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Day 1191 – Interview with Russian president; Treaty between Greece vs Turkey FAILED!

erepublik news - russia greece turkeyeSerbian Military Suffered Financial Problem, Third eTurkey-eGreece Negotiation Ended in Failure!, eTurkey’s Power Divided; Will BiA be Solid Again?; Romanian Victory Tainted by Cheat; eBulgaria Held Miss eBulgaria Event; PANAM, eFrance, and eRussia; BASI Interview with eRussian President

Editorial Note,
eSerbia seems to suffer some troubles as several days before they were criticized a player there, at the same time, the treaty agreement between eGreece and eTurkey failed for the third time. Several countries seemed to start deciding their choice in alliance. We hope these information can provide the illustration on the current world movement for the readers.

That’s our opening note, enjoy da news ^^.


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eSerbia Military Suffered Financial Problem
Belgrade – eSerbian Congress proposed several policies which would make eSerbia military irritated. Govt declared within few hours that the proposal to drop VAT to 1% is to be accepted. With that proposal, the country income will naturally decreased. Although, eSerbia military expenditure for 3 days: 200.000 RSD. This is bigger than ePoland military expenditure which is: 150.000 PLN for one week. With the decrease of tax, Govt declared that within the next 10 days, eSerbia military won’t be able to perform in maximum force, and maybe even some operation will no longer be financed by the govt.

This policy provoked irritation from military members in this country. Several soldiers scorned congressmen and labeled them as patriotic. They also commented that how is it possible that eSerbians are not financed for battle, and what must they say to the other alliance members if they can’t give significant contribution in war?

As released by DDB yesterday, eSerbia military had been under criticism by a just-active old player. With the last case, eSerbia can suffer difficulties in performing military operation in the future. There are some suggestion from several analysts that these soldiers should be self-sufficient in financing their ops, but of course that would be a very difficult thing to do abruptly.

Third Negotiation between eTurkey-eGreece Failed!

Athens – The newest negotiation between the reps from eGreece and eTurkey met another deadlock after some heated and animated debate. This started from stankovic’s attempt – he is ex-Turket CP who kept threatening to PTO eGreece. Up until this time, according to eGreece president, it has been 200 eTurkey names detected in eGreece territories. eGreece won’t start another negotiation under threat and won’t believe if the current president really represented eTurkey. This is quite sound, since eTurkey had sent 2 presidents but in a few more days, the current president’s status would expire, and now there is new president. Aside of that, eGreece is also offended by eTurkey’s demand which sounds like demanding eGreece to surrender, although eGreece is the victor.

ARISTOMAXOS – president of eGreece stated that eTurkey was the first one to attack eCyprus, and eGreece only retaliated, and they indeed won the war. Therefore, eTurkey only had right to demand their original regions without rights to interfere on eCyprus matter. Even more, in their current condition, eTurkey couldn’t even be able to get their original region.

eTurkey herself was represented by dr erol who said that there had been several error from the system that the chosen president was wrong seeral times. He also didn’t like stankovic and asked ARISTOMAXOS to cooperate for peace so that stankovic can stop. If needed, if he couldn’t stop stankovic, he would change his citizenship to eGreece. He also admitted eTurkey’s fault as the first party to start the war, and he could provide official statement if needed.

But what dr erol told him could no longer assuage ARISTOMAXOS who’s been offended by stankovic. To warm up the situation and asked what the he wants, and how he could stop  stankovic, ARISTOMAXOS merely answered hotly that it’s eTurkey’s own business to prevent stankovic’s plan, and challenged eTurkey to meet once more in battlefield.

eTurkey — Divided
Istanbul — after several times failure in negotiations, eTurkey began to try another path: warfare. Recently, some citizens started gathering funds for RW; it was seen hundreds of gold had been gathered. In the previous incident, several citizens had started PTO tactic on eGreece, while many other citizens were divided in many countries.

If we see these facts, it is obvious that eTurkey is like chicken without rooster, there is no unifying figure and direction; there are many initiatives but no unified purpose. In every article stating operation objectives, eTurkey Govt asked the people to remain patient and save money in case the moment comes for resistance.

