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Day 1196 - eIndonesia has Threathen the eUSA and a Date with Alvarela

erepublik news - Indonesia vs USAeIndonesia has Threathen the eUSA, Internal Conflict Within eUSA, eIndonesia Joined NWO?, eSerbia is Preparing for Attack, eGreece's Won with the help of Chicken(Headless Chicken?), Hacker took action in eRussia's Goverment, a Date with Alvarela

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Translated by: JendralKopassus

eIndonesia has threaten the eUSA

Jakarta - An explosion of suprise is coming from the South East Asia, eIndonesia's movement which has reached ePhilippine to eColombia has shock many people and questions about it. But finally it has answered; eIndonesia has made eUSA his Natural Enemy. It doesn't end there; eIndonesia has also signed 2 MPP at the same time with ePoland and eSerbia which are the biggest rivals of eUSA.

Earlier, people of eIndonesia strongly stated to the eWorld that they are not afraid of the strange situation from their brothers' nation about their decision to attack eUSA. And with this last step, eIndonesia is showing herself as a country which needs to be considered and shouldn't take lightly.

One of the famous persons from eUSA is again stated his wonderment about the action which eIndonesia has taken. T Fergusson stated that eUSA really want to make a friendship with eIndonesia to support and trust each other. He kept stating his wonderment about what is really happening with eIndonesia and eUSA. On the other side, some people also question why eIndonesia really want a fruit region of Hawaii, even eIndo has 2 regions with that same resource. All of these were answered by the people of eIndonesia with mostly answered this as their "dream", eIndonesia wants to sieze the dream.

From eArgentina, one of the famous persons of eArgentina which is also the wife of the ex-President of eIndonesia - aban - stated that acctually eArgentina citizens did'nt like eUSA very much for quite a while. eUSA has  an unclear Foreign Affairs, which is in eTurkey's case the eUSA is clearly shown that they are ally of eGreece whereas on the other side, was eTurkey which is one of the member of PANAM and they are blocked and attacked by the eUSA. She said that starting from now we have to build a new alliance based on only BIA and start to attack eUSA together. Her opinion has also made a public conflict in eArgentina. Some were pro and others were contra. The contra's stated that eIndonesia is disloyal, because eIndonesia is signing MPPs with NOW.

A shout coming from eArgentina to build BIA alliance has given a good respond from Bolivia. Some of Bolivian citizens said that this alliance will built in order to fight against PANAM, NWO or other hegemonics in the eWorld. Stated in an article realeased in eBolivia, BIA could consist of eIndonesia, eBrazil, eArgentina, eTurkey, eMacedonia, etc.

It is a different case in eBrazil, majoriy of this county were very regret with the action taken by eIndonesia. Some of them said eIndonesia as disloyal and this is the end of BIA brotherhood. That was at least the majority of new citizens in eBrazil. Olorum himself is on of the elders of eBrazil said that this is only a game, and the one should be considered is the friendship, and not the nationalism. Those who were friends today, someday will may become foe. This is a game and there will be no one dies when fighting with eIndonesia.

From eUSA this news were suddenly made a turmoil in the middle of the politics and internal conflict between INCI and eUSA. Some of the eUSA player said that this is the return of Phoenix with their trio which are eIndonesia, eSerbia and eHungary. Some insulted eIndonesia with the words "Penix is back". OWLS and INCI stated their support to fight with eUSA if the fight with eIndonesia takes place. In respond, one of the citizens of eArgentina lalcdan sated his worries. He said the eUSA is in a difficult position which it should be considered that eIndonesia has really strong companionship with eBrazil and eArgentina. If the eUSA cannot take a decisive choise, there might be a civil war in the fight between eIndonesia and eUSA.

One of the congressmen of eUSA from California - ligtreb - instead said to all citizens of California to immediately move away to other regions, because Hawaii has a direct border with California. He said that this is just a precaution for safety and not to be surrender. It is also stated that he is ready to give away free moving tickets if needed.

With the dramatic changes recently, at least it shown that what eIndonesia is doing now really makes the blood vessels of every nation are in tense and focusing their attention back to a country far in the east, which is eIndonesia. Will eIndonesia able to reach their dream?

Internal Conflict within the eUSA

Washington - From eUSA themselves have been busy by their internal conflict which the citizens of eUSA come shoulder to shoulder to counter the PTO trials from INCI, a game community from eTurkey. At the early counts of Congress Election, INCI has already 30 places in the congress, but with good coordination, eUSA gather a report for the suspicious accounts and admin were finally disqualified some of the candidate from INCI. As a result, eUSA has saved from PTO from INCI.

