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Day 1206 - Did The rebellion ended?; eIndonesia Fights With Other Game Community in the Real Life

erepublik news rebellion endedDid The rebellion ended?; eIndonesia Fights With Other Game Community in the Real Life; Call for Reconciliation in eSerbia; eMacedonia, eIran and eItaly sign a MPP With ePolandia; Peace Between eBulgaria and eIran Ended!; Financial Scandal in eSpain Government; eItaly Glance eMontenegro

Editor Notes,
As the editor predicted yesterday, the rebellion most likely to end quicker after Admin show his gun. And in the near future, eIndonesia will get a real threat from its border regions. FromBIA, eArgentia seems very inclined to us. Redaction has great expectations that the director and the extras will be able to play its role so that our other brother, eBrazil will also began to switch to us. 
So no need to chit-chat more, prepares your snack and enjoy.


- Top Member

Did The rebellion ended?
Belgrade - The war in Vojvodina seems to be the anticlimax of the insurgency that has lasted 3 days. Looks like Admin way to finish the insurgency with NE bonuses lure was successful. At least that is visible from the current facts. An eIran resident – Ashwamedh- who now dwells in Indonesia in his article clearly illustrates how the rebel stronghold to hold back the need to use gold was broken yesterday.
When the rebellion was just started, there’s almost no war at all, the world was in peace and Gold consumption was in the lowest point. In just a few days, parties who had been refraining from the all-out use of Gold seem to lose their patience yesterday.

From eUSA, was also seen that the NE proposal against eIndonesia has been approved. Thus in the near future one fierce battle which had been halted before is most likely to happen one more time. While eSerbia and eMacedonia now will enter the next step to establish MPP after the land lease process is succeeded, and eSerbia itself has managed to get the NE with eBosnia.

From eIndonesia neighboring countries, eChina, the country is also increasingly prominent preparing itself to fight with full strength and it is possible they’ll attack eIndonesia in the near future, let alone within a few hours their NE with eIndonesia will be approved.

On the other Side #Rebellion is very quiet lately. There are still some residents but their nominal is below 120 people but mostly just park their ID. Some comments hurled on how far weaken the current insurgency stronghold has become. The same in the Forum , very little activity going on there now and it seems that the players have lost hope.

eIndonesia Fights With Other Game Community in the Real Life
Jakarta - Following the failure of eRepublik eIndonesia community (KEI) on showing at Kick Andy show, it does not cause the leaders of this community to stop trying. Currently reported that the KEI will try to exist in RL again by following “ranking 1” game show at TransTV, TV station.

The existence of this activity occurs not without the help of one of the figures derived from PKeI, bujel and nuge. In the event KEI planned to compete with players from other gaming communities. Great expectations from citizens that eIndonesia will get their babyboom by this activity. Therefore, the citizens who are interested are requested to presence on this show. For more details can be found here. From the temporal list in the article, residents from across parties are eager to participate in the event.

Call for Reconciliation in eSerbia
Belgrade - The dispute between politicians with the opposite vision is not unusual anymore, one of eSerbia characters, ipipro, expressed his invitation to his political opponents to unite and stop trolling each other for the sake of the nation.
According to him, its useless if within 30 days of his reign, for 5 hours a day, always filled with debates and conflicts with each other. When he and his political opponents - S Banovan - works together, of course, the results will be very good when each person spend 5 hours each day. Also in his statement he says that he is willing to assist the government of any party background.
Previously, the two sides are mired in a long feud. Any comment on the article will be confronted with another scathing article by a political opponent. In this new world nuance, it is in fact not uncommon and a common occurrence in countries that have a lot of potential.

eMacedonia, eIran and eItaly sign a MPP With ePoland
Little Poland - ePoland as the 5th largest country in the world and country with the largest level of activity in the world has just recently established a MPP with eItaly and eIran. In the near future said that ePoland will establish a MPP with eMacedonia also.
That’s the recent ePoland government statement. In the release seen that ePoland government is trying to touch eMacedonia citizens heart and also explains the actual condition of ePoland clearly.  Its seen that ePoland citizens welcomes the offer.

ePolandia is the main pillar of the NWO alliance. This country step out of Eden after feeling that eRomania dominates EDEN too much. It’s unclear whether eIran, eMacedonia, and eItaly will join the NWO or not. However, the existing data shows that eIran is likely to join NWO as this country has previously filed MPP with eSpain who is also is a member of the NWO. It’s different with eItaly who might try to remain neutral while maintaining the MPP with eRomania which is part of the EDEN.

Peace Between eBulgaria and eIran Ended!
Sofia - Furious, maybe that is felt by the government of eBulgaria after the newly elected government of eIran unilaterally change the agreed contract.
In the contract it is mentioned that eBulgaria will borrow some eIran areas for 4 days, and it has already agreed by the previous eIran government. Even when freeing an eIran region, the government has paid 140G and hand it to the eIran. But the last action taken by eIran really had gone beyond eBulgaria patience. In the latest case, eIran also reclaim some territory so eBulgaria lost their resource altogether.
Given this situation, the government of eBulgaria today officially declared eIran as an enemy and open warfare will occur in the near future. Respond from residents seemed enthusiastic and welcomed this. As has been previously preached by DDB, eBulgaria had several times fallen in internal conflict in connection with eIran case. Some residents there are trying to keep the agreement remain intact, while several other residents insisted to colonize eIran.
eIran itself seems to have been getting ready for any possibilities. This country has made MPP with eSpain and in the near future their MPP with ePoland will also pass.

Financial Scandal in eSpain Government
Madrid -  eSpain lose about 61.359 ESP and 68 Gold, according to shocking news from eSpain recently after the newly elected government conduct an audit on state finances.
From the notes they received from the previous government, It’s found that the registration was messed up. Many companies spending are join written and not in accordance with accounting rules. With these findings, Ron Totoni – the previous officials- is accused of corruption. That’s the statement from the Ministry of Economy.

According to the previous officials, the money had been used for an operation called Jesser Operation. But the funny thing is, many of the public doesn’t know what exactly the mission is. Formal response from the previous government has not yet exists when the news is made.
Financial scandals are not a strange thing happened in this eWorld. The big amount of money and sometimes disputes with political opponents can be the motivation for the use of state money for personal gain.

On the other hand, eSpain public is actively talks about tax changes that their congress made. According to the congress, the high VAT make entrepreneurs choose to sell their products on the black market so that the government did not get any money from sales tax.

Therefore, in order to increase state revenues (which previously had lost 18k ESP per day) then the income tax was raised while the VAT tax was reduced. This is intended for entrepreneurs to choose to sell their products through the market rather than the black market and income from people salary is also increased.

eItaly Glance eMontenegro
eMontenegro is now being targeted by the eItaly who has already declared them as NE and opened battle field with them. In response of eItaly action, eMontenegro also declared eItaly as NE and is currently compete in Montenegrin Coast with a score of 7-6 for eItaly temporary.

Its mentioned that eMontenegro thank their relatives, eMacedonia and eSerbia for their help through the MPP and mobile so that they can maintain the Montenegrin Coast, so far even by sacrificing Vojvodina to the hands eCroatia

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