their accusation was justified. Therefore, they asked Admin’s help to resolve who was actually involved in the scandal. Admin granted the plea and revealed who exactly involved, and what organization and amount of money stolen. It was revealed that the stolen money amounted to: 920G, 11000UYU and 1300HUF. The fund was taken from the National Bank and was dispersed via monetary exchange. Several organizations were also involved, and the list of suspects were: Chukamika, Leo de Salto, and The eParvadomus phigas3.

The eUruguay govt divulged the scandal due to the increasing influence of people above which attempted to get into congress and govt posts. They acted as if the other people didn’t know their shameful act in the past.

ePolandia Denied Plan to Invade eUSA
Little Poland – As the issue got more intense from several nations towards ePoland, the issue that ePoland will attack eUSA; but the Govt recently denied the gossip. ePoland Govt said that both countries had attempted to help and trust one another for two years and defended each country’s sovereignity. It is also stated that eUSA will get real invasion, sooner or later, from eIndonesia. That’s the statement according to ePoland Govt.
With this statement, it was clear that eUSA position was now in advantage while PANAM and NWO will not pose any threat against eUSA. But with skillful diplomations eIndonesia may get enough support from other countries.

Russia to Join PANAM
Russia, our ally in PHX several months ago had declared themselves as member of PANAM. [url=]Artikel[/url] from St Krems stated that eRussia declared she would join PANAM to fight against NWO.

In the article, it is mentioned that with eRussia joining them, PANAM could be expected to defend against NWO military aggression and achieved their goal. On the other hand, PANAM also stated that they would take peaceful solution, if possible, and forget the old scores. St Krems also stated that eTurkey and eGreece needed to get into talk to get a clear solution that won’t require further conflict between the 2 PANAM states.
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