INCI players said that they will always be with eUSA and will always follow the battle order from DoD. Included if they need to fight against eTurkey and fight with eGreece. And for the threat from eIndonesia, they stated that they are ready to to defend eUSA. Even so, this statement has negative responds from the majority of eUSA citizens.

A community coming from an external forum to overcome a country is not an odd thing. ePakistan - a place where Dio came from - was actually from a 4chan community, but was really successful and made ePakistan a fearful empire. Additionally Goon is also coming from external forum and overcame and destroyed the pillars of eGreece. When the early stand of eIndonesia and became the country number 1 in the eWorld, was because of Kaskus Community. How about INCI? That it unclear if INCI really will build the country or not after INCI was kicked out from eUK and did not trusted there.

Other than this politic clash, in the Foreign Affairs eUSA has froblems, especially after the dualism in the eGrece and eTurkey's case. In this conflict, eUSA has signed MPP with eGreece which is the enemy of eTurkey, even eTurkey is a member of PANAM. With the threat of disunity in PANAM, internal conflict and threat from NWO countries, it seems that eUSA is in struggle position.

eIndonesia Joined NWO?

London- Ostin stated in his article that eIndonesia officially signed MPP with NWO. This of course a provocative statement and this has become the main topic in some countries, especially in eBrazil and eArgentina. From brotherhood BIA, they directly receive this statement and said that eIndonesia is disloyal to BIA and this is the end of BIA. It is the same with eUK. Some of the eUK citizens look worried with the presence of eSerbia, unbalanced of eUSA and the official statement from eIndonesia, which eIndonesia has joined NWO.

The worries of eUK have been appeased by their officials, that this conflict in eWorld will end someday and there will be alliances which will be the true ruins of PHX and EDEN. Even so, the MOFA of eIndonesia  - Kertajaya - stated that eIndonesia is not joining NWO and will not attack their brothers in the south.

Even the MOFA of eIndonesia said so, from the scout of editorial staff from some sources in South America, especially in eBrazil and eArgentina, majority thought eIndonesia has joined NWO. Even more with the statement from ostin which is "[Official] Hell Yeah eIndo does MPP with NWO". If eIndonesia really not joining with NWO, there should be an official statement, so there will be no unclear situation and propaganda from both sides.

From NWO countries such as eSPain, they necessarily looked at this as a big chance. They are inviting and asking eIndonesia to join with NWO because they will obviously fight against eUSA. There are many people commented on this but even so, the public of eIndonesia has still not decided whether to sacrifice a friendship which has tied long ago, or just making new relationship and join with NWO.

eSerbia is Preparing for attack

Belgrade - There was a technical error in game which made eSerbia attacked London. Although earlier eUK - which is a member of PANAM - stated their worry on this event, the eUK's goverment has calmed their citizen by stating that eSerbia - a member of NWO - is still their friend. It is of course a bit wierd that eUK still looks ambiguous in the welcoming presence of a NWO country in their territory.

eSerbia is continue to penetrate through eUK and in just a short time will have border with eUSA. It has been a while that eSerbia said to be wanted to conquer eTexas. In public of eSerbia, the citizens encouraged to save and reach the goal stock which has been determined. It has shown that in their country, some preparations and mobilizations of mass is still occured.

eGreece's Won with the help of 'Headless Chicken'

Athens - Yesterday eGreece won the fight with eTurkey with a strange event. In that battle which only 4 minutes left, eTurkey was winning the fight with 54%. But suddenly the headless chicken suddenly appeared together with the announcement of 10 minutes maintenance. And after that maintenance, eGeece suddenly won the fight with 52%.

From other information, eRussia has also signed an MPP with eGreece. It is really a weird action to consider that eUSA and eRussia are the members of PANAM and more to support eGreece instead of eTurkey which is a member of PANAM too. eTurkey has continued the struggle to take their regions one by one even in that fight, eTurkey must fight against countries in the same alliance as they are.

Hacker took action in eRussia's Goverment

Moscow - An attack in Russia where 2 government's organizations for army academy and citizens support has just hacked by hacker. But with a fast respond, President of eRussia - simust2 - has succeeded taking control of all and restores the situation. It is still now known what the motive behind this attack, because it is unclear about who is the actor behind this attack. But allegedly that this might be was to discredit the government.

