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Day 1192 - eUK join PANAM, eTurkey get It’s region back

erepublik news britain surpriseeAustralian Residents Exodus, eUK join PANAM, eTurkey get It’s region back, eIran ePresident resignation, eBulgarian Discipline Military, eParaguay Girls, Who register?; Montenegro really wants it, but . . .

Editor Notes,
What a Shock! After wandering for so long, eUK finally decided to join PANAM. Of course this news surprised many parties, especially eSerb who is currently there. eTurkey, also made a surprise by winning the rebellion against eGreek, although previously they were divided and didn’t unite.
While many countries makes astonishing surprises, some other countries just relax and having fun.

Maybe that's all for now, prepare your snacks, and enjoy.


- Silent
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eAustralian Residents exodus
Sidney - One by one Australian officials leave their country. After the Angel-demon project by eIndonesia that makes many of their citizens moved, then the country’s clearance from the map for several times, and also the region loans agreement makes the country on the brink of boredom. Although there are war games with Chile, but the country’s economy continues to deteriorate. The lack of baby boom and government environment which only controled by a few groups has made the exodus waves of their citizens increase every day. After having previously Widdows 9000 sold his account and decided to leave this game, then frymonmon a veteran player decides to leave the country and in his article he mentioned that eAustralian Gov. is just an old-boys network, a popularity contest and a group that is only run by 10 elite only. We ought to wait how things will turn out next because the state, which borders directly with eIndonesia, known to be close to some of the admin. Will the admin do something to this country again?

eUK join PANAM
London - Confusion on which alliance to choose did not only hit eIndonesia, eEngland also appeared to experience it as well as any other ex-Phoenix. Jamesw, a Britain politician explains that there are 3 blocks that exist today, those are Panam, EDEN, and the NWO. In his article he said that when the final decision has been decided, he prefers eEngland joining an alliance, although it can cause eEngland got erased from the world map once again than becoming a neutral country. Jamesw also mentioned, eEngland military might not be one of the greats but also not an useless country. His article received good response from the EDEN, NWO and also Panam. For more details you can read it here “where do we go, what do we do”

And in fact, they’re confusion are not prolonged, the government's recent release has made an surprising statement. eUK declares to join the PANAM. It is indeed far beyond expectations because eUK has approved the region loan agreement with eSerbia which is eUK’s great friends and companions for about 2 years and were currently involved in a fight with NWO against PANAM.

In the eUK Government article, they are grateful for everything that happened in PEACE and Phoenix. However, eUK once again declares the same thing with some previous state. Although they are enemies in combat, but eHungary and eSerbia are still considered as friends, which will be very difficult for PANAM and NWO to still fighting because of the friendly relations between the two camps.

eTurkey get it’s region back

Istanbul - After the clogged 3round peace talks yesterday, eTurkey with their new president – dr_erol - kicked off and start RW at the Southeastern Anatolia. With the assistance of many eIndonesian fighters and some eBrazil’s fighters, eTurkey can finally win it’s region. This victory, as predicted, was greeted with joy by eTurkey citizens in exile or those who were living in the area. A big thanks is conveyed  to those who helps. And right now, the second RW has started at the Eastern Anatolia region, and eTurkey has won 2 of the existing 8 rounds of battle.
This RW is a response from the previous negotiation stalemate. In the talks, eGreeks parties unilaterally terminate the negotiations and challenge eTurkey to finish it in the battlefield. Yet, their struggle has not finished because eGreek’s president in just a few hours immediately proposed eTurkey as their Natural enemy.

Nevertheless, the propaganda war continues. This time one of eTurkey satirical eGreek’s resident named exohoritis who is believed to have bought 17.000G. They said that exohoritis did it as representation of the RL discomfort. exohoritis now have won 169 BH medal which is very fantastic. In addition, they also satirize the citizen’s behavior in discrediting eMacedonia issues in RL.

War in eTurki will be more complicated that although they’re on PANAM, PANAM itself seemed very reluctant in supporting it. As seen on other countries such as the eSerbian who supports eGreek and eMacedonia who is supporting eTurkey, whereas eSerbia and eMacedonian has a close relationship. Not to mention eIndonesia which is close with eSerbia but also close to eTurkey. Quite confusing isn’t it?

eIran ePresident resignation
Tehran - After eBrazil president’s retreat, today it’s eIran President turn who resigned and was replaced by Laya. This happens because how inactive the president were and his RL busyness. At least that's what the redaction can conclude from eIran media as it’s difficult to understand. But laya’s existence is well supported by all parties. As well as eBulgarian president who now has a contract with eIran in borrowing eIran’s region, he accept Laya pretty well.
Laya instructed the contract which has been running to be continued, and RW medals will continue to be auctioned by him. Until now they have successfully gathered more than 140g from the RW medal’s auction. eBulgaria President also instructed its citizens to help the contract working smoothly, He even said that he would take part in the liberation of the region.
For foreign policy, seen when Laya will continue his friendship with eTurkey that has happened from long tme-being

eBulgaria Discipline Military
Sofia - eBulgaria is indeed growing and continues to move toward superpower. This was shown by the increasing eBulgaria population ranking. With a very active president who actively directs its people(he issued a release almost every day), and also the country’s administration member of that held events actively. Now it’s eBulgaria’s military turns to direct their army.

This country turns out to have created a script to monitor the their army’s movement. By using this script, they know the total damage to their soldier, time and place when these soldiers take parts. While monitoring troops movement details, the military can find out which players are 'fake' and which is real.

Hence, eBulgaria could know their actual military strength. On the other hand, they could also apply penalty or punishment when there is a soldier that violates the army rule. The first level of punishment is in the form of a one-time termination of subsidies for the next exercise. The second penalty is 2x subsidies termination for the next exercise. And if there is a third violation, he would be fired from the barrack.
If there is criticism, the soldiers are welcome to fill in due form, and it’s also emphasized that barrack is not for recreation and leisure.

eParaguay girls, Who want to apply?
Asuncion – Yesterday, editors were surprised by the arrival of a sexy eParaguay president - alvarela. She expressed her admiration for the international news presented by DDB and hopes one day there will be news about eParaguay. When editors make a return visit and walking around the country, it seems the country which this girl led is seems to be far away from conflict and full of joy. In recent news topics, we can see the girls show up eParaguay narcissistictly on the newspaper page, released by the president. For more details you can read here.

While the world’s countries are struggling with a lot of existing problematic, eParaguay seems relaxed, with no crisis in the parliament, no wars, no Natural Enemy, and only one MPP with eBrazil which will expire in 5 days. With a population of only 479 people, eParaguay seems to be very peaceful, safe, and tranquil. The only thing we can found is the political party of the president, submitting articles to the eWorld about their narcisstic. Anybody want to take vacation to eParaguay?

Montenegro really wants it, but . . .
Podgorica - Some residents had already planned to have war with another country, but apparently this will not happen in the near future. A prominent eMontenegro - persu chogo in his article explain in details that the citizen minority desire are not possible. eMontenegro is now neighbors with eCroatia with the number of fighters as much as 5102, while the country has only 537 fighters. Currently the country are allies with eSerbia, and with the existing situation, this country can only fought eCroatia. And in other words, this country will only become a supporting actor unless there is a baby boom in this country.

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