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Day 1193 - eIndonesia is On Fire and Conflict in the game carry over into RL

erepublik news indonesia on firePeace Agreement between eEstonia and eLatvia, THE ELITE OF THE ELITE OF THE ELITE, eIndonesia is On Fire, eRussia truce with Ukraine, Statistics New Citizens Most in eDunia, Conflict in the game carry over into RL, eSerbia Elite Forces Opens Job Query

Editor's Note,
Its hard for us to find news today since most of the country all over the new world dominated by Congress ellection. So, without any bla-bla-bla, enjoy today news!


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Translated by: rifqionta

Peace Agreement between eEstonia and eLatvia.
Tallinn – eEstonia news were saying that their President entered into a treaty with eLatvia. After the peace proposal from eEstonia who did not want to delete eLatvia from the map, but the game mechanic make it happen. eEstonia, represented by their president, MoD and MoFA held a treaty agreement even though the people from both parties do not want it. Meanwhile the president of eEstonia then held a war game with eFinland who proposed them as Natural Enemy, but most of their citizen do not want it, so the debate is still on go.

Washington - The United States has opened registration for Panam Mobile Force, an elite unit that was inspired from EMC (Eden Mobile Coprs) provides the opportunity for the citizens of the members - their members to join together. The conditions include:

1-) You must have 3000 strength and 500k rank points.
2-) You must be citizen of a Panam country.
3-) When you get online you should idle on the channel which will be given to you.
4-) You do not need to leave your current unit to join PTA.

If you’re interested in joining, you can fill out this application [url = https: / / / viewform? Formkey = dE5ZZlNfV096T0JsRTN3bWM4RWdjMWc6MQ] Application Form [/ url]

to check your influence, you can use this [url =] Influence Calculator [/ url]
They called themselves the "Special Force = THE ELITE OF THE ELITE OF THE ELITE"

eIndonesia is On Fire
Jakarta - Near the end of the current administration's cabinet, eIndonesia has established himself to not be influenced by any other nations. One of eIndoensian figures - Wonder Forwad - issued a release for eIndonesia to be brave and not afraid of anything, this time a journalist - Rui chovsky – uplift eIndonesian passion with a simple cartoon. The cartoon narrated about how eIndonesia who is requesting assistance to some countries which once were friends to attack eUSA, but it turns out that all of these countries reject the request because they are now allies with eUSA. But those fact does not make the hero scared to keep his stand. For the cartoon you can read it[url =] here [/ url]
eIndonesia is currently planning to attack eHawaii, but the situation if eIndonesia attack eUSA, less likely they’ll be supported by nation friends. On the other hand, who knows what strategy will be implemented by the government because right now, eIndonesia has sped into the America continent by taking some eColombia’s regions.

Besides the thread above, eIndonesia people also seen to be active in the event [url = ] flirting competition [/ url] held by a citizen named Arifianti. People seems to be so enthusiastic to exist and make living in eIndonesia more lively. Could eIndonesia become an influential country in the international arena once again?

eRussia truce with Ukraine
Moscow - After experiencing war with eUkraine for some time, eUkraine and eRussia today agreed on a peace treaty. The contents of the peace agreement include:
1) Russia rents Siveria and Taurida. Tenancy starts when a peace treaty is accepted between eRussia and eUkraine.

2) The initial term of tenancy is 1 (one) month. The contract may be prolonged by mutual agreement between countries. Total price of the lease is 225 gold per month. The payment is devided into 4 parts: 56.25 gold per week.

3) Restoration of regions Podolia, Polisia, Dnipro, Sloboda, Donbas starts after signing of this Agreement. There are two ways of restoration: direct attacks and resistance wars.

4) eRomania stands as the guarantor of observance of contractual obligations.

5) If unauthorized resistance war starts in leased regions, the eUkrainian army will take part in suppressing it.  Appropriate orders are announced to the population. If resistance war takes more than 20 hours to be suppressed, country guarantor sends it’s military units to help in suppression. Any other army units of the country-guarantor’s allies may be sent for suppression the resistance with eRussia President’s consent.

By this agreement, eRussia can focused to perform their obligations as members of PANAM alliance and take care of Belarus issues. According to the president also, eRussia get a pretty good improvement in the economy and in the near future will propose MPP with eChina, eGreek and eBulgaria.

Statistics New Citizens Most in eDunia
Skopje - Nikola Komita - an eMacedonia citizen makes a pretty neat research. After diligently monitoring for 3 days, he published the results of his study of 15 biggest countries which have the largest population increase. The first rank was occupied by eBrazil with 1485 new residents, followed in particular order is eRussia in second place and eUSA in third place. eIndonesia itself in the list are on the 9th place with the addition of 459 new residents. For more details you can see it [url =] here [/ url].

Conflict in the game carry over into RL
Skopje - A feud in eMacedonia regarding congress election bring victims in which a RL friendship sacrificed for the sake of position in the New World. Says A and B are best friends in RL, then A accused B has doing dirty politics and taught how to not pay taxes. In his article we can see a screen capture from his statement complete with his comments in an article. But B responded with a slightly bitter. He lamented how RL friendship must end by trivial things in the game? Not to mention that according to him, a screen capture made by his political opponents is a vile slander and mere photoshop edits! He accused his opponent back with evidence that his opponent has spent 3 million of damage to help the enemy.
Often happen that games get carried over into RL. Once this has happen in the age of beta and possibly more severe. DDB once had an amazing journalist who can infiltrate all governments, he was Francis Hunyadi. Because of the dangers of the information he gets and revealed to the public, he gets a killing threat in RL. Because of this reason he eventually resigned from erepublik

eSerbia Elite Forces Opens Job Query
Belgrade - eSerbia elite forces which currently consists of 50 active members has re-opened membership with the terms: 11/guru** level of working skills, strength power by 2250, active and respect the rules provided. Currently, these elite troops have 2 Q5 weapon factories in eSerbia, a Q4 food factory, a Q5 house, Q3 and Q1 ticket, and many raw companies.
They are confidence that their army is very solid. Although the mechanism of the game has changed many times, these troops has survived and remain the strongest in eSerbia. For those of you who want to join can fill this [url =] form [/ url] or visit their IRC channel at #elita.public at Mibbit server.

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