In other occasion, a technocrat in eRussia - 4erfr0nt - has made an advanced tool to monitor all activities and changes occurring in eRepublik. These activities are such monex, congress, military and many other functions including for entrepreneur. The application is called erepTC/erep Total Control. About the interface of this software can be seen [here]

A Date with Alvarela

queen of eParaguayAsuncion - Finally editor has the chance to sit together with President of eParaguay which just recently made a rag with her narcissist bio data. The curiosity of editor about who she is has finally answered. What is her criteria guy? What are the requirements to get eMarried with her? Here is the Interview.

DDB: How do u feel became an idol?

This question already makes me blush. I’m not an idol, but yes, you could say that I’m popular because since I began eRepublik I was always very active and I made very very good friends IRL. I have a great relationship with other players.

DDB: do u have any agenda to baby boom?

Yes I do, and it already started making its profits. Recently I prepared and invitation explaining to rules of the game, the current situation of our country, some links for people to get help when they start… I sent this invitation to all of my contacts and I encouraged other players to do the same. Plus I sent this also to some websites for gamers and it turned out very well. We increased our population very fast and we’re helping our new “babies” with guides, some food when they don’t have, etc. through the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Wellness.

DDB: What is the biggest problem that happened in your country?

No major problems have had taken place in eParaguay. We’ve a peaceful environment there. But the biggest issue that we’re facing right now is that some experienced players are quitting and emigrating to other “bigger” countries because in bigger countries they have bigger war ACTION.

DDB: How do u handle that problem?

We have a state organization to repatriate these citizens. We encourage them to come back and work for the wellness of the country. Also, the war is the main motivation for this people to come back, so we’re always trying to maintain the Army very active by looking for MPP’s that can give us more action for those players thirsty of blood xD. But the best strategy for me is a good relationship with the players, for them to feel comfortable and happy in their country. Currently we are working in giving the best and most dedicated players a reward for their efforts to the country.

DDB: Do u think that your country have any enemy?

Every country has an enemy I think. Since eParaguay is not a superpower I believe that many countries have an eye on us since you could think that we’re “piece of cake” (but beware, ‘cause we’re not!). But right now we’re surrounded by two big superpowers like eBrasil and eArgentina, and we’re maintaining good relationships with them, so I don’t see a major menace to our future

DDB: In your opinion, what is the best alliance now?

The best alliance in my opinion, regarding specifically my country, is PANAM. Why? Because of our close relation with the member countries, specially eBrasil and eFrance; and because in the past we’ve been mainly pro-Phoenix and the members of PANAM are also pro-PHX.

DDB: What do u think about eIndonesia? :)

I can not give you a proper opinion about Indonesia; so far I haven’t build a close relationship with your country. But definitely I would love to because Indonesia is a superpower with a very good reputation for us. Just in case you didn’t know, 1 year and a half ago, when I started playing, Indonesia was the first superpower to sign an MPP with us and that helped us to grow a lot on those times; so, since Paraguayan citizens have a very good memory, until now we remember Indonesia with respect and appreciation.

DDB: Is there any term for those who want to propose you? :)

Of course, LOTS OF GOLDS loooool. Naaaa, I’m not sooooo demanding, so whoever wants to reach my heart can do it with respect and tenderness. I think that’s every girl’s demand. But some golds for the eWedding party and the eHoney moon will not bother me hahahahaha. Plus, whoever wants to marry me has to be very active in the game and get to know and love eParaguay and its citizens as much as I do.

DDB: What kind of man do u like? Lol

Hahahahahaha you keep on making me blush!!! I don’t know if we’re still talking about eR or RL lol. In eR I already said what I like; IRL, I like a man who can make me laugh, someone that I can share my dreams with and give me a looot of attention xDDD. So if a guy doesn’t have enough time to spoil me, is useless if he approaches to me. It might seem too much but I can be a very good girlfriend that’s why I ask a lot hehe.

DDB: Any message for our news reader?

I invite you all if you wanna join our channel on rizon #eparaguayos to get to know us better. We have a very nice community, very active, and we always have lots of fun talking about anything! Not only eRepublik. I wanna thank you all for taking time to read my silly answers haha. And do not hesitate to add me, I don’t have many Indonesian friends so I would love to add some to my precious list :D
Kisses and love for everyone! thx for the interviewwwwwww muah muaaaahhh

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