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Day 1203 - eRepublik breaks the Law and eRep Owners Answered

erpublik broke the lawAnother view on Rebellion, eRomania refuses to join the boycott and eRep owners answered – boycott weakening? Independent Battle Group concept, Admin fought in the Arab war, joke from eBulgaria, stop being indifferent, ERepublik break the RL law.

Editor’s note,
Not really sure, but that is what the editor feels when scanning the current boycott movement. This happens because it’s seems that the issue is known only by an elite few from countries that were involved. Regular citizen seems to be left out of the movement and there were no clear direction to reach the goal of the boycott. No surprise here since the boycott was spontaneous and no person was in charge. With no leader, boredom seeps into some of the citizen, also some countries will openly take various measures to attack and disregard the boycott. We must be alert at all time. Because there is a good chance that the boycott could end any time soon due to breach done by some of the countries involved.
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Translated by : Rapunzel

Another view on Rebellion

Canterbury – the boycott continues. But not all player are viewing it through the same glasses. One top figure from eNew Zealand – mortalbeta – shared that the boycott was a result of a mistake from both side.  Admin mistake was forcing their will by implementing changes to the game without communicating it to the citizens. Further, the act of permanently banning a number of presidents should never happen.
However, eRepublik players also should not insulted admin because admin was only doing their job such as giving fp. Also according to him, if the boycott continues for a long period of time, it will damage the small countries, because citizens will inadvertently get bored and stopped playing.


Alexis Bonte (eRepublik owner) answered and boycott weakens?
Budapest – from the other side of the world, eHungaria, one of the boycotter requested the representative from eRomania to implore their citizen to stop using full force or Gold. But the request was promptly denied by Crista22, the op of #rebellion. She said that if eHungary abstain from tanking, eHungary would be colonized for the third time. Nalaja, the representative from eHungary also admitted that their soldiers are forced to tank. And if eWorld really wants the boycott to run smoothly, the whole world should seriously help them repel the attack from eRomania.
Crista22 also declares that the boycott will self-destructs on its own in weeks even days count. Players really need war and soon they will have forgotten the martyrs. However, she also agrees that permanently banning numerous presidents is a wrong step taken by admin. All this was said in a conversation between boycotters within the channel.

As of now, in #rebellion there is only 150 or so people, drastically drop from the usual 300-400 people signing in at dusk. The peak was when the conversation with admin took place, around 1040 people sign in at the time. One of the boycott figure said that if the movement were effectively marketed, it would not be difficult to attract more people. They also concluded that the non-existence of a leader or a group of leaders that actively communicated the movement is the main reason for the waning of the movement strength. However, according to Nalaja, admin’s conduct in promptly erasing articles and comments is very effective in to silence the movement and dishearten further articles. The future of this movement is still vague.

A shocking story has just happen where Alexis Bonte – owner of the game – created his own article and answers every comment from players. From various comment in the article, it is clear that the majority of people dislike the unlimited WP feature introduced by admin. Admin defended their action in banning CP who changes welcome message; because welcome message is the first thing that newbie will read. Also, the ability to purchase gold will give a unique experience for players. According to him, population increases since November last year. Regarding the replacement of insider newspaper with PM, he said that insider would only have 15% audience while private message will be read by 80% of population.

However, those who disagree think that unlimited WP will ruin the game since a small number of people could invade a country, which is unfair. And the unique experience describe by admin could only be enjoyed by those who paid, while those who did not buy any gold will be unnoticed. And PM is deemed as an asocial way of communication since there won’t be any two-way communication. They also pointed out that before admin made the unfair changes, there use to be near 500 thousand people playing eRepublik. And lastly, the banning of the president should have never been done since all proposals require approval from congress.

The debate signifies that the boycott is not wavering, although citizen involvement in the game is dropping due to boredom. What is the next chapter of this issue? Will admin continue to hold their ground? Click here for the update.

Independent Battle Group
Jakarta – one of the economy maestros from prehistoric era offers an opinion about the independent battle group concept. Simply put, soldier only needs 60 days to fully self finance his/her own battle expenses without any help from the government. The concept stated that a soldier has to have his/her own food company to cover his/her individual needs. And he/she can buy grain using the salary earned by working in other people’s company. This salary will be invested into the food company in order to buy grain.
Readers have positive respond, some claims that they have done the same, but others argues that 1 food company is not enough since maximum food production per person will high skill is below 150 q1 food per day. For more detail please see here.
Admin fought in Arab war
Riyadh – maybe the big countries are busy limiting their wars in favor of the boycott, however, small size wars are still raging. One of the wars is the war between eSaudi Arabia and eArab Emirates. What makes this particular war unique is the fact that george lemnaru was fighting on eSaudi Arabia side and became battle hero in one of the small battles. Some citizen questioned whether he really is a RL Arabian or not.

Joke from eBulgaria

Sofia – there are 3 fatal but hilarious mistakes in eRep map, according to Vessoh, a eBulgarian in his newspaper. In the third place is eUEA (thanks Raws_Berry for the correction) map where the land resources in on top of each other. Second place goes to the shape of Hawaii Island that is nowhere near the actual shape. This shows that admin is quite laidback on details. And the first position is a region that was mistakenly created, that is one state, one nation, but 2 countries,  eBulgaria and eMacedonia. The article reaps laughter from eBulgarian but taste sour for eMacedonian. For the actual article see here.

Stop being indifferent

Belgrade – government has long announced on the possibility of a certain region being conquest by another country. They has also inform of ways to evacuate from the region. But in reality, there are still a large number of complains from citizens when they were stuck there. This situation is currently happening in eSerbia as told by coolinbun, one of the citizens there.
According to him, one of the reasons behind this miscommunication is low subscription for government newspapers and the relaxed response to direction. On the other side, the active and responsive citizens are indifferent to the fate of fellow citizens. To prevent this from happening again, he urges all citizens to stop being indifferent and start to pay more attention to direction and to others’ well being.
This incident happens when eMacedonia and eSerbia signed land lease agreement on Western Serbia to eMacedonia. When the land was taken over, many of the eSerbian were stuck. While eMacedonian government starts to occupy the region with its own citizens to prevent a third party interference and cut down the prospect of being taken over.

eRepublik broke the RL law
paris – an eParisian – sobchak – made an open letter about the unfairness of eRepublik regulation and how several RL law has been broken. In the open letter, he sais that eRepublik Lab is located in eIreland. Therefore, RL law in Ireland and Europe has to be obeyed by eRepublik Lab. Laws that has been broken are allowing seller (eRepublik Lab) to break the contract with buyer (eRepublik players) without reasonable cause, and the lack of product description in eRepublik ToS. eRepublik could also pass on its responsibility to a third party which also breach the law. This will lessen the position of customer/player without an agreement.

Another point is, when buying Gold, agreement has already been ticked so customer did not have any chance to read the ToS first. When buying through paypal, the bill was issued by paypal not eRepublik Lab. And the last page of ToS does not have a date, which is against the European law. Lastly, when user is banned or lost his/her account, user will lose access to his/her personal data, but the data itself was not erased and could still be viewed by others. For further detail please see here.

From several player, the breach of RL law also involve the receipt of FP or temp ban punishment without any chance of appealing.
Sobchak said that he would make ticket for this open letter. Admin has replied that this complaint has been forwarded to the legal department. But he hopes that palyer would still sign his open letter since this is an important issue. No response from mimin at the time this article is published.

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