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Day 1204 - RL Religion in eRepublik and Admin's visit to Rebellion Nest

erepublik news Admin visit rebellion nestAdmin's visit to Rebellion Nest, eSerbian MOD resigns because NE, Admin attempts on Destroying Rebellion with Bonus, Erepublik BG statistics, INCI Tries to Reach eUSA’s  Heart, eChina Trying to Overcome Financial Problems, RL Religion in eRepublik

Notes Editor,
#Rebellion had warmed up yesterday when suddenly the admin came and argued on the channel supported by several eRomanianplayers. At the same time WP limitation was also began to be applied. But the meeting point between the two sides still hasn’t achieved. And from history track record, Mimin will still apply his policy although many victim fell (stop playing eRepublik). And that’s why some old players keep on playing just because the community until today.
What about eIndonesia? Will this situation sacrificeeIndonesia as one of the victims?


- TOP Member

Translator: rifqionta

Admin's visit to Rebellion Nest
# Rebellion - One of the admins of eRepublik - xtasia - visited the headquarters of the rebellion on #rebellion yesterday and immediately makes a heated atmosphere. He questioned the real motives of the Rebellion. The public immediately answered with chaos, all anger and thoughts shed at the time, from WP facilities that pamper players who buy gold, then the lack of admin concern on all players’ voice, auto attack problem, the loss of insider and more.

At the beginning of a conversation, the situation was uncontrolled and chaotic; many people shed his frustration and xtasia patiently answers them all. However, the Rebellion party seems wanting urgently to reach an agreement with the admins.Unfortunately,Admin insisted with his decision.

One of the players had aggressively questions Admin about WP limitation. The admin-who turns out to recognized the player - press back by statingthat the admin knows who he is and that the player’s "client2x" is the one that receive the loss in the presence of this new rule. The players denied of havingmulties and selling gold to others. But the debate with the players stopped and the public wave of attacks came one after another until finally # Rebellion was set to moderate.

According xtasia, admin is a former player as well, and they understand exactly what the players want. But in practice after they were appointed as admin, they would have to convince the key person in the company of a change, so essentially they were only executors of Boss decision. On the other hand he also said the admin has tried to improve many things to be seen. Not to let the hard work ignored. Some features that he thinks has been fixed were the faster ticker respond, better private message,  shout, and more.

From the new world, the change which is opposed by players has started to run, WP limitation. Players are no longer able to exchange money or donate more than 10G. The next thing for Rebellion is unclear. From # Rebellion itself we can see that the pro-Rebellion and the contra-rebellion stick together and shares op.

eSerbian MOD resigns because NE
Belgrade – Disappointed by the Congress pass of a NE proposal to eBiH, Hostilian - Minister of Defence of eSerbiaresign from office. He stated that what was done by eSerbianCongress had violated international agreements of boycott. Public welcomed the decision taken by him and questioned the politicians motivation related to this.
eSerbia one of the country that get hard hits from the admin actions in which the previous president was Permanent banned. In the Rebellion, the eSerbainparties include key figures who initiate the rebellion with admin.

Admin attempts on Destroying Rebellion with Bonus
Bucharest - After the failure of previous negotiations between the admin and Rebellion, the admin did not stay silent and yesterday, editors saw some action made by admin in order to break the deadlock situation in erepublik. At this time, the Rebellion was in the wind where some countries have started to shut down its war fronts and yesterday was the most silent day in erepublik where there’s almost no war at all.

But the admin start his move, in addition to Alexis attempt on showing his existence, and xtasiawho fight in eUSAwars front, this time the admin gives 3 new mission which contains a bonus to players which bonus will be attained when people fight and having NE.

Of course this feature is the most effective attack against boycotts actions taken by citizens. In response, some countries and some bilateral talks agreed to conduct war training in order to get the mission bonus.

eRepublik BG statistics
Bucharest - Statistics Master - Bogdan_L - release a news on the world statistic, this time he released the news ofWorld’s BG with the largest str. From the article we can see that the BGs from ePoland, eRomania, eChina, eFrance and eSpain occupy the major 20. What about eIndonesia? Apparently eIndonesia’sABeRIBG was the 27th world ranking. For more details of the statistics you can see here .

From those legions, there is the coolest one named POG (Polish Operation Group). The BG with the strength of 65 members is very active and solid. In the war in Baden-Württemberg month ago, this group won all the Battle Hero medal and change their avatar to form a sentence:

WP is another name of the official army of ePoland.The words aboveshow their jokes that their BG is greater than ePoland’snational army itself.

INCI Tries to Reach eUSA’s  Heart
Washington – Yesterday, Glove unexpectedly won the presidential election after defeating eUSA aging leaders named Harrison. This happen thanks to hiscloseness with INCI and thanks toINCI he can win the battle. However, the countryseems still giddy with the presence of INCI.INCI, represented by the chairman - depici - recently made a statement for INCI to be received in eUSA and accepted to become a part of eUSA. It is said in the release that the INCIcan produce 1 million influence each day and can be used for the benefit of eUSA. About incident that happened 2 months ago in which several INCI prominent named Captain33 and Jtkewlhas done trolling action in eUSA, he declared that it will not happen again. He also added thatINCI will only take 5 congress members only.
Although INCI has a lot of member in eUSA and shows their sincerity to become part of the eUSAcitizens, in practice,eUSA original residents keep their negative view toward INCI.

One ofeUSAfigures - Haliman - openly discreditsINCI presence. In his article he stated clearly that INCIis a Traitor. He stated that INCIwill manipulate eUSAgood deeds to educate babies from INCI, then after having the real power, they would return to eTurkey.
In another conversation, eUSA current president also denounced as a puppet of foreign forces because it won with support from the outside, not from the party within the country.

eChina Trying to Overcome Financial Problems
Beijing - The battle that will happen in the future seems to have become the thought of eChina citizens. Currently there are provoked to gain gold from the MM medal. Seen there are almost 100 registered news agencies as part of eChina MM program.
In terms of banking who knows what is on the minds of local officials there.They donated their money backto the treasury from National Bank as much as 12.500G. From the total of 15.756 G in the bank, they also donated 500G to the Ministry of Information, 500G to the Finance Ministry, and another 500G to the Foreign Ministry. As with the 1.256G is left in the bank itself. Polemics still occur there on how to effectively distribute money because of the recent gold limitations from Admin.

RL Religion in eRepublik
eSaudi Arabia Prime Minister (which actually comes from Romania in RL) is trying to exploitseSaudi Arabiaregion (Al-Madinah and Makkah) to invite players from other countries to come to eSaudi Arabia with the lure of RL religion.

As we all know, Al Madinah and Makkah in the RL is the Muslim’s holy city and in his article he mentions that Muslims should rely on eSaudiArabia as Muslims in RL.

eRomania who are doing PTO (which is recognized to protect eSaudi Arabia) seems to start bringing RL religion into eRepublik and the article is trying to attract RL Muslims into eSaudiArabia that are at the control ofeRomania. And at the end of the article he wrote that obtaining eSaudi Arabiacitizenship is the highest honor for RL Muslims who play eRepublik. Will there be a victim of this lie?

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