In the mean time, propaganda war between two countries. After outrageous article where eTurkey was sold from eGreece, the article was soon rebuffed with another article from eGreece; today there are counter article from eTurkey to eGreece. The current attack responded to the accusation that eTurkey is a cheater country due to many of its president were banned due to multiple account. In the response article, eTurkey accused eGreece of doing the same thing, the only difference was that from many eGreece CPs who were banned, their account was deleted or got unbanned again.

BiA, will they become solid?
Brasilia - Sulejmani, the former ex-Brazil president released an article reminding people about the history and struggle which eBrazil, eIndonesia, and eArgentina went through since the past. Dalam [url=]artikelnya[/url] He told about the brotherhood between eBrazil, eArgentina, and eIndonesia which had been started since PEACEgc was formed. This story began when we attacked eSA and eAustralia together, fought ATLANTIS (eArgentina) in South America which made eArgentina got out from ATLANTIS and together with eBrazil and eIndonesia swore brotherhood in BiA.

Sulejmani is very impressed with eIndonesia’s action to come to South America to help eBrazil and eArgentina. Sulejmani also hoped to see another war done together by BiA members, but he also gave special note in this article that he loves eIndonesia and will go together anywhere eIndonesia goes. Will eBrazil choose BiA more than PANAM? We shall see when the time comes.

eRomanian Victory Tainted by Cheat
Budapest – Yesterday, in devastating battle in SGP, eHungary suffered flatly from defeat with the battle Hero medal winner from eRomania, cestimacn, wholesalerly wiped out all the medals with average damage of over than 300 thousand! A very astounding number. In fact, he used an exploit from food so he could eat without limit. He was permanently banned by admin.

Of course this soon become shocking news and shameful thing to eRomania. Smif, eRomania president said in his defense that the bug had been used by many people and eSerbia CP had contacted him, asking whether he had informed the food bug to his troops or not. He straightaway informed the bug to admin. But this statement was mocked by quicksilver: a dino, ex-admin which is fired and had just been reborn. Quicksilver stated that the statement was reversed, smif’s real intention: admin was the one contacting smif about the bug.

eBulgaria to Hold Miss eBulgaria Pageant
Sofia – eBulgaria is indeed enjoying their progress. The rate of citizen increase looked very stable and now had reaced 4th rank in the world. The president continued to propose directions and progress everyday. To warm up the situation so as not to make everything tense, several citizens held Miss eBulgaria contest which is supported by the govt.

In this contest, every candidate must register through skype account and attached 3 photographs. In each photograph, the candidate must hold a notice board which said: Miss Universe and eRepublik to avoid cloning.

eIndonesia had once held similar contest, events like this are often held by some nations to reduce the tension when they were in conflict.

PANAM, eFrance, and eRussia
After the failure of negotiation with ePoland, eFrance, one of PANAM members released article on their victory in RW-ing their original region from ePoland with the aid from PANAM countries that Poitou-charentes was taken with the final score of 8-1. They are also grateful to PANAM because they have opened 4 RWs in ePoland occupied to help them regain poitou-charentes.

On the other hand, eRussia which several days ago joining PANAM, released a statement through their MoFA that the reason they joined PANAM is because there is Brazil, Argentina, and Turkey who was their allies. They didn’t want to join NWO and EDEN because eRomania and ePoland were there.

Interview with President of eRussia
Moscow - this interview is outdated since mr. president really busy and can only answer just now. But its good to read btw. Here is the interview:

DDB: As you can read in my newspaper, my source said that eRussia closer to PANAM, is that true that eRussia will join PANAM?

simust2: Yes it is. Russia joined in Panam.

DDB: Which alliance do you think is the best now? the strongest and solid organization?

simust2: EDEN - the most friendly alliance, NWO - the most powerful. PANAM - the youngest and dynamic alliance, which has excellent prospects

DDB: How do you describe your political foreigners point of view?

simust2: *no comment*

DDB: I knew that your country (from peter era) has been involved in many wars, and you ever got beaten up by ePoland. Compare with the past time, do you think your country is stronger now?

simust2: Unfortunately, no. The population of ePoland at the moment beyond our ... But we are able to fight any opponent.

DDB: In your prediction, what is America Latin at the future?

simust2: I think Poland kicked out of Mexico.

DDB: Who is the real threat for your country at the future?

simust2: The threat is always there

DDB: Last one, any opinion and message for our news reader in eIndonesia?

simust2: I would like to wish good luck and good mood


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