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Day 1198 - EPIC Fight - eGod VS Players

EPIC Fight - eGod VS Players, Hawaii change ownership, Propaganda Clash in eArgentina

Editorial note

A surprising news suddenly came, everything happen accidentally and become a great movement. That is what we saw last night until 3 AM in the morning when we cover the battle between players from all around the wolrd against admin. In the hot protest movement, many citizen became casualties and not only ordinary citizens, but even the Presidents are crushed by admin's power. The Battle of Hawaii is no longer an exciting and thrilling spectacle  when the citizens and presidents directly protesting to admin.

What is erepublik fate in the future? How is the result of our coverage last night? Here is the report, so enjoy!


-All erepublik citizen

Translated by: xeno

EPIC Fight - eGod VS Players

Jakarta - Chaos, that was what happened yesterday when thousands erepublik citizens are protesting against admin because of new feature that will limit player to donate Gold and give bonus only for people who buy gold. This feature makes it seems like the non-buyer player is cast aside, and make it real that you can only get gold from admin.

Wave of protest begin from some president from various countries that gather in presidents channel and make a petition. Several made radical move by changing welcome message that tell new citizens to leave the game if they don't have money. Alas, by the time this article published, there are already 11 president get banned, and 7 of them are guaranteed permanent banned. They are Cerber from ePoland, Laya from eIran, Kistru from eSerbia, and many more. For security reason, we can not show the images.

News of violent reaction from admin swiftly travel to all of eWorld, the presidents gather in #CPs, while erepublik citizens gather in #rebellion. Almost 600 people citizens simulaneously online in #rebellion, and people keep joining and left and tell their complaints. Admin try to respond for some time, but finally they become silent and respond no more.

Meanwhile the presidents make a petition (which you can see in in the boycott banner), and signed by almost all countries representatives. The point of the petition is to stop all kind of war until admin make reformation. President representatives are requested to be present in #CPS to discuss further action.

This petition is spread around by citizens doing chain shout and publish it in articles in their own country. But admin delete all related article in a matter of seconds. The publisher get FP and temporary banned. This repressive action fuel the fighting spirit of the community and more people come to #rebellion

On another front, citizen's anarchist attack also directed against erepublik's facebook account. People posting warning to new citizens that found this game to immediately get out from this game because it is only for those who have money. Hundreds of posting in wall happen, and admin quickly delete all of them. However the citizens are not giving up, and they now shout to rate the game with only one star. This result in the drop of rating of erepublik game from 4 star to 2.3. For link in facebook apps you can see [url=]here[/url].
Not stopping there, several citizens make a fan page as protest to admin with title that the citizen declare admin as natural enemy. For the protest page you can see [url=]here[/url].

Admin, who is represented by belea stated that the reason they permabanned the presidents is because they do not allow the use of existing tool (citizen message). If they choose to become martyr and make plato as dictator, "be my guest". they said. And the reason they delete all related article is because it will trigger public debate. It is okay to tell it but not now, or so they said.

Several president instruct their people to remain calm and not do anarchist action.
jhorlin, eUK president who also signed the petition stated that we have to do protest peacefully and keep following instruction. Admin also swiftly change change password from president channel and do not permit banned president to enter.

It remains to be seen what will be the fate of this new world, whether erepublik citizen will unite to fight admin policy or admin will win by refusing to change.

Hawaii change ownership

Hawaii- eUSA who some time ago successfully penetrate eIndonesia's defense in Sumatera is currently under counterattack in its own soil. Hawaii have fallen to eIndonesia and California is now open for another attack.

Battle in Hawaii looks difficult. Damages from Battle Heroes are always over 100.000, and some even reach 1000.000. But with preserverance and help from our allies, we managed to win with significant score, 8-1.

After that, a citizen of eUSA, Haliman, make an article directed for eBrazil and eArgentina. With proud Haliman tell the story of how eBrazil and eArgentina were helped in the past and how many times eArgentina and eBrazil war become War of The Day in eUSA. In the end of his article, Haliman bravely ask, "is it worthed to ruin an alliance for brotherhood?"

Propaganda Clash in eArgentina
Buenos Aires - our friend and brother in eWorld currently is in confusion to determine their position. A difficult choice in front of them, only one choice can be taken, brother or ally. In the midst of the confusion, an article analyzing eUSA and eIndonesia by jeremias visintin emerged.

In [url=]his article[/url] he wrote history of eUSA, eArgentina, and eIndonesia. Analysis of the article mention of how eUSA abandon eArgentina in V1 and eIndonesia movement in American Continent.

In the end of the article he analyze that eIndonesia who have signed MPP with NWO countries will attack eArgentina when eUSA already destroyed. This can be considered PANAM propaganda to make eArgentina cut relations with eIndonesia.

Other than that, there is [url=]an article[/url] from eArgentina congress who previously propose that eArgentina left PANAM, but after eIndonesia's action which is considered without clear goal, he strongly stated that it is more important to defend their ally than helping eIndonesia

On the other hand, a senior player from eArgentina, Tavo92, state that he will continue to help eIndonesia because when PANAM was formed, eArgentina promised to help eIndonesia in any kind of war. That is why Tavo92 intent to fulfill all promises he ever give.

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