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Day 1200 - Negotiable With Admin End Up In Massive Failure

erepublik rebellionWhen the talk is about to start, the residents of eWorld joined # Rebellion until it reaches the number exceeds 1040 people. All expect good result from negotiations between representatives of each country with admin which is represented by Belea.
Just a pity, when the talks just a few minutes, after Admin read the term from citizen,  admin immediately declared if "non negotiable" point has forced him to think if what was proposed did not have point at all. And immediately without giving any opportunity or any discussion, Admin immediately leave the meeting.

Soon after the introduction of this anti-climax, the residents are directly excited and begin immediately to voice for peace on earth to show resistance. Many citizens got hit by FP which has change its meaning become Famous Point, and several others continue to voice the voice Rebellion. Hundreds of articles are made throughout the world, and only last for few hours, all the articles either an objective or in the form of direct criticism disappeared from circulation.

Lots of people claim that we should just surrender to whatever was done by the admin, but we should not forget that this game also running very well because of non payable players. Non payable players are important since 200.000 players only a small portion of payer, and of course this game will not be interesting if not supported by hundreds of thousands of other players who do not pay.

From the other world many countries start peace campaign, you can see the law here:

Many players stop fighting and eating as an act to protest the admin. Its not known yet when the talk will be start over again with admin. You can read the details of previous talk over here:

From the facebook the fights still go on. Facebook erepublik’s rating drop low to 1.9 from 4.5. And the rebellion just made new forum for them that located at:
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Resistance by all means ...
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