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Day 1201 - Admin Answering PPL Suggestion

erepublik positive impactAdmin Answering PPL Suggestion, New Elected President of eUSA Support Boycott, New President of eIndonesia Changed

Editor's Note
Usually we got holiday in Sunday and Monday. But it seems many our news reader complained to us on why we didn’t release new release. So... here it is. New release. However we apologize if the news are outdated or to few to see. Hope we will have more resources in order to help to give you hot news about eRepublik.
Also, editor really glad to see the respond from George Lemnaru who respond really gently and nice. Although he didn’t give solution to the crowd, but it surely give positive impact for some players. Editor just hopes that this attitude show by George Lemnaru can be followed by the rest of admin as well.


Admin Answering PPL Suggestion
Budapest - Yesterday George Lemnaru - one of erepublik co founder give shocking action to community by anwering the comment and questions from the community. You can see the Q/A over here:

The answers from George Lemnaru gives positive impact to the community, most of the players stated their glad to see admin listen to what players said. But on the other hand some players admit that what he did didn’t solve any problems that arise now and only an act of making good impression.

From rebellion community, the draft that rejected before by Belea(one of the admin) has been changed dramatically in order to follow the term and condition that asked by admin. And currently the game site has been down for maintenance. It’s believed that the maintenance will apply some rules that already opposed by the rebellion. It’s not known yet when new meeting will occur at the future and when this rebellion will over.

New Elected President of eUSA Support Boycott

Washington - On final update of rebellion movement, new president of eUSA agreed to continue boycott and will officially order their citizen to not launch full scale attack on Hawaii. On previous incident, Collin Lantrip and some players from eUSA's ally join the battle and using Gold for large quantity in order to win the war in Hawaii region. However, Collin apologized after he realizes his mistake to not reading DOD’s order.
A clarification sent from USA said that those actions that fight pierce fully in Hawaii mostly did by USA's ally; there are Romanian, Greece and other. For your information, eRomania and eGreece are the several countries that didn’t sign the CF boycott and not agree with the movement.
On the other hand, eIndonesia having its difficult situation when eChina is in progress on declaring eIndonesia as Natural Enemy of eChina. They also have launched the attack to Palawan ePhilippine in order to have a border with eIndonesia. Many Indonesian skeptical on what has been happened on their borders. Some arguments said that eUSA could be agreed on term of CF, but they may use their puppet or even other ally in order to gangbang eIndonesia.

New President of eIndonesia Changed
Jakarta - One strange incident happened in eIndonesia when one of candidate - van obe - declared to win the election, but after several hours got replaced by his competitor and got his voters decreased by more then 80 voters. Sources reported from Jakarta. Currently, Matahari in charge as president of eIndonesia. Funny is the medal still keeping by van obe his rival, and on the other hand Matahari did get his President's Medal although he is acting President now.

Previously van obe has announced his cabinet for current month, but as soon as the election result got revised, the announcement immediately deleted. On the other hand many eIndonesia citizens also don’t know who van obe is. Sources said that he is active players from Frontal - Front Pancasila - one of the biggest party in eIndonesia and also he is active as a soldier.

A fight a rise by the time he got elected. The problem occurred when many players don’t recognize who van obe is. Many peoples accused if he got elected by the help of multi. On the other hand the the party officially stated that its prohibited to use such method but of course they don’t guarantee if there are some peoples who uses dirty method. There was statement come up from the fight when one of Frontal pro said that "cloning is an art and if some one has capability on doing so, just move forward and do it". This statement surely made some players irritated and angry because it’s against fair play and the candidate that elected is not the representative of citizens.

The tension suddenly went gone after admin interfere the situation by eliminating some voters from van obe and made Matahari as the president. It’s not known yet whether there are clones involved or not.
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