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Day 1207 - I Am Not Considered as LOYAL PLAYER

erepublik news not loyal playerNOTE: FYI, every Sunday and Monday we got holliday so we wont release any article at that time. Thank you for your understanding.

I am not Considered as LOYAL; ePolandia Minister of Defense is Excellent; Missions are Finished, Boycott or Negotiation?; eGreece try to get Bonus; eSerbia Minister of Defense gathers Tankers; Aliens' Overt Activity in eRussia; eUSA openly supports eChina; Montonegro became target; Romper spread horrors in Vojvodina

Editor's Note
So if Admin do not appreciate old player who already invested time and power, who else will appreciate (them) except the community? But if the community do not get along, what will the old player felt when they already make such things (article) to entertain you all? More than 3 hours a day, spent golds to hire staff and paid contributor, etc...

Come on, please get along, add more friendly interaction and break party wall. I am here because you are all exist. Go to hell with party, go to hell with newbie or oldie, we are one family that motivate me to continue writing. Let's learn to accept each other and throw away all hatred... It is sad to see the same both in RL and in here. We can build a better family here than the shitty condition in RL

Ok that's the end of heartsharing session



- Top Member

Translated by: xenocross

I am not Considered as LOYAL PLAYER
Jakarta - Admin recently launch several updates which allegedly only spoiled gold buying player. And like we all already know, because of these updates, a rebellion happened for several days. But there is another program which is very ironic, a loyalty program where only gold-buying player registered in this program.

Very ironic because there are a lot of active player who spends more than 5 hours online per day in this game for more than 3 years. But the truth is, their roles are not noticed. Many citizens are dissapointed and sad because of this discrimination. But they still  stay because in this place they can meet their community

From erepublik world we see that many player enter meditation cave or totally quit. But from editor's experience in seeing storm of change so many times, a new generation will come. And when the new generation come, the previous generation must adapt to the condition in the new era. Or you will be swallowed by time...

ePoland Minister of Defense is Excellent
Little Poland - Reading the newspaper of ePoland MoD, it is interesting and nice to see. Structurized and easy to read, even when written in Polish, it is not difficult for foreigner to read and follow it. In its order that you can see here.
In the article we can also see the total damage contributed by Battle Groups there. Consequently, the movement and activity of Battle Groups can be seen clearly and can be compared with the others. The guide given to new citizens is very good and very excellent. You can see more of it here

Missions are Finished, Boycott or Negotiation?
Budapest - A gratitude is written by eHungary citizen named Borembukkk, but cleverly he insert some suggestion for admin and ask for support from TOP Customers to make a ticket to admin if they think his ideas are good

Some of the ideas are: Firstly, the removal of monetary exchange limitation because of the difficulty to collect money, for example to renew MPP. Secondly, WP should not be limited, but should be made more expensive progressively. Thirdly, All weapon for all quality can be used 5 times. And lasltly, medal selling, who he said will be liked by many people.

Indeed, there are a lot of citizens who run out of patience in boycott. In his article, he also state his boredom. But he also admit that what is done right now (boycott) must happen. Although, some major countries already ignoring boycott, just like what happened in eGreece when they have big war in vojvodina

EGreece try to get Bonus
Athen - when admin use the trump card to crush rebellion by giving bonus, there are a lot of countries immediately make NE proposal. There are even some who temporarily move to foreign lands only to pursue the bonus. But eGreece was one step behind and passed the NE proposal just today. In their article, eGreece government tell their people not to immediately fight and to restrain themselves because eTurkey is starting resistance war. The government decision was welcomed happily by their people. But there are lame critics from their opposition, when he said that what government do can damage the economy. Of course this critics are not well received and protested by many people because ehat will be gained will be more than the sacrifice

ESerbia Ministry of Defense gather Tankers
Belgrade - eSerbia just announced to its people, for anyone that have strenth for over 3500 to report to channel #civil-defense, in their publication released recently.
All citizens, whether they join Battle Group or not should come and receive a subsidy appropriate for the mission that will be given. The ministry stated that they have control over the distribution of food, weapon, and funds. It is still not clear how they distribute gold, whether only food and weapon will be distributed or also with fund. eSerbia until now still fighting in intensive war and just spent 45000 RSD for war expenses. But it seems their government is very calm and confident that vojvodina will be retaken immediately

Aliens' Overt Activity in eRussia
Moscow - an article published in eRussia with sharp language, stating a disagreement over MPP with eRomania, made sensation. It is not the content though, but the newspaper owned by Name_1 have anomaly because its voters suddenly jump to nearly 800 votes. In the comments there are several twins with the same comments, same level, appear to comment in the article.
From 800 voters, only 30 commented, and half of them are aliens. A very obvious movement, of course. Recently there are a lot of buying and selling MM or voters, and admin is still silent about this. Sometimes there is quick punishment, sometimes there is none. For the article you can see here

eUSA openly support eChina
Washington - Official order DoD eUSA clearly, without any subtlety, tell eUSA citizen to help defend Mindanao from RW in eChina. We can see eUSA army activities are very high and the comments in government newspaper reach hundreds
From eIndonesia side, there is still no activity to mobilize people. Newspapers for propaganda are few in numbers, and citizens activities are low. From the comments we can see there is no unity over the government's strategy. Even so, BH medal huntings yesterday are quite festive. It remain to be seen whether eIndonesia citizens will be ready  when the simultaneous attack come  

Montonegro Become Target

Central Montonegro - The fate of this small country is very ironic because she border major countries like eItaly and eMacedonia. eMacedonia in a short time will pass NE law towards the country, and in the matter of hours her region will be teared apart by eItaly and eMacedonia.
Before this, eItaly have attacked. eMontonegro who only have MPP with eSerbia and will expired today, managed to fight until the score 6-6, before finally swallowed by eItaly.
eMacedonia also dont want to be left behind. They already make a strategy to hunt regions that can increase their productivity. From the fact seen, they already preparing to directly confront eItaly.

Romper spread Horror in Vojvodina
Belgrade - In the war yesterday, eSerbia is in the buzz, not because of their defeat, but because Romper behavior, the master card who fight savagely
When the score is 4-0, romper made eSerbia surprised by making damage 500.000 when the BH in eSerbia side is only 50.000. But the surprise did not end there, but continue on when romper tanking endlessly from the first hour till the last minute and making 2.18 million damage.
This fact awe many citizens, but some also said that it was horror. Many citizens say that there can be no rebellion when the gold-buyer behave like this. Another said that to spent hundreds of euro for a game for 2 hours is very, very weird. Because that money can be used for other purpose.

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