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Day 1205 - eBrazil military enter golden age; eUSA join boycott?

erepublik news usa two faceseBrazil military enter golden age; eUSA join boycott?; eUK, eFrance, and eGermany; eSerbia and eUK are in love; Texas Fever eChile in eSerbia; Monetary exchange; eMacedonia President: "Let's go home!"; eSouth Africa crave for Mission Bonus

Editor’s note:
Be careful with change in eWorld’s atmosphere. #Rebellion was less populated yesterday and there is no significant movement seen in forum. From editor’s experience from Beta’s era until now, Admin never bow down to players’ pressure. Admin have proven once in the past their stubbornness by letting Dio’s empire crumbling down and make thousands of player quit. In this case, there is a possibility that the countries that have restrained themselves until now will explode and vent their boredom. If there is no written agreement with penalty, this nation must take caution.
That’s it for the opening, enjoy!


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Translated by:xeno

eBrazil Military Enter Golden Age
Brazil - eBrazil military currently entering its golden age. That is the statement of Jazar, one of influential figure in eBrazil. He clearly narrated the development phases of his troops from stone age until current condition.
eBrazil military started in the migration era from beta to V1, when the President at that time, Sparta Kratos, together with eIndonesia President, n3m0, did a reckless action by waging war to their neigbor. Sparta Kratos at that time make a semi socialist rule whereby tax is set at 50% and the fund is allocated to their troops. The communication facilities in this stone age are only  MSN and article.

Then in the bronze age in the Cavalcanti administration, irc channel was made by Reshev Villanova and in the next month in the Antonio Salagado aka jazar administration, a website for military was made. At this era platoon was erased and troops are grouped based on their online time, in order to know the number of people online in a certain time

Silver age started in December 2009 when President Marco Polo together with Cavalcanti put down military framework for the golden age. Started with the making of script for citizen so that the order of the day will be seen in erepublik home directory, then there was troops grouping similar to military unit now made by erepublik. Then continued in the era of President Bunally, army was recognized by uniform and the new citizen that have not registered in the army only receive limited logistic or only at certain time.

Lastly, the aforementioned golden age was in the time of President junecaz, when google calendar that can send update to all troops handphone if there is an order was introduced. It was said that in this golden age the troops mobilization is very quick and all citizen can get in and out of employment easily 24/7

eUSA join boycott?
Washington - eUSA who currently attacks Hawaii have won 3 round (4 round now - translator notes) and the battle has enter 11th round with score 7-3 (7-4 now. translator notes) When eWorld citizen currently in the middle of boycott, eUSA are not joining in. In their Defense Ministry article, there is even a call to retake Hawaii.

In the other hand, eUSA also support eCroatia action in attacking eSerbia. From their actions, it seems that eUSA do not agree with the boycott. Whether their President’s signature in the boycott agreement is serious or not remain to be seen

eUK, eFrance, and eGermany.
Paris - 3 of ex-Phoenix members are now trying a path we have done before with eArgentina and eBrazil, making a “three countries alliance”. In the  article released by eUK MOFA, there are several points of agreement called ‘Strasbourg Agreement’

It was mentioned that the purpose of this agreement was to tie these 3 countries in a better friendship. And then there are additional points similar to the usual alliance. The difference was in one point which stated that eUK will try to add the other two to PANAM if eFrance/eGermany wish for it. It seems that the main purpose of this agreement was to recruit eFrance and eGermany to PANAM in order to add PANAM power.

eSerbia and eUK are in love
It seems that eSerbia who previously make agreement to rent region with eUK currently is still maintaining good relations with eUK. This can be seen from their action of supporting each other in war or resistance war. Even when both are in difference alliance, both still respect the rent region agreement previously signed. We can see in the eUK official order to defend their region which is rented by eSerbia.


Texas Fever eChile in eSerbia
eSerbia currently is preparing to take Texas region from eUSA. In the article wrote by eChile President in exile, stated that they are currently collecting money, weapon, and food for preparation to take over Texas

From the article there are important things written. Here are the informations. Fund needed approximately 2000 Gold and only 637 Gold collected. From MMM it was estimated that there will be additional 1000 Gold even when they only got 230 Gold until now. 2000 unit weapon are needed and 20000 unit food are needed, and both have not been fulfilled at all

Monetary exchange
Jakarta - “Wut, I already put 2000 idr, after been sold for 10G, the rest automatically returned?!”
That is the comment from one player resident of one certain cave. This happened after admin change economy module, where now the maximum transaction that can be done is 10G whether it is donation or monetary exchange. Because of this change, the value of gold is decreasing and local currency increasing sharply. It was speculated that the one most affected by this change are breeder and goldseller. There is a lot of assumption going on about current development, but the longterm impact of this change is still not clear.
Note:back to monetary exchange, if your offer exceed 10G, the remaining offer will still be there.

eMacedonia President: "Let's go home!"
Skopje - the new eMacedonia President - strumjanin - asked for eMacedonia citizens who now scattered throughout the eWorld to return. He ask for people not to be split over traitor term and ask for all citizen to return.
Aside from that, the president also make an event where citizen can propose a ready-to-do project. The project can be made by 3-5 person and the winner will receive government support. eMacedonia is one of major country who have a rival, eGreece. This country of course welcome a lot of eTurkey immigrants who are eGreece enemy.

eSouth Africa crave for Mission Bonus
Cape Town - Bonus reward from admin to citizens of eWorld make a lot of country drool. One of them is our neighbour, eSouth Africa. A lot of citizens want this NE, and they even suggest to pretend to have war to get mission from admin. But unfortunately, they are afraid of eArgentina’s power, their long time enemy. There is a suggestion to have NE with Uruguay, but this was cast aside as Uruguay only have one region. If there is an auto attack and unintentionnally Uruguay lose, she will be wiped out. And to restore eUruguay, 500G is needed! Discussion about NE which previously make people excited suddenly quieted down and died. Very pitiful.

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