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Day 1197 - eBrazil Officially Defends eUSA; eArgentina acts neutral

erepublik news - brazil and argentinaDo You Know The Changes Admin Recently Performed?; eSerbia continue their mobilization; Return of the elders of eUSA; Western Serbia Lease Plan by eMacedonia; eBrazil Officially Defends eUSA; eArgentina acts neutral

Editor Notes,
Tensity, anger, upset, sadness, disappointed. That's what editors monitor from friendly countries respond who joined in an unspoken alliance with the name of the BiA. The two friendly countries issued their final act, both of them made tough decision. A lot of anger and sadness comes from the citizens in these countries. But eIndonesia must be brave to firmly established, for the sake of greater interest, the survival of eIndonesia itself.
In the other hand, some citizens shows a lot of enthusiasm to establish an alliance named BIAT consist of eBrazil, eIndonesia, eArgentina, eTurkey and eMacedonian citizen also wish to participate. But the realization in the near future seems difficult due to the split of the current residents opinions.
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Do You Know The Changes Admin Recently Performed?
Belgrade - Last night when eIndonesian people and some other world citizens are enthusiastically awaits for each country movement, Admin suddenly perform a maintenance. The announcement says that the maintenance is 20 minutes long, but in practice, it’s more than an hour erepublik went offline. When erepublik is back online, does anyone notice any changes? To see the changes, click on this link, see the section that is circled.

In addition to those jokes, eSerbia indeed gets very active lately. Latter was just released a software to monitor a battlefield that was released by a local technocrat, Cevapdzinica. You can see his software here.

eSerbia continue their mobilization
Belgrade - The countdown to a big war begins to affect some citizens, particularly eIndonesian and eSerbian. From eSerbia, fundraising immedeatly made and successfully collecting thousands of gold in just a few hours after the announcement. You can see the donor list here. Besides fundraising, they also created a MMM event, in hopes that from hundreds of local newspaper will be gained hundreds of gold. And the latest thing is massive Q5 tank supply. Every eSerbian residents seems enthusiast. The problems eSerbia faced is similar with eIndonesia where the old players who were born in V1 lost their passion and found no challenge in it anymore. With the attack launched to Texas, eUSA, they began to play active once again.

Returns of the elder of eUSA
Washington - Looking at the challenges lying ahead of them, eUSA did not seems to underestimate the movement several countries, including eIndonesia, that in the near future will provide a threat to eUSA. This can be seen with the emergence of a prominent elder who had exist long time in the establishment of the state of eAmerica. People who have nurse the birth of the newbie who later became world famous figures such as Emerick, Gaius Julius, PigInZen, Woxan, Jewitt and others. He is Harrison Richardson who has served as eUSA president twice. Although the presidential election is still several days ahead, he seemed surely re-elected to be a president. He stated that in fact, he did not want to nominate again, but because of the encouragement of many parties, eventually he would like to propose once again. His purpose is to work for the birth of new figures from the newbie and strengthen their defence department. The public seems to support him. With the return of the elder of eUSA , we can see that eUSA is getting more serious in facing any challenges ahead.

Western Serbia Lease Plan by eMacedonia
Skopje - Bilateral talks between the presidents of eMacedonia and eSerbia just happened and it was said that the talks went warm and smooth. The discussion point is eMacedonia plan to loan the Western Serbia region which has an iron resource. It was said that eSerbia is very open for this option and further details will be discussed later. eSerbia does need a lot of war funds in the war with eUSA. By doing this, at least they have some additional income.

In the other side of the world, eBulgaria President preach his people that the land lease agreement with eIndia has been done. From eIndia, eBulgaria get Saltpeter, rubber and fish. While the leases granted eIndia with 450G/month. According to him, such nominal is very large for some people, but to eBulgaria, that amount can be revenue in a single day(yayaya).  eBulgaria President does seems very active and continues to proclaim its citizens of what has been achieved and what will be achieved. Even when there is a dispute between its citizens regarding the handover of eIran territory, this eBulgaria president named podkreva could finish it peacefully. And now eBulgaria has started to spread into 3 continents. But of course, there is no perfect president, as he gets criticism from the military for not being able to understand the military and always blame the eBulgaria military.

eBrazil Officially Defends eUSA
Brasilia - Gray clouds seen in eBrazil as people are anxious, sad and disappointed with the government decision to fight against eIndonesia with eUSA. eBrazil government officially declared that they would support eUSA because they are in one alliance. Many of eBrazil residents are disappointed, angry and sad because inevitably, they have to demonstrate their credibility as a PANAM citizen. Cavalcanti, one of their leaders questioned why eIndonesia did not tell this long time ahead. Several other people yelled that eIndonesia is a traitor while some other residents insisted on not going to fight eIndonesia no matter what happens. But there are also those who believes as long as eIndonesia did not sign a MPP with eSpain, they will try to be neutral.

Indeed eBrazil current position is squeezed between long lasted friendships or their position in PANAM. They were confused and upset with this condition. Some among them even worried that if they fight eIndonesia for eUSA, eIndonesia will perform a counterattack and forced eIndonesia in joining NWO. eIndonesian residents seems to understand eBrazil complicated conditions. Many residents say that regardless any option selected by eBrazil, eBrazil and eIndonesia will always be brothers.
eIndonesia own government officially declared that eIndonesia is still neutral and did not join any alliance, even the NWO. And ostin’s newspaper also changed its title by writing that eIndonesia has only signing MPP with certain countries.

eArgentina acts neutral
Buenos Aires - Our brother in the southern hemisphere that separated from us by the Pacific Ocean has now declared that they will not help anyone either eUSA or eIndonesia because their positions are stuck between two difficult choices. With force, eArgentina states that they will give punishment to any member of their military forces who fought for either parties.

This decision was hard, because besides eIndonesian pressure, eBrazil and eUSA certainly force eArgentina to help. However, it turns out that eArgentina dare to bet his country honor by staying neutral in this sensitive issue.

From other parts of the world, eRussia seems too begin to change and alerts of the world current atmosphere. They said that they would try to remove the eUkraine issue and try to see the direction of movement of eIndonesia and ePoland. In the near future, eRussia is gonna perform MPP or NE based on the existing situation and conditions.
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