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Day 196 - USA's Presidents Breakthrough

USA's Presidents Breakthrough, Dio is still loved by his people, and other eNations' support in the Germany vs Poland war.


Editor notes
We're sorry to DDB readers, because lately we kind of "disappeared". This is because we're pretty busy in RL. And lately, the conditions in EI is kind of boring, making the chief editor almost retire from Erepublik. But, due to the abundance of players from around the world, hoping the chief editor does not retire, we try to do more news instead. Everything we do, we do it for the players.
There are not much in this edition, but we hope there are in the next editions.



Dishmcds' Breakthrough – USA President
ImageWashington -- Dish was just elected to be the president of USA, after a few days thinking, he released a few critical decision to run his government.
These programs does not differ too much from the usual programs, but there were project leader changes in departments or the programs.


Below are the programs :

-Citizen Expansion Program – Ron Paul
This program is directed to recruit as much RL players as possible. Ron Paul will lead this project

-US Foreign Recruitment Center
This institution finds foreign experts to move and work in USA

-Big Brother, Big Sister Program - Benn Dover
This program is used to accompany each new players. USA will have an accompanying program, where each person who invites should accompany a newbie till the newbie is not a newbie. And, if needed, tells the newbie to be accompanied by another senior player.
Emerick used to handle this program, when at that time he is able to cut a CV list, from 17 page, to 8 page.

-United HealthCare Services Director: Pearlswine
Giving gifts to the people. This institution will work on National Gifting Program, and Hospital building.

-Hospital Placement Director - Uncle Sam
Keeping the mayors in touch for Hospital placing.

-National Security Council Director – Esoom
Are vital to USA's national security. Under this institution, there were USA's soldiers. They are divided into 3 division :
- Reserve Unit, consisted of immobile troops, such as mayor, congress, etc.
- Regular army, consisted of small time infantries, which have less than 3 STR and for those who doesn't want to move anywhere.
- Elite Army Rangers, EAR is consisted of elite skilled infantries, and are able to go mobile.

-Military Status
USA doesn't want to be the world police, and rather focusing in infrastructure growth. And officially does not want to be involved in a war with other nations, even though still giving anyone freedom if they want to involve in it.

-Chairman of Domestic Economic Council – Archibald
Monitoring local marketplace and money exchange

-Chairman, Office of Foreign Trade: Justinious
Monitoring marketplace opportunity that may profits the USA exporters.

-The Federal Reserve/Comptroller
-Foreign Relations Department
Appointing Lucious Nava as the Vice President and making foreign nations sure that USA's politics loves peace. A few MPPs will be reviewed, including investigation of the Germany vs Poland case so that it doesn't happen again later. PANAM is also being developed by doing official pacts to foreign countries. Including a pact with Canada before a new war occurs. There were also 8 open spots for foreign countries’ ambassadors

-Chief of Staff - Daphne Lilac
In charge of monitoring the country’s apparatus and making sure they get their job done.

-Legal Counsel
Law advisor, platonic was expected to be one.

-Constitution and Contracts
Will be announced when the final constitution is done revised. All government staffs are expected to sign contracts regarding money.

-Military Medals
Medal giveaway will be done to soldiers who have fought bravely. Purple Heart is given for those who have lost five times. Medal of Valor is given for those who have 65 % or more winning percentage. And a US Presidential Medal of Military Accomplishment will be given directly by the President.

-Department of Fun
Similar to the name, to make Erepublik fun.

Okay, so thats the review of Dish’s programs.
(from numerous sources)

Dio is still loved by his people.
Tehran – Dio said thanks and expressed his gratitude for the support that was give to him by his people even though this game is kind of slow and boring lately. Just with two paragraph, his article got 45 votes and a grand welcome. Dio continues his trip in the Sweden festival and keeps on monitoring the changes in Pakistan.

Foreign supports on the Germany vs Poland war.
Warsaw – As we know, the war between these two countries involves USA and Czech as Poland’s supporters. And we also know that the EI soldiers officially helped Germany to win the war. But the people of Poland also have a helper, Brazil. DonSinedi, a citizen of Brazil said that Brazil’s support is a symbol of solidarity in helping Poland from the attack of German imperialists. But it is still unknown whether this is an official government decision or not. Some of them said that they are only trying to know more about a war. That is said by another Brazil’s citizen, Viniciusbrc